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《The starry sky is fascinated by the lights, and there are fog and lights, and homecoming》

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Late at night, the bustle is still outside the car windows, and the city will not fade away because of the advent of the night. Nostalgia for the pristine sky in the mountains, although there is no luxurious neon, it has a pure starry sky. I made an appointment with two or three friends from the mountain, packed their backpacks skillfully, and did not forget to bring NITECORE’s headlight when I was leaving, which is also a little gift I recently received. I have been outdoors for more than ten years, but I rarely have the opportunity to add equipment. The moment the package is opened, I can’t put it down.

The intersection of the night sky and the lights is the moment to touch the sky. I am not lost in the dark. The light of the headlights illuminates the way forward for me. Whether it's a day's fast wear or a few days of reloading, lighting equipment is essential equipment in my backpack, and there is more than one set. Sufficient equipment reserves are the confidence for me to step into the unfamiliar Yamano.

NITECORE's headlamp

Brand NITECORE, a domestic technological innovation enterprise, focuses on researching, developing, and producing lighting equipment. Various specifications of tactical lighting equipment and outdoor power supplies are its flagship products. The brand has an excellent reputation in the outdoor equipment circle and is advanced and durable.

There are so many headlamps and equipment on the market. If you don't know what you are using for it, you must be at a loss. The primary use scenes and purposes of the headlights: hiking, trail running, caving, night running, fishing, etc. Different specific environments can be divided into three schools: lightweight, sturdy, and battery life. The use of sports such as trail running certainly requires various lightweight equipment; not only the headlamps, including the whole body equipment, are all selected to be lightweight. In traditional mountaineering and trekking, due to the harsh environment, the durability of the equipment is the first choice. Long-term use environments such as caving and fishing require the headlights to have long battery life.

NITECORE's headlamp
So which series does NITECORE's headlamp belong to? This headlamp by NITECORE uses a design concept similar to that of a tactical flashlight. The overall appearance is very tough, angular, and exquisite artistry. It still has some weight in hand. I also like objects with a hand feel. The headband adopts the three-band design of the caving headlamp because the quality of the headlamp is heavier than the available lightweight headlamp, and only one headband is not enough to fix it. The charging interface of the headlamp also uses a universal mobile phone interface. You can find charging connectors in many places. Good equipment must not be maverick.

The firing angle of the headlamp can be adjusted, which makes it convenient to adjust the angle during use, and it does not need to be taken off frequently to adjust the angle. The switching of the long and short firing angle is convenient for the lighting needs for different purposes. Ordinary trekking, you need to hit the light as far as possible to your feet. In cross-country running, it is more necessary to hit the headlight angle far away to observe the road conditions ahead in advance so that runners can make predictions.

As ordinary players, we don't need to know too many professional parameters of equipment. Several parameters related to ordinary users are mainly: illuminance, range, and battery capacity. Many headlights with small lumens make it challenging to see the terrain and obstacles around you in the middle of the night. This headlamp of NITECORE has a large illuminance of 1200 lumens, which can easily reach other brands The illuminance of two or even three headlamps.

NITECORE's headlamp
Many people think that you can see the road conditions around you at night without the need for large lumens of lighting equipment. In the wild, because there is no urban light source background, in a dark environment, the light source carried by itself cannot effectively dissipate the dark background around you. It can only illuminate the environment under your feet and the surroundings. The environment farther away is not visible. It is not conducive to distinguishing road conditions and directions in the wild. A dark environment is most likely to make people feel disoriented, and it will also increase the inner fear of explorers. It is human nature to fear the dark.

Although there is not the most beautiful encounter, there should be the most anticipated reunion in this world. Although the darkness is terrible, there is no shortage of warmth and light. We must remember those who hold you tightly in the dark, those who make you laugh, those who lead you to wanderings, and those who illuminate your future. Outdoors is life, and headlamps illuminate my way forward.

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