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About car mechanics

News Trade News2021-09-21 19:43:02

Auto mechanics are modern technicians who inspect, maintain, repair and debug automobiles. Auto mechanics generally use workers, clamps, measuring tools, instruments and overhaul equipment to inspect, maintain, repair and debug cars.

In recent years, as cars have entered thousands of households, the salary levels of auto repair workers have also "increased." However, in the past few days, many auto repair shops have faced the embarrassing situation of the post-60s, the post-80s cannot keep them, and the post-90s are too lazy to do it. Problems such as difficulty in recruiting and retaining people have become the biggest stumbling block for the auto repair market to take off.

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The "labor shortage" behind the recruitment difficulties

"The labor shortage' in the auto repair industry began as early as around 2010, and it is now becoming more and more obvious." Xiong Jiayao, the person in charge of Chongqing Beijing Jujia Automobile Maintenance Service Co., Ltd., believes that the lack of blue-collar workers is the cause of the industry's "employment." The root of the "desolation."

"With the successive retirements after the 60s, coupled with factors such as low fertility rates and the impact of the Internet industry, there has been a huge gap in blue-collar workers."
"Difficulty in recruiting" actually means that it is difficult to recruit talents that meet the needs of store development and have higher overall quality.

The proportion of intermediate technicians and "masters" in each store does not exceed 10%, and few technicians have worked in the same store for more than three years. "This makes auto repair shops face a situation where the quality of workers does not match the needs of customers, leading to poor corporate efficiency, which in turn affects workers' income, and thus leads to a labor shortage'."
The "employment shortage" in the industry is also related to "occupational discrimination." For a long time, car repair has been regarded as an industry with low barriers to entry and no academic qualifications. This has caused many young people to scoff at car repair.

For this reason, in the opinion of industry experts, on the one hand, the "employment shortage" puts the auto repair industry facing a severe test; on the other hand, it has also accelerated a new round of industry "shuffle" and greatly improved the social status of maintenance workers. The income level and the upper limit of development will also promote the development of the industry in an orderly and standardized way.

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Integration of production and education to complement the shortcomings of talents

The store recruited five auto repair interns. They studied in school for two years, but in practice, some of them can't even recognize the tools.
How to bridge the "gap" between school training and enterprise needs is a problem that both schools and enterprises are thinking about together. Teachers from many vocational schools in Chongqing said frankly that although many companies and schools have joined forces, most of the current integration only stays at the stage when the school recommends interns and graduates for the company, and the company does not participate in the learning of the students during the school. Only when the integration of industry and education develops to the stage of "order-based" training between enterprises and schools can they make up for the shortcomings of talents. Provide jobs and development platforms.

Based on the consideration of store development, this year, they signed a talent training agreement with a number of vocational colleges. The store provides students with practical venues and assigns corresponding technicians to answer questions for students. The school recommends students come for internships based on store needs.

For students they can get started when they are exposed to the auto repair industry and have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the industry; for schools, the solution solves the problems of practical field and student employment; for enterprises, students can get started after graduation, which solves the problem of lack of people. In addition, the training method of school-enterprise cooperation will also reduce costs compared to the independent training of workers by enterprises.

In this regard, some experts said that "difficulty in recruiting" is a common problem faced by all walks of life. At present, cultivating talents through the integration of production and education has achieved initial results in the manufacturing industry and is moving in the direction of depth. For the auto service industry, deepening school-enterprise cooperation and advancing the deep integration of production and education by means of "co-construction and mutual education" will be a powerful means for the industry to "dissolve" the "thirst" of talents.
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