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About delivery

Company News News2021-09-14 20:54:43

From the factory to your hands, you can trust us at every step.

We have cooperation with major logistics companies in the world, and can deliver goods according to your needs.


We have different channels to meet the different needs of customers.

Customized sample in our factory is free, but the freight needs to be settled by yourself, and the shipping time is 5-7 days. If the order amount is large, the shipping time is 15-20 days. The specific duration depends on your region.

The factory has developed rapidly since its establishment, and its business has continued to grow. Our factory has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign companies, and has won the trust of customers. The factory has fully followed customer needs. Continuously carry out product innovation and service improvement.

Looking forward to further discussions with you.

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