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Are outdoor headlamps good for charging or for batteries?

News Trade News2021-09-25 19:16:26

Outdoor headlamps belong to outdoor products, which are indispensable when we walk outdoors at night and set up camp. So do you know how to buy outdoor headlamps? Is it better to charge outdoor headlamps or batteries? Next, I will do a detailed analysis for you. Please read the following carefully.

Rechargeable headlamp


Let's first understand which batteries are generally used in headlamps

1. Alkaline battery

Alkaline batteries are the most commonly used batteries. Their electrical energy is higher than that of lead batteries. They cannot be recharged. At low temperatures of 0F, they only have 10% to 20% power. The voltage will be significantly reduced during use.

2. Nickel-cadmium batteries

It can be charged thousands of times, and it can maintain a certain power. It can't compare with the electricity stored in alkaline batteries. It still has 70% power at a low temperature at 0F. It is better to carry high-energy batteries during rock climbing. It is more standard. The battery is 2 to 3 times higher.

3. Lithium battery

It is two times higher than the normal battery voltage. Two alkaline batteries with a lithium battery's ampere value/hour are more than twice as high as they are used at room temperature, but they are expensive, and their voltage can be kept constant. It is especially useful at high altitudes.
The advantages of rechargeable outdoor headlamps are that they can be recharged, save money, and are environmentally friendly, but they are heavier and work well quickly. The advantages of battery outdoor headlamps are that they are relatively light and can be replaced, which is suitable for long-term work.

Floodlight headlamps are suitable for hiking, camping, and mountaineering; spotlight headlamps are suitable for search, pathfinding, etc.; there are also headlamps that take into account both floodlight and spotlight, such as double headlamps.

The longest battery life. The endurance time determines the length of the lighting time. If you do not want to carry extra spare batteries, you can choose the corresponding endurance headlamp according to the length of the activity time. For example, barbecue requires 3-4 hours of battery life, and 24 trail running may require 8-10 hours of battery life.

Split headlamp

Weight and comfort. Because the headlamp should be worn on the head, the choice of comfort and weight is very important. The weight of the battery of the integrated headlamp is concentrated on the head; for the split headlamp, the battery box can be placed in the backpack and waist. The headlamp strap should be breathable and tight.

The choice of headlamp depends on whether the structure is reasonable and reliable, whether it is flexible and reliable to adjust the lighting angle up and down when worn on the head, whether the power switch is easy to operate and whether it is accidentally turned on when it is put in a backpack. When I needed to use the headlamp at night, I took it out of the backpack and found that the headlamp was turned on. It turned out that his switch was designed at the tip of the egg, so when it is placed in the backpack, it is easy to be caused by the shaking of the backpack during exercise. I accidentally opened it, and when I was going to use it at night, I found that the battery had consumed most of the battery. This is also very important to pay attention to.

If you're climbing at night, it's better to use bulb headlamps as the main light source because it has an effective distance of at least 10 meters (2 AA batteries), and it also has 6 to 7 hours of normal brightness. And most of them can be rainproof, and then bring two spare electric floodlight headlamps suitable for hiking, camping, mountaineering; spotlight headlamps are suitable for search, path detection, etc.; there are also headlamps that take into account both floodlight and spotlight, such as double Lamp holder.

Battery. AA batteries are easy to buy and light in weight; 18650 batteries are environmentally friendly and have a long battery life; CR123A batteries are cold-resistant. Don't worry about it all night (don't forget to bring a spare flashlight to use when changing the battery).

Rechargeable headlamps that do not contain batteries can be checked in. Rechargeable headlamps that contain batteries are not allowed to be checked in. They can only be carried on flight. Civil Aviation Administration and airlines regulations carry mobile phones, laptops, cameras and other personal use lithium-containing

The headlamps used for fishing do not need to be too bright. When fishing at night (using the hand lever), the "luminous drift" is generally used. It is installed on the tail of the drift and is very eye-catching at night, so it is not necessary to turn on the headlamps to watch the drift. Use the head The lamp is mainly turned on when the bait is loaded or when the fish enters the house. The flight distance is short, so the general headlamp is fine. I use the LED headlamp with a sensor, which is very convenient for baiting: the lithium-ion rechargeable battery, Lightweight and energy-saving.

Rechargeable headlamp

As for the choice of charging or battery, this should be selected according to personal needs; if it is outdoor, it is recommended to use batteries. Charging is a big problem if you can't charge it when you touch it outside.

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