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As outdoor headlamps, what important performance indicators must be possessed?

News Trade News2021-08-15 19:00:16

With the development of technology, various outdoor headlights have appeared. Which one is more suitable for you? But not everyone understands it. If you are interested in outdoor sports, you need to plan for the purchase of lamps. So do you know what essential performance indicators a good headlamp has?

First of all, as an outdoor headlamp, it must have the following three essential performance indicators:
1. Water resistance: It is inevitable to encounter rainy days in outdoor camping, hiking or other night operations, so the headlamps must be waterproof. Otherwise, a rainy day or flooding will cause the circuit to short-circuit and cause the circuit to go out or turn on and off, causing safety hazards in the dark. Then you must see if there is a waterproof logo when buying a headlamp, and it must be greater than the waterproof level of IXP3. The larger the number, the better the waterproof performance.

outdoor headlamp
2. Fall resistance: a headlamp with good performance must-have fall resistance (impact resistance). The general test method is to fall freely at the height of 2 meters without damage. In outdoor sports, It may also be because of being put on too loose and the phenomenon of slip off due to various reasons. If the shell is cracked during the fall, the battery falls off, or the internal circuit fails, looking for a fallen battery in the dark is scary. So such headlamps are not safe. Therefore, you should also see if there is an anti-drop mark when purchasing or ask the shop owner about the anti-drop property of the headlamp.

outdoor headlamp
3. Cold resistance: mainly for outdoor activities in northern and high-altitude areas, especially headlamps with split battery boxes. If you use inferior PVC wire headlamps, the skin of the wire may become hard and brittle due to the cold, which will cause the internal core to break. I remember that when the CCTV torch climbed to Mount Everest, there was also a fault that the camera wire was cracked due to the shallow temperature, and the contact was not good. Therefore, if you want to use outdoor headlamps at low temperatures, you must pay more attention to the cold-resistant design of the product.

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