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Do I need to prepare headlamps for mountaineering?

News Trade News2021-08-25 19:51:06

When making mountaineering or outdoor multi-day trips, many people think there should be no need to prepare headlamps, right? But on the mountain, not only will the sunset time be different from that of the flat land, the sky will turn black faster than expected, and climate change will also be unpredictable. The sudden dense fog may also obscure the line of sight, coupled with the uneven and unfamiliar mountain roads. If you are not careful, you may fall and be injured. Even when you are moving in the dark, the headlamp is a handy helper.

Although a flashlight or mobile phone can also be used for lighting, in the dense fog with poor visibility or dark mountain trails shaded by dense forests, only relying on flashlights or mobile phones to illuminate is limited. And it will take up one hand and may cause a poor response in an emergency, so it is recommended to use headlamps when mountaineering.
[Key 1] Lumen choice
Generally speaking, the situation when we use headlamps is usually when the sun goes down, looking for things in a mountain house or tent, cooking food, going to the toilet at night or walking with a team, so basically, 20~50 lumens is enough (lumens recommended For reference only, some friends still like to choose 50 lumens or more). But if you are the leader walking in the forefront, it is recommended to use a headlamp with 200 lumens and an irradiation distance of 100 meters or more.
[Key two] headlamp mode
If the headlamps are distinguished by mode, there are two modes: spotlight and astigmatism (floodlight). Astigmatism is suitable for working at close range or walking with a team, and compared to spotlight mode, the fatigue of the eyes will be reduced. The spotlight mode is suitable for illuminating the far distance to find a way. Some headlamps can switch between dual modes, so pay more attention when purchasing.
Other modes
Some headlamps will also have "flicker mode," "red light mode," and so on. "Flash mode" can be subdivided into multiple types, such as "burst flash mode" and "signal mode," which are generally used as emergency signals, while the "red light mode" is suitable for night vision. It can be cut into red light when sleeping in a tent or mountain house at night, and it is not easy to disturb other people's sleep when going to the toilet or tidying up equipment.
[Key Three] Waterproof Level
But in fact, it depends on the brand. The waterproof rating is for reference only. If the brand's design structure is not rigorous, it may still cause water seepage and damage the headlamp. After-sales warranty service is also essential.
Waterproof rating table
IPX0: Without any special protection function.
IPX1: Prevent water droplets from entering.
IPX2: The device is tilted within 15 degrees to prevent water droplets from entering.
IPX3: Prevent water spray from entering.
IPX4: Prevent splashing water from entering.
IPX5: It can resist the water column of the low-pressure spray gun for at least 3 minutes.
IPX6: It can resist the water column of the high-pressure water spray gun for at least 3 minutes.
IPX7: It can resist being soaked in 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes.
IPX8: Can resist continuous immersion in water more than 1 meter deep.
[Key 4] Maintenance method
Battery leakage is often the biggest killer of electronic products. After the headlamp is used up, if it is not used for a long time (about two weeks or more), the battery should be removed to avoid damage to the headlamp caused by Battery leakage and keep the headlamps in a cool and dry place.

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