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Does long-distance backpacking need to do to prepare?

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They were packing up your luggage before traveling is a long and serious process. Some things may be forgotten, which will affect your travel mood. Especially people with procrastination disorder always start to panic at the last moment when they leave home, and only halfway through the walk do they remember that they have not brought what they should bring. We have carefully sorted out the necessary items for your trip so that you can travel worry-free

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1. Sufficient money (130%-150% of the budget is better)


ID card, driver's license, passport, credit card, etc., but you should still be reminded to bring some change with you so that you can use it in an emergency.

2. Equipment:

1. Backpack

(1) Choosing a backpack: The first thing to consider is, of course, a bag that suits your body shape. It should be comfortable to carry, and the capacity should also be considered to facilitate the classification of items.
(2) Choose a suitcase: First, consider whether the suitcase can be pulled or pushed. This is more labor-saving, and the capacity is just right. It is best not to take too many small bags when traveling. Sometimes it is very inconvenient and easy to lose during the journey.

2. Hiking shoes (waterproof and breathable)

sun hat, t-shirt, a quick-drying shirt, light jacket, quick-drying pants or jeans; if you travel in autumn and winter, you need to bring thermal underwear, sweater, and jacket (with fleece or down), Jackets (with fleece or down), gloves (with fleece and waterproof layer), scarf, fleece hat

3. Tent, sleeping bag, non-slip pad, moisture-proof pad, inflatable sleeping pillow

4. Stoves and kitchenware, military shovel, military kettle (the kind that can be used as a pot separately), warm water cup, soup spoon

5. Remember to bring spare batteries and plenty of films, binoculars, and UV-resistant sunglasses for the camera.

Daily necessities

1. Hanging gargle bag, retractable mouthwash cup, quick-drying towel, shampoo (for trial in a small tin bag), shower gel, hand sanitizer, soap, facial cleanser, sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste (small size), Comb, lipstick (sunscreen type), body lotion, toilet paper (separate packet, roll paper/pumping paper), disinfected wet tissue

2. Change of clothes, socks, headscarf (can be used as a scarf), slippers, sandals, sewing kit, nail clippers, mosquito repellent (such as toilet water, etc.)

3. Several spare plastic bags, garbage bags, tight-knot bags, rubber bands

4. Rope (it can be bundled or used for clothes drying or lifesaving), bath towel (for making the bed), large plastic cloth (for raincoat; if you are tired, you can sit and lie down), raincoat or umbrella

5. Windproof lighter, waterproof match, candle, flashlight (spare battery), multi-purpose knife, scissors

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1. Notebook, phone book, pen (sign pen, ballpoint pen, pencil), mobile phone charger, mobile phone spare battery, a hairdryer (not only for blowing hair but also for drying clothes/shoes and socks in the rain/dripping water)

2. Compass, map, whistle, light stick, laser stick (lifesaving), envelope, letter paper, solid paste stick, white notepaper

3. Sealing glue (the wide kind), double-sided tape, pins (different sizes)


Sufficient food: chocolate, beef jerky, small bags of milk powder, instant noodles, bagged meat, mustard, salt, dried fruits, fruits (dried fruits, such as raisins; fruits, such as apples), fruit candy or marshmallows, mineral water, Small plastic box (the food in bulk is convenient and hygienic)


Medicine box/bag, 21 gold vitamins, cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, plateau response medicine (Rhodiola oral liquid), pain relief medicine, trauma medicine (Yunnan Baiyao, band-aid, white flower oil, safflower oil), motion sickness medicine, Gauze, cotton swabs, tape, insect repellent (Fengyoujing, Astosmin), Huoxiang Zhengqi pills or berberine, hemostatic patch, ammonia (when bitten or stung by insects, apply ice or cold water to the wound after cold compress Ammonia; if stung by a bee, use tweezers to remove the thorn before applying ammonia or milk)

Outdoor headlight


1. Travelers can prepare equipment according to their actual situation and travel season/route, not necessarily bringing all the above supplies.

2. I would recommend a piece of equipment you should bring, a headlamp! Headlamps are indispensable and important equipment in outdoor activities. In cities, we have become accustomed to colorful nights, and the invisible night seems to be distant for city people. However, in the outdoor environment, this dark night is just like commonplace. Behind the dark night are many hidden dangers of insecurity, perhaps unknown journeys, or unknown dangers because of this, flashlights. It has become a personal item that everyone who participates in outdoor activities must equip.

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