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Faced with different situations, how should headlamp be selected?

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The choice of lamps and the use of headlamps is one of the most important pieces of equipment for survival in the wild. The correct selection of tools can make you easier to deal with in different environments. There are many types of headlamps, and we have different choices according to different functions.

1. Endurance:

We should choose a high endurance or headlamp that meets our endurance needs.

2. Waterproof problem:

The headlamps are mainly used outdoors. It is inevitable that they will encounter special weather such as rain and snow. The headlamps with good waterproofness can avoid problems such as short circuits or poor contact.

3. Drop resistance problem:

The headlamp will slip off during use. The high anti-drop performance can effectively protect the headlamp shell and internal parts, and at the same time, extend the life of the headlamp.

4. Low temperature and high-temperature resistance issues:

We are active in areas with large temperature differences or in areas with large temperature differences. The higher low temperature and high-temperature resistance can avoid the problem of hardening and brittleness of the skin of the wire.

5. The problem of light brightness and range:

the choice of headlamps should tend to have high brightness and a wide range of illumination. The effective irradiation range can greatly facilitate people's use.

6. The weight of the headlamp:

The weight of the headlamp mainly depends on the weight of the battery. When choosing a headlamp, we should choose a headlamp that is suitable for our head. Avoid fatigue and pressure problems caused by long-term wear.

The choice of lamps is a troublesome issue. Function, price, weight, volume, versatility and even appearance will affect your final decision. Then start with the most basic needs, how to choose at a specific time and in a specific environment. Specific lamps.

1. If you don’t know how to walk at night, and you don’t need to use it to search for water sources at night, you just have a leisurely dinner in the camp, you don’t need to use too complicated lamps. In this case, the simplest LED lamps are enough.

AONIJIE E4031 Waterproof Sensitive Headlamp LED Headlamp Is a choice.

Outdoor headlight


2.If you are often in the wild, you may have to go to the mountains in the middle of the night in the rain. In this case, there is an incandescent light source lamp with sufficient brightness, which is waterproof and reliable, and it is more power-saving and has a longer range. What you need to consider first, in short, what you need is a well-balanced lamp.Waterproof powerful headlamp.

LED rotating headlamp high power zoom waterproof camping a good choice. The lighting time can reach 8 hours, and it is waterproof.


Camping headlight


3. If you plan to travel on a long-distance donkey, you need not only sufficient lighting time but also necessary lighting brightness.

12LED outdoor camping headlamp is a good choice; AAA battery can adjust the brightness, the lighting time can reach more than 12 hours.


Camping headlight


4. When running at night, if you hold a flashlight, you will not be able to vacate one hand, and you cannot completely relax yourself to exercise. At this time, you need a stable and lightweight zoomable portable headlamp;

Mini LED Headlamp Light, Is a very good choice.


Camping headlight


5. If you need to climb mountains at night, it is best to use a bulb headlamp as the main light source because its effective light distance is at least 10 meters (rechargeable battery), and it has 10 hours of battery life. Normal brightness. , And most of them are rainproof, so don’t worry about it all night.

Portable high-power high-brightness waterproof headlamp. It is a good choice


Camping headlight


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