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Global camping lamp market analysis, these 5 new camping headlamps are worthy of attention

News Trade News2021-09-24 19:26:05

Technavio recently released a report called “2017-2021 Global Camping Lamp Market”, which provides an in-depth analysis of the market segment size and emerging product trends of camping lamps.

With the rise of the camping boom, the global camping supplies market is booming, and the camping lamp market is particularly worthy of attention.

Technavio recently released a report called "2017-2021 Global Camping Lamp Market", which provides an in-depth analysis of the market segment size and emerging product trends of camping lamps.

According to Technavio's latest market survey, the compound annual growth rate of the global camping lamp market is expected to exceed 7% from 2017 to 2021.

BrijeshKumarChoubey, the chief analyst of Technavio's outdoor product research department, said, "Camping is an important part of global tourism activities. Because of the low cost of Camping and strong entertainment and leisure, it is popular among young people in the 20-39 age group."

Camping headlamp


Camping lamp market survey:

Camping lights are mainly divided into three product categories: flashlights, lanterns, and headlamps.

1. Global camping flashlight market

From 2017 to 2021, the compound annual growth rate of the global camping flashlight market will be close to 6%. A camping flashlight is one of the most important pieces of camping equipment. Because of their lightweight, the demand for these lamps in the market has increased at a much faster rate than other lamps.

The flashlight field has undergone many technological updates, such as the use of LED and solar LED technology, which is more energy-efficient and attracts more consumers. At present, large manufacturers are striving to produce camping flashlights with lower energy consumption through technological innovation.

2. The global camping lantern market

Within the expected years, the compound annual growth rate of the global camping lantern market is expected to exceed 9%. Outdoor camping lanterns are mainly used to illuminate camping tents. The main considerations for campers when choosing a lantern include battery efficiency, brightness, battery duration, and torch weight.

Retailers in the market are also developing solar lights and lanterns that are more energy-efficient than ordinary LED lights," Brijesh said.

3. Global camping headlamp market

Within the expected years, the compound annual growth rate of the global camping headlamp market is expected to exceed 7%. Currently, there are many headlamps with different prices on the market. When campers choose headlamps, they mainly consider factors such as durability, beam range, battery duration, and brightness.

Over time, many additional functions have appeared in the headlamps, such as the addition of a USB integrated plug, which can charge mobile phones and other electronic devices. Some popular headlamps include PetzlNAO, Petzl.
TikkaRXP, BlackDiamond ReVolt, and Princeton Tec Sync. The main manufacturers of camping lights on the market include BlackDiamon d, Gold more, Johnson.
Outdoors, Newell Brands.

Five new camping lights that open up your horizons

The vigorous development of the camping lamp market is inseparable from the innovation of enterprises. They are constantly launching new products to attract consumers' attention. The following five new camping lights will take you an in-depth understanding of the development trend of the industry:

1. Boruit camping waterproof headlamp

Camping headlamp

Depending on the selected brightness mode, it can last for 6-13 hours. There are 2 USB ports, which can charge mobile phones, tablets, sports cameras and other outdoor electronic products. Many other features are also designed to be suitable for use in various environments.

2. Portable motion sensor LED headlamp

Camping headlamp

This product can produce 500 lumens of brightness, is waterproof, durable, and can adjust the color and brightness of the light; it has a built-in motion sensor that is bright with a wave of hands.

3. cree XPG led waterproof headlamp

Camping headlamp

A bright, easy-to-use, affordable, highly foldable camping light, so this headlamp is available. It has five different levels of brightness, can produce up to 170 lumens of light, and continues to illuminate for 12 hours. The most important point-its weight is only 92g.

4. XPE 18650 rechargeable headlamp

Camping headlamp

When discussing camping equipment, people rarely think of flashlights. But a very interesting flashlight headlamp was introduced. This product can produce 150 lumens of light and can be quickly converted into a flashlight.
The most prominent aspect of this camping lamp is that a series of additional modules placed on the base greatly expand the use of the product. A USB power bank, a digital weather station and even a red light for mosquito protection are included.

5. High-power RGBW LED headlamp

Blue headlamp

The high-power RGBW LED headlamps can generate up to 300 lumens of light to quickly illuminate the campsite. There is a convenient button in front of the lamp post, which is convenient for people to set the required brightness. For example, when sitting by a campfire, you can choose a soft blue light.

The biggest advantage of this camping lamp is its suspension. You can put It hangs on a tree branch, on the top of a tent, or anywhere else. Only $11, is one of the cheapest camping lights.

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