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How about the Fenix headlamp HP16R experience?

News Trade News2021-11-22 23:18:13

The headlamps are professional and reliable for outdoor adventure among the many mobile lighting equipments, but many people ignore them. Many people feel that the use of headlamps is too singular and not as convenient as a flashlight. The use of headlamps can liberate your hands to the greatest extent. With the movement of your head, you can swipe your finger, which is more use convenient. Especially in walking night running, cave camping, polar crossing, etc., it is more comfortable. As an outdoor sports lighting tool, Fenix has also launched a lot of headlamps. It currently has three series of lightweight HL, all-metal headlamps HM, and professional players HP. This article will share with you the newly launched HP16R highlight LED headlamp; let’s take a look at its performance:

Fenix headlamp HP16RWhen I first got the HP16R, I was attracted by its bright and eye-catching headband color scheme. The white reflective logo, gray and black straps with dense small holes, and orange and yellow strips at the edges form the entire headband. Make it both beautiful, reminding, and good breathability. A headlamp as the whole, including the battery and the light strip, weighs 216 grams. Although not lightweight, it fits nicely on the head without feeling uncomfortable and heavy.

The headlamp shell is made of gray engineering plastic, and there are three lamp holders on it. The big main lamp uses 1 SST40 white LED, and the upper and lower auxiliary lights on the side are 1 XP-G3 S4 medium white LEDs. And 1 2835 red LED. It can use for up to 50,000 hours,and can be said to be durable. The leading light is in the spotlight mode, while the two auxiliary lights are in flood mode and red light, with a maximum brightness of 1700 lumens (up to 1300 lumens for spotlighting + 400 lumens for floodlighting).

Fenix headlamp HP16R

There are two buttons on the top of the headlamp with a large key area and moderate feedback intensity. HP16R is dual-switch independent control; the left and right keys are in charge of the lighting mode and the function mode; long press any key to turn on/off, and press it when the gear is switched. The lighting key tube is the main light, which has four gears: low-light (50 lumens)/medium-light (150 lumens)/high-light (400 lumens)/extremely-bright (1300 lumens). The function key is responsible for the two small lights. After clicking it, you can cycle through the sequence of floodlight/medium light/high light and red light/red flash. In addition, the headlamp has the functions of "automatic memory" and "button locking." The former will default to the last gear every time the light is turned on, which the latter can prevent accidental pressing.

One detail needs to be explained. The HP16R headlamp strap "Fenix" nameplate and battery compartment cover the back panel rear are designed with reflective and backlight strips. In this way, when used at night, it will be self-evident from the back or the side, which plays a perfect role in safety protection. The silicone sealing strip lining the headband ensures the comfort of wearing. In addition, this headlamp band can adjust. In addition to wearing it directly on the head, it can also tie to a helmet.

The headlamp belt and the lamp holder bracket are pre-installed at the factory and can be used when you get it, no need to assemble. You can move it by hand when you need to adjust the lighting angle (support 60 degrees downward to adjust the headlamp angle). When it is bound to the head, you can adjust the strap clip to adjust the headlamp belt to a comfortable position to wear. Generally speaking, it is still very convenient.

Fenix headlamp HP16R

Charging indicator light: The waterproof level of the entire body has reached IP66 (two meters anti-drop), which can completely protect the intrusion of dust/liquid and other foreign objects; even if it is washed by water, it will not cause damage. Dealing with the complicated outdoor weather environment (such as morning dew, fog, sweat, and rain) is no problem.

HP16R adopts the design of separating the lamp head and the battery. The battery compartment on the back is the same as the head. It is made of high-quality and durable plastic and aluminum alloy integrated die-casting parts, which have good heat dissipation performance, safety, and reliability. In addition, you can see the big "X"-shaped heat dissipation grid and the luminous strips on the four corners of the back shell. The body is equipped with a 3000m mAh lithium polymer battery pack as standard. It is compatible with 4 AA Ni-MH/alkaline batteries (In extreme environments, if you want to continue to supply power without buying an exclusive battery, the supply of ordinary batteries is critical).

The opening of the cover still needs specific reminders. It adopts the buckle type, which is very firmly fixed. However, it comes with a rechargeable battery and will not be disassembled under normal circumstances. When charging, the battery indicator on the top of the headlamp will light up, and the battery status is represented by the green/red light and flashing. Open the dustproof rubber pad to charge through the Type-C port (2A, not the old MicroUSB port, like praise), and it can fully charge in about three hours.

The specific model of the battery is Fenix ARB-LP3000 (3.7V). In terms of battery life, the leading light can last for 36 hours in low light, and the most extended battery life of the sub-light flood and red light can reach 300 and 600 hours, respectively. Even in the highly bright mode, the leading light spotlight can last for 4 hours, while the sub-light floodlight lasts for 8 hours. In addition, the range of the main lamp can reach 260 meters in the highly bright mode, while the secondary light is 48 meters. In this state, exploring caves or urban adventures have good performance.

Fenix headlamp HP16R

FenixHP16R will accumulate a lot of heat in highly bright gears, so the headlamp has a built-in "intelligent temperature control" circuit. When the temperature exceeds 65 degrees, the brightness will automatically be reduced, and after falling, the brightness will gradually return to the set brightness. In addition, when the battery voltage is too low, there will be a corresponding "low voltage warning."

Even with low brightness, close-range performance is worth highlighting. It is excellent to illuminate the surrounding scenery and environment. The following is the brightness effect when switching between different levels in the spotlight mode:

When at the bridge pier, both the spotlight and floodlight are turned on the highly bright mode, and the bridge hole is brilliant at this time. Abandoned objects in the distance, green plants, and other details can be seen and distinguished. In an emergency, you can switch to the red light flashing; even if you are in the mountains, people in the distance can see the "SOS" distress signal sent by the red light.

Fenix headlamp HP16R

No street lights are running on the road at night, and the whole route is pitch black. It is no exaggeration to say that you can't see your fingers. At this time, turn on the headlights to highlight, and the brightness of 400 lumens makes the surrounding field of vision instantly light up. When moving with the footsteps, can take care of the front and both sides of the road. The paving effect is still good.

The following two pictures are comparisons when only the spotlight or both spotlight and floodlight are turned on: You can choose to turn it on according to the actual environment and usage scenarios. The performance effect of both high beams and floodlight is satisfactory.

Fenix headlamp HP16RFenix headlamp HP16R

Summarize: This Fenix HP16R has three lamp heads and multiple gears cutover,At the same time, far and wide all have. The addition of red light can also play a good role in signal emission during outdoor adventures. Coupled with the long-lasting battery life brought by the large battery, it is an efficient portable lighting partner for hiking and night running enthusiasts and friends who like an adventure.

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