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How do you choose a good headlamp? Have you considered these?

News Trade News2021-08-18 20:15:14

How to choose a good headlight? It should be considered from multiple perspectives such as application scenarios, life backup or work lighting, night vision distance, and whether it is waterproof.

1.First, the application scenario analysis of your headlamp:

What do you want to illuminate? The headlamps are divided into long-range spotlights (spotlights for short) ranging from 300m to 1000m+ and diffusive low-beam lights (astigmatism lights) ranging from 5-300m.

2.Secondly, consider whether you are using standby lighting in your life or working for a long time.

Because you want to buy headlamps with better battery life and higher brightness, the higher the price will be. So it would help if you bought a suitable headlight according to your own positioning. Do you have high requirements for product life? For example, you must buy professional engineering lighting tools for work and use, which will be of higher quality. Although the price is relatively high, it is still very cost-effective in terms of daily use-value.

(Light spot effect)

If you need a longer night vision distance, choosing a spotlight cup-shaped headlamp, mountain search, and rescue light is recommended.

If you are using an unfriendly environment, such as water or thunderstorm operations, then it is recommended that you use something like this:

Waterproof products. It has shallow diving and has strong airtightness, and can resist aging. Even if it accidentally falls into the water during rescue and disaster relief, it can still be used when it is picked up; no need to worry.

(Click on the picture to see more details)

3.At present, there are three types of batteries used in car lights on the market: dry batteries, accumulators, and energy lithium batteries.

The cheapest is the dry pocket battery, which can be disassembled to replace the 5.7.9 battery. The lighting range of this kind of product is very small, the battery life is very short, and it is urgently needed for home use.


The second is storage batteries, also known as water batteries and lead-acid batteries. Similar to the start-stop battery of motorcycles and battery cars. This type of battery is cheaper than lithium batteries and was very popular in the first ten years. In line with market development, the era of lithium battery energy saving is now prevailing. The advantages of lithium battery waterproof headlamps: LED wicks have been maturely used in various lighting fields today, equipped with lithium batteries, long battery life, safety, energy-saving and other advantages. It is currently the first choice for professional searchlight lighting.


Well, today's sharing is here; I hope to help friends who need special lighting engineering operations.

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