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How do you choose suitable lamps?

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For those who love nature, camping in the wild may be the closest to nature. But spending a long night in the wild is not as convenient as in the city. You must be fully prepared to deal with the difficulties caused by night. The torch is our most common and perhaps the first lighting tool you come up with. It is not only easy to operate but also low in price, but it has a fatal flaw, that is, you must use your hands to manipulate, and if your hands are bound in the field, then your actions will be restricted. So someone invented the headlamp.

Speaking of headlamps, you will surely immediately think of the bulky and heavy miner's lamp used by miners. The headlamps used in outdoor camping have the same purpose as the miner's lamps used by miners, both of which are to find direction in the dark. But of course, outdoor headlamps are lighter and more beautiful than miners' lamps. A headlamp, as the name implies, is a lamp that can work on the head. Its advantage is that it can free your hands in the dark, essential for life in the wild. So, should I choose a headlamp or a flashlight when I travel?

Determine the type of your trip. Most camping enthusiasts will choose headlamps or flashlights. If you are a large group, you can bring one or two larger camp lights, illuminating almost the entire camp.

Small flashlights: Small flashlights that use batteries are the most commonly used personal lighting tool. Choose a lighter, more bright flashlight, which is more suitable for more relaxed outdoor camping. But if you want to carry a flashlight to cook, it will be more troublesome. At this time, it is recommended to use a headlamp.

Headlamps: headlamps powered by batteries are the ideal outdoor personal lighting equipment. It is easy to use, and its best advantage is to free your hands. From this, you can conveniently cook dinner, set up a tent in the dark, march at night or write a diary in the tent.


Camp lights: specially designed to illuminate larger areas. It is suitable for long-distance travel and when the number of participants is large. This kind of lamp is relatively large and bulky. Camp lights use batteries and use fuel. The operation of using the battery is more convenient, but the use time is shorter. Using fuel (GAS, kerosene, alcohol or gasoline) is more troublesome, but it tends to have high brightness and extended use time.

Small gas lamp: Different from large camp lights, this gas lamp is small and easy to carry. Generally, GAS gas is used for large gas tanks because GAS gas tanks have been pressurized in advance, unlike kerosene that needs to be pressurized. The GAS lamp has high lighting intensity and is used for small teams with few people.

The energy used by the energy lamp considered determines its luminous intensity, use time, weight, ease of use, and the weight of the backup energy you need to prepare for this.

Battery: This is one of the most convenient energy sources, readily available, and not very expensive. But if you bring a dozen batteries because you have to travel long distances, its weight is also conceivable. In addition, please remember, "Don't throw away the battery at will," it is best to bring it back to the "civilized society" and then solve it.

Alkaline battery: cheap, long life, and there will be a specific decay time; you can quickly know that it is about to run out. But its energy will decrease as the temperature decreases.

Lithium battery: It is more durable and has more energy than an alkaline battery. And it can use at -20C or higher. But it is more expensive, and if there is no electricity, there is no electricity.

Lithium battery

Nickel-chromium battery: commonly known as a rechargeable battery. The price is higher, and the non-rechargeable alkaline battery lasts for a long time, but a nickel-chromium battery is a good choice if you have a solar battery charger.

Liquid fuel/GAS: Some gas-burning lamps use the same fuel as gas stoves, so your gas-burning stove and gas-burning lamps can share the same fuel. But this also means that you can't light up the lights while cooking, but isn't it just the time to use the power of your headlamps?

Consider the function of the lamp: first, determine your requirements for the lamp, and then select the products that meet the requirements.

Maybe the following questions can help you make a choice:

Do you need a light fixture that is easy to carry?

Do you need a lamp that can adjust the brightness of the lighting?

Do you need a light fixture that is easy to use?

Do you need a light fixture that can easily focus?

Do you need a light fixture that can be easily hung and provides a top-to-bottom light source?

Do you need a light fixture that is easy to carry when you use it?

Different luminaires are designed to meet different purposes. You should not only consider the appearance and size of the luminaire but, more importantly, its performance.

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