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How many lumens does a headlamp need to fit?

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The most important thing to choosing a headlamp is to know the lumens (lm). The so-called lumens can be regarded as brightness, 50 lumens and 300 lumens; 300 lumens is higher; the higher the lumens number, the higher the brightness. If you want to explore lumen in-depth, it is the brightness of visible light emitted from a light source.


In news reports, it is often seen that someone goes out to climb a mountain without wearing a headlamp, and there is no way to go down the mountain. Similar news is emerging one after another. Many people have brought all equipment but did not bring the most important lighting equipment. Enough, as a result, the phone is out of power, or the brightness is weak, or even without waterproof function, it can't be used in heavy rain. For people who often climb mountains, headlamps are indispensable equipment. Although we don't want to walk the mountain in the dark, things are unpredictable. You may have delayed your trip for some reason. When the sun goes down, the sky gets darker and darker. The path in front of me is gradually becoming unclear, and taking a wrong step is vital to my life.


Besides, why choose headlamps instead of flashlights? The reason is simple. The headlamp can be worn on your head or hung on your chest, or even tied to your hands so that your hands can be free to use trekking poles or grab ropes, which will improve your reaction speed and safety.


So what is the difference between low lumens and high lumens?


50-100 lumens

Generally speaking, it is best to equip at least 50 lumens of headlamps for mountaineering. If you are in a group with a guide, you will use headlamps in situations like eating at night, going to the bathroom, or setting off in the early morning. For the road under your feet, you don't need to know the route ahead and the fixed-point activities; then, this bright headlamp is enough.

Applicable situation:

Participate in an outdoor club with a leader and guide

Picnic, dining



100-200 lumens


headlamps with more than 100 lumens can basically cope with many situations. Although the brightness is still limited, there will be no big problems as long as you go slowly. However, it is still not recommended as a team leader.

Applicable situation:



Picnic, dining


200 lumens or more


headlamps with more than 200 lumens or even more than 300 lumens can give you an extra layer of protection at night. Because of the high brightness, you can better grasp the surrounding and front environment, but relatively, the higher the price of the headlamp Higher.

Applicable situation:



Cross-country running

In addition to lumens, we believe that several other equally important considerations for headlamp selection are: illuminance (LUX, irradiation distance), water resistance, lighting time; some headlamps are mainly high lumens, but the irradiation distance may be Inferior to models with lower lumens, the reason lies in the way the light diverges, so if you want to see far, remember to choose products with higher illuminance. Waterproof capability is also a very important function. Because outdoor weather conditions are changeable, it is important to be able to use headlamps on rainy days. In addition, we also hope that the lighting time can be as long as possible, so it also depends on the lighting time of the product.


headlamp recommendation


Super bright LED rechargeable headlamp 500LM


500 lumens red/white headlamp


Brightness: up to 500 lumens

Waterproof rating: IPX4

Illumination: 100 meters

Lighting time: 5 hours

Weight: 90g

Mode: red light, flashing (both red and white light is acceptable)

Battery: Lithium metal battery


Waterproof 3000 lumens LED headlamp.


3000 lumens LED headlamp


Brightness: up to 3000 lumens

Waterproof rating: IPX5

Illumination: 300-500m

Lighting time: 6 hours

Weight: 210g

Working mode: light-All light-Flash at the side of the middle LED

Battery: 2*18650 battery


XPE T6 headlamp 7 LED headlamp


7LED camping hunting headlamp


Waterproof: It can be used in the rain but cannot be put into water.

Rotate zoom: zoom in/out, adjustable light range.

Weight: 230g

Working mode: 1*T6 light, 4*XPE light, 2*T6 light, 3*T6+4*XPE light, all flashing.

Battery requirements: 2 x 18650 batteries


New rechargeable LED headlamp HL65

Rechargeable LED headlamp

Brightness: 1400-1500 lumens

Waterproof: IPX8

CW version: (cool white) beam, OTF 1500 lumens, beam distance 104 meters

NW version: (Neutral White) beam, OTF 1400 lumens, beam distance 101 meters

Lighting time: 3 hours

Weight: 138g

Battery: 1 *18650 / 2 * 18650 or BP28/BP4836B/BP6836B battery pack


High power 6000 lumens emergency 5 led waterproof headlamp.


6000 lumens headlamp


Brightness: 6000 lumens

Waterproof rating: IPX5

Illumination: 300-500m

Weight: about 180g

Working mode: Mid T6 light side 2*T6 light-side 2*R2 light-five lights-flash

Battery: 2*18650


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