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How to choose a headlamp battery?

News Trade News2021-10-13 01:05:06

Headlamps have different selection requirements according to the use environment and batteries. There are three common headlamp batteries: alkaline batteries, lithium batteries and rechargeable batteries. Please see below for a detailed headlight battery introduction and how to choose.

Walk or run on the road.

The use time is not long, and the ambient temperature will not be too low, so since the battery can be purchased and replaced at any time, it can be from AAA, AA, alkaline carbon batteries, because it is not a harsh environment, the battery can be replaced at any time, and the pursuit of lightness Many people choose 3AAA headlamps.


AA or AAA alkaline batteries are enough. The battery performance at low temperatures is greatly reduced. Unless you have the strength to carry enough spare batteries, the best choice in the northern winter or snowy mountain environment is a dual-light source headlight with an external battery box. You must pay attention to the operation of the headlight. It can be done easily, even with thick gloves.

Low-temperature batteries in winter can choose lithium batteries or nickel-metal hydride batteries. Among them, the low-temperature Ni-MH battery can be used at minus 40 degrees! However, the capacity of low-temperature Ni-MH batteries is relatively low.

Mountain trail

100-200 lumens are basic. Otherwise, it is difficult to see the road clearly, jungle roads, especially roads with more rotted leaves and a little damp. I often use 350-400 lumens for lighting and even use around 600 for complex and difficult-to-go roads. The lighting, otherwise the lighting with about 150 lumens, will always step in the mud.

Therefore, due to the lighting requirements, in order to ensure the lighting power, the required headlight batteries are required. For example, a single AA battery is brightest within 200 lumens, and two AA batteries are brightest within 250 lumens. Therefore, in order to ensure the lighting needs, it is recommended to use 3AA or 4AA to provide sufficient demand. As for 3AAA, a burst of 200 lumens in a short time is okay. The 200 lumens continuous lighting time of half an hour cannot be provided, and the brightness will drop linearly. After all, the battery capacity is determined.


Diving headlights emphasize absolute waterproofness and reliability, sufficient lighting time and high brightness requirements, and it is best to have spare bulbs that can be used immediately. The requirements for volume and weight are not very demanding, and the user flexibility of hand-held lamps is better.

Outdoor headlamp


The environment that caverns deal with is more sinister. The headlights must be strong and waterproof, such as flowing water and falling rocks. Of course, they must also be easily integrated with helmets. The calcium carbide lights for long-term caverns will not be used here for the time being. High brightness is necessary. In order to deal with the unimaginable dilemma caused by the sudden extinguishment of the bulb during the process and to turn on the second light source in time, the dual light source lamp is the most suitable.


If it is used for outdoor rescue and search use, there is no doubt that brightness and range are in the first place, so two choices of sacrifice are usually made at the expense of weight and volume. Maglite 6D or 6C may be the world in the past two decades. The most classic police lamps on the market, 6 C or D electricity in series, to ensure extremely high brightness, range and sufficient use time, strong aluminum alloy materials and traditional and reliable waterproof design are impeccable, the only The big trouble is that it is a little bigger in size and weight. You must prepare adequate spare batteries and lamp bulbs and be mentally prepared for the cost of using lithium batteries.

The lighting power is very important for people who like to play outdoors, especially those outdoors for a few days or even more than ten days. It is necessary to reduce the weight as much as possible while ensuring the lighting.

Below I will compare the capacity and weight of different batteries:

Assuming a headlamp with 3AA alkaline batteries, the total power is 1.5VX2.4A/hX3 = 10.8W/h, but this is a perfect state; in fact, AA is the voltage discharge process has dropped to 0.9V before there is basically no current The output, the average discharge voltage is 1.2V, and the battery purchased on the market needs to be selected from the factory and cannot exceed one month to ensure the capacity. The longer the time, the smaller the capacity. According to the ideal average value: 1.2VX2.2A/hX3=7.92W/h.

Assuming that a headlamp with 3AA Ni-MH batteries is used, and real 2400 Panasonic Ni-MH batteries are purchased in the market, the total power is 1.2VX2.4A/hX3=8.64W/h

The 18650 lithium battery is a rechargeable battery. If it is fully charged before departure, the capacity is basically unchanged. The full voltage of the lithium battery is 4.2V, and the discharge cut-off voltage is about 3V, with an average of 3.6-3.7V, a lithium battery with a capacity of 3200mA: 3.6VX3.2A/h=11.52W/h.

Then you can compare:

3 AA alkaline weight: 23gX3=69g, total watt-hour: 7.92W/h

3 AA NiMH weight: 27gX3=81g, total watt-hour: 8.64W/h

One 18650 weight: 45g, total watt-hour: 11.52W/h

Assuming four days and three nights outdoors, you need to bring 9 AA alkaline batteries, a total of 3 full-charged use; the weight is 9X23g=207g, 23.76W/h;

With four pieces of 18650, a total of 4 full-charged uses, the weight is 4X45g=180g, 43.08W/h!

If a lithium battery with a capacity of 3400 mA is used, the weight will remain unchanged at 48.96W/h!

Double the lighting time or brightness! It weighs 27g lighter!

From weight to watt-hour win!

In terms of low-temperature power retention performance, alkaline batteries are completely unsuccessful. Next, I will compare the capacity and weight of different batteries: hydrogen and lithium batteries are basically the same, and the -30°C capacity is less than 50%.

If it is not easy to obtain lighting power for a long time outdoors, it is recommended to use a headlamp flashlight powered by a 18650 lithium battery.

Of course, the purchase of batteries must be genuine; 18650 batteries are recommended to buy big-name ones, which are guaranteed. If you buy fake ones, you can’t compare them.

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