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How to choose fishing lights and headlamps for night fishing?

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Summer is a good season for fishing. The only downside is that sun exposure can sometimes make fishing friends feel more painful. Even if the corresponding sun protection measures are taken, they still feel more uncomfortable. What should I do if I want to feel the joy of fishing but don’t want to suffer under the scorching sun? The answer is to choose night fishing.

Night fishing has several outstanding advantages. The first is that the temperature is suitable and the night is more relaxed, which is more pleasant for anglers. In addition, the temperature during the day is high, and the fish's desire to forage is relatively low, and the chance of catching fish is not very high. At night, as the temperature drops, the fish become active, and the frequency of foraging increases. Although night fishing has many advantages, the lack of light also brings incredible difficulty to fishing. Therefore, it is essential to prepare the corresponding light source for night fishing.

There are two main types of night fishing light sources, one is fishing lights, and the other is headlamps. The fishing light is equipped with a bracket, which can adjust the irradiation range, and is the best tool for irradiating floats. The function of the headlamp is generally to be more flexible when changing bait and catching fish, and it is an effective supplement to the fishing light. How to choose the light source tool for this kind of night fishing?

fishing lights

First, the selection skills of fishing lights

  1. Brightness problem:The main character of the fishing light is lighting, so its brightness is the first consideration problem. For the brightness of the fishing light, try to choose products with high lumen because when the lumen is small, you will not see the float at dusk. But it's not that brighter is better; too bright will easily dazzle, so it is best to control the lumen between 240-270.
  1. Illumination distance: The fishing lamp's distance is generally weak, and the quality is different. The illuminating distance of the light source of the fishing light is also different.
  2. Battery life: loyal fishing friends generally choose to go fishing overnight, which is also a test for the endurance of fishing lights
  3. The color of the light source: The light source's color is an essential factor to see the float clearly when fishing at night.
  4. Water resistance: A fishing lamp is a tool used near the water, so it must be waterproof.

fishing headlamps

Second, the selection skills of headlamps.

  1. Look at the headlamps style: nowadays, standard headlamps have headband and helmet styles, and fishing friends can choose according to their needs.
  2. Look at the light source's color:headlamps generally use white light, and there are also other light sources such as yellow light. In actual use, yellow light has the effect of attracting fish.
  3. Pay attention to the type of bulbs: the choice of bulbs should also pay attention to energy-saving issues. The better the energy-saving effect, the longer the use time, and there will be no battery run-out phenomenon in the middle of the night. At present, the most energy-saving bulbs are LED lights.
  4. Light source selection: There are dual light sources and single light sources. This is also determined according to your use. The dual light sources generally have a blue + yellow light combination. The advantage is that the visibility is enhanced. The fish floats can be seen more clearly; the single light source is generally To choose a high-power lamp holder to make the entire water surface visible.

Senior fishing friends all know that night fishing light source in summer is the foundation, and With a good light source, the rest is to fight for technology, so for anglers who are new to night fishing, there are still many things to learn.

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