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How to choose night fishing lights?

News Trade News2021-08-18 19:50:37

Night fishing lights are one of the must-have tools for wild fishing enthusiasts. Many fishing friends can only enjoy fishing at night because they don’t have time during the day. Some fishing places can only see the fish at night, and some fishing friends who are afraid of the sun during the hot day choose to go fishing at night. At present, the LED lamps on the market have become the first choice for wild fishing enthusiasts. So which aspects should be used to choose night fishing lamps?

1. Selection of light source and brightness: The light source is divided into white, blue, yellow (red) light and blue light. The dual light source is the primary function conducive to adapting to fishing ground and personal habits. The brightness is generally divided into 2-3 levels, Generally marked with 1W-3W-5W, suitable for the lighting at different distances.
2. Choose continuous lighting time: battery life. Generally, the continuous lighting time of night fishing lights will not exceed 10 hours. Considering the needs of fishing friends for continuous fishing the next day, 20 hours of continuous lighting are generally selected, and charging can be completed in about 10 hours.
3. Choose battery and capacity: Generally choose lithium battery. Its advantage is that it can be charged and discharged multiple times, has a long life, large capacity, small size, and slightly higher price. Be sure to perform the initial charge according to the manufacturer's instructions to avoid insufficient power during the first fishing; The battery has a capacity of 10,000 to 20,000 mph, and there is even a larger capacity, and the capacity is proportional to the volume and price;

battery and capacity
4. Select shell and bracket: The shell is generally cylindrical aluminum alloy. Choosing a slightly thicker shell is conducive to heat dissipation. Choosing the shell also considers the choice of waterproof function; the bracket is mainly an independent triangle bracket and a fishing box bracket; choose a suitable fishing box bracket for better control.

shell and bracket
5. Choose headlamps: the first choice is light, easy to the power switch, soft and adjustable, and long lighting time. Generally, it is not suitable to choose a light source that is too bright, which is easy to attract mosquitoes.
6. Select after-sales service: After-sales service of branded lamps is necessary, especially the maintenance of chargers. Night fishing lights must have an after-sales service guarantee for three months or more than half a year.

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