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How to choose outdoor headlamps?

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Whether fishing, trail running, shooting in the wild, hiking, camping, and hiking, headlamps are indispensable. So the question is, how to choose a headlamp? Some basic parameters must be known! Outdoors, the reliability of headlamps is the first, but the following performance should be considered!

One of the most significant variables in the wild is the weather. If it rains during camping or hiking at night, the flashing lights of the headlamps or simply turning off the flames are all in the dark, making the headlamps more frosty. Therefore, the waterproofness of the headlamps is very important. Many headlamps will use the IPX waterproof rating to mark the water-resistance as a reference standard for selection.

Camping headlamp

It is best to choose outdoor headlamps with a waterproof coefficient above IPX3. Choose according to your situation and the climate and environment of your destination. If you have higher requirements for waterproofing, you can choose IPX6-8 products.

Since the headlamp may fall due to various reasons such as wearing too loose during outdoor activities, causing the shell to crack, the battery falling or the internal circuit failure, which brings safety problems, the anti-fall property of the headlamp also needs to be considered. Yes, many outdoor luminaires will use meters to mark the height of fall resistance.

Generally speaking, a good headlamp usually has an anti-drop height of 1 meter. If the drop height is 2 meters, it is very durable (the drop parameter does not allow decimal places, even 1.9 meters can only be nominally 1 meter)

Suppose it is to be used in cold seasons or high-altitude areas. In that case, the wire skin of inferior headlamps may become hard and brittle, causing internal cores to break, and may even cause accidents, so the headlamps' low-temperature resistance is also needed to consider.

Camping headlamp

Almost all headlamp manufacturers use lumens to show the brightness of their headlamps. Lumens refer to the sum of light sent from a point light source in all directions. 100 lumens is roughly equivalent to the light of 8 candles. For elementary outdoor camping and hiking activities, it is sufficient to choose 100-200 lumens. For higher requirements, products with 200~500 lumens can be considered. Suppose it is a fast-moving outdoor activity such as night cross-country running or an activity that needs to illuminate a large area. In that case, you can consider a product with 500~1000 lumens, while a professional rescue search generally requires a product with more than 1000 lumens.

In addition, the headlamp style, weight, bulb type, battery durability, etc., are all factors that need to be considered. Of course, price is also an important consideration when choosing a headlamp.

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