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How to use outdoor headlamps correctly?

News Trade News2021-10-06 19:47:24

How to use outdoor headlamps correctly? Headlamps are indispensable and important equipment in outdoor activities, such as hiking at night, camping at night, and the usage rate of outdoor headlamps is very high. Next, I will teach you how to use outdoor headlamps and the precautions for use. Please study carefully.

The specific method is as follows;

1. The button switch on the outdoor headlamp adopts a 3W high-power lamp tube and uses the lens condensing and reflection function to adjust the condensing and low beam.

First gear: low light;

Second gear: strong light;

Third gear: flash;

Fourth gear: closed.

2. Infrared sensor headlamp with inductive gesture switch

Its standby working current is as high as 10-20 mA, that is, when the headlamp is off: its infrared emission tube is always emitting infrared rays, which is secretly consuming your battery power. If you use ordinary dry batteries, it only needs to stand by for more than ten hours. The power is exhausted from left to right; even if the lithium battery is used, at least 30% of the power is wasted in vain, so this type of headlamp is convenient to use but costs electricity and money.

Sensor headlamp

3. Inductive outdoor headlamp

Inductive LED sensor headlamp, the headlamp can sense gestures within 0-5cm to automatically switch the headlamp; even if you wear heavy gloves, it still senses. The standby current is only about four microamps when working, and only the infrared sensor type 1 /5000, almost zero power consumption in the standby state, achieving zero power consumption induction!

This invention may lead to a new technological revolution in the switch mode of headlamps. Manual and infrared headliamps will be phased out. Any headlamp can be easily upgraded to "0" by adding a "sensing module"" as long as you can use an electric soldering iron. The "power-consuming"" sensor headlamp achieves the effect of turning on and turning off when you raise your hand. It saves electricity and can greatly liberate the hands of night workers, so that night fishers, miners, farmers, etc. no longer use dirty, Wet and fishy hands are groping on the forehead to switch the headlamps, and the headlamps can be turned on and off by just raising the hand, which is convenient and hygienic, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

The precautions for the use of outdoor headlamps are summarized as follows;
(1) Headlamp charging: plug the charger into the AC220 mains socket, and plug the headlamp into the working lamp charging base with the charging contact point facing down. The charger indicator turns red to indicate normal charging. When the indicator changes, Green means that the charge is full.

(2) It is recommended to charge the headlamp for at least 5-6 hours at least three times before the first use of the headlamp to activate the active components of the battery;

(3) If the headlamp is not used frequently or is out of service, the headlamp should be fully charged for storage; for long-term storage, it should be charged once every five months to extend the life of the lamp;

(4) The headlamps should be ventilated after being immersed in water and stopped;

(5) The headlamp charging contact points and the charging stand should be kept clean at all times.

(6) A small number of headlamps are water-resistant or even water-resistant. If you think that waterproofing is very important, but this type of waterproof bulb, but it is best to be rainproof because you can manipulate it in the wild weather;

(7) The headlamp holder needs to have a comfortable cushion, some of which are like a pen to hang around the ear;

(8) The switch of the lamp holder must be durable. Don'tDon't put it in the backpack; it will turn on by itself, waste electric energy or cause some problems. The switch design of the lamp holder is best to be a groove. Close the cloth, take out the bulb or take out the battery;

(9) The light bulb is not durable for a long time. It is best to carry a spare light bulb. For example, halogen krypton argon and other light bulbs generate heat and are brighter than vacuum tube bulbs. Although the user will be high amperage and shorten the battery life, most light bulbs The amperage will be marked on the bottom, and the general battery life is 4 amperes/hour, which is equal to 8 hours of light bulbs at 0.5 amperes.

(10) If you are climbing at night, it is better to use the headlamp of the bulb as the main light source because the effective distance of light is at least 10 meters (2 AA batteries), and it can last for 6 to 7 hours. Normal brightness and most of them can be rainproof, and then bring two spare batteries all night without worrying (don'tdon't forget to bring a spare flashlight, use it when changing the battery).

(12) One way to test the LED: generally, three batteries are installed, two batteries are installed first, and the third section is short-circuited with a key evenly and lastingly (compared to a headlamp without a booster circuit), and The lighting time is relatively long (the famous brand [AA] battery is about 30 hours), and it is ideal as a camp lamp (that is, used in a tent); the disadvantage of the headlamp with a booster circuit is: this type of headlamp has poor waterproof performance (mostly None are waterproof).

I hope the above article is helpful to you. If you already know how to use outdoor headlamps, I would recommend you to go here and choose an outdoor headlamp that suits you.

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