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What is a headlamp and what people are the headlamps suitable for?

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As the name implies, the headlamp is a lamp worn on the head and is a lighting tool that liberates both hands.

The main function: When we walk at night, if we hold a flashlight, we can’t use both hands. In this way, we cannot deal with unexpected situations in time. Therefore, a good headlamp is a must for us to walk at night. By the same token, when camping at night, wearing a headlight can free your hands to do more things.

Scope of application: outdoor products, suitable for various places. It is an indispensable item when we run at night and camp outdoors.


When you are doing the following tasks, the headlamps will play a role:


Holding trekking poles

Look after the campfire

Rummaging for items in the attic

Gaze into the depths of the motorcycle engine

Read in your tent

Explore the cave

Evening walk

night run

Disaster emergency light source

Common light sources: incandescent lamps, high-pressure gas discharge lamps, LEDs (light-emitting diodes), hybrid bulbs


Commonly used batteries

1. Alkaline batteries: It is the most commonly used battery. Its electric energy is higher than that of lead batteries, but it cannot be charged. It has only 10% to 20% power when it is energized at zero temperature, and the voltage will be significantly reduced during use.

2. Nickel-cadmium battery: It can be charged thousands of times and maintain a certain amount of power. It cannot be compared with the electricity stored in alkaline batteries, but there is still 70% power at zero temperature. It is best to carry high power when climbing, and Energy batteries are 2 to 3 times higher than standard batteries.

3. Lithium battery: It is twice as much as an ordinary battery. The ampere value of a lithium battery is more than twice that of two alkaline batteries, and it is at zero degrees as if it is used at room temperature. And the voltage can be kept constant but expensive. It is especially useful in high-altitude areas.

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