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[Night fishing skills] Night fishing,What kind of light is most suitable?

News Trade News2021-08-17 23:54:33

Night fishing has become a beautiful landscape at night. Night fishing lights play a pivotal role in night fishing. But when friends who like fishing choose the night fishing lights, there are still many confusions about which light source should be selected for blue, ultraviolet, yellow and white light, so that I will share it with you today.

1. Blu-ray
The most used night fishing is the blue light night fishing light. The characteristic is clarity, and a slight movement of floats will be visible. However, long-term use can easily cause visual fatigue, dizziness, and dizziness when looking at things. It is recommended not to stare at it for a long time, and it is best to rest for a few minutes after using it for some time.

2. Ultraviolet light
The effect of purple light is better than blue light. But the price is relatively higher. In addition, ultraviolet light is easy to hurt people, so the popularity is even worse.

3. Yellow light
The yellow light is soft, it is not easy to disturb the fish in the bottom layer, and it can also quickly gather the fish in the middle and upper layers. The irradiation distance is relatively close, which is suitable for use at night and dawn. At the same time, it is recommended to choose yellow light at the end of autumn or when the temperature is relatively low in winter.

4. White light
White light is the most widely used in night fishing, mainly LED and Xenon light sources. Features: The fish gathering effect is good, but the long-distance observation effect is worse. In early autumn, spring and summer, intense white light tends to gather mosquitoes. When wild fishing, try to avoid using strong white light sources (xenon headlights). In recent years, the popular hernia headlights have become more expensive, which is still unacceptable to friends who like fishing with less economic conditions.

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