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One lamp with four functions, what is the artifact of the outdoor person?

News Trade News2021-10-25 19:48:14

For an experienced outdoor person, the headlamp is an indispensable small object, and its importance is self-evident. A good headlamp can not only illuminate objects but also release your hands in the night. Of course, good headlamps are not cheap, but recently I bought a good headlamp with high-cost performance: Nite multi-function headlamp.

Nite multi-function headlamp

Nite multi-function headlamp is an indispensable minimalist style product. The other two sides of the headlamp are the selling points of this headlamp. Nite multi-function headlamp supports one lamp four-purpose; simultaneously, the maximum lumens of the white light of this lamp has reached 170, and the luminous flux of the red light is also 5 lumens. The most important thing is that this headlamp also has IPX4 waterproof rating and a 1-meter anti-drop height.

The Nite multi-function headlamp is a square design, and the body is made of high-quality ABS plastic material and has a more durable frosted treatment. Whether you put the headlamp in your bag or put it in a more chaotic environment, you are not afraid of scratching because of the blessing of the frosting process. The lamp holder is made of high-quality LED luminous material and has 22 lamp beads, saving electricity and not affecting lighting intensity. Therefore, the maximum luminous flux of the Nite multi-function headlamp can reach 170 lumens. At the same time, there are 3 LED lamp beads on both sides to be responsible for the red light. The headlamp uses the mainstream Type-C interface, which is used in most mobile phones at present, praise!

Nite multi-function headlamp

The headlamp accessories are have made of high-quality ABS plastic like the main body of the headlamp. The headlamp strap is has made of elastic coated nylon material. The excellent elasticity makes it not only not chuck but also not easy to fall off. The bicycle clip uses rubber + ABS plastic material.

The white light brightness of the headlamp divides into two levels. The low light is only 20 lumens, and the visually softer illumination range is lower, while the high light of 170 lumens is more complex and dazzling. The 5 lumens of the red light are more penetrating, and the red light can flash to support the SOS international Morse code rescue signal. The illumination of the Nite multi-function headlamp is transparent and clear; 170 lumens is entirely enough for our daily lighting. And because the lamp adopts a long strip design, the illumination angle is wider than the traditional cylindrical type.

The headlamp belt has an adjusting buckle. Both adults and children can find the right size by adjusting the adjusting buckle, and there will be no chuck and too loose and falling off. I think the best part of Nite's multi-function headlamp is that it has designed two different headwear methods. In addition to the above headlamp strap, you can also use a cap lamp clip, and the cap lamp clip is more comfortable and beautiful than the headlamp strap. Especially for the little friends who usually wear hats, the hat light clip is simply an artifact.

Nite multi-function headlamp

Nite multi-function headlamps can be installed not only on bicycles but also on scooters. In addition to being placed in front of the car to illuminate the night road, Nite's multi-function headlamps can also turn on the red light source and install it on the bicycle's rear to act as a taillight serves as a reminder and warning.

At the same time, the storage bag of Nite's multi-function headlamp adopts soft light material to soften the intense optical line. After putting the headlamp in the storage bag, this headlamp can become a small night light.

In general, Nite's multi-function headlamp is already perfect as a headlamp of less than one hundred yuan, with super brightness and super-wide illumination. Moreover, Nite's multi-function headlamps will also give full play to their versatility. One lamp with four functions is not a gimmick, and it is convenient. With a durable body design, it is an outdoor artifact.

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