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Outdoor headlamps: 6 elements of buying headlamps

News Trade News2021-12-26 19:08:54

Battery-powered headlamps are the ideal personal lighting equipment in the field. The headlamp is easy to use, and the most beautiful part is that it can wear on the head, thereby freeing your hands, allowing your hands to have more free movement space, and convenient to cook dinner, set up a tent in the dark or travel at night.

80% of the time, your headlamps will use to illuminate small objects at close range, such as equipment in the tent or food while cooking, and the remaining 20% of the time, headlamps will use for short walks at night. Also, please note that we are not talking about high-power lamps that illuminate campsites. What we are talking about is an ultra-light headlamp designed for long-distance backpacking.

outdoor headlamp

Factors to consider when buying headlamps:
1. Weight: (not more than 60 grams)
Most headlamps weigh between 50 and 100 grams. If you use disposable batteries to provide power, you must carry enough spare batteries for long walks. This will increase the weight of your backpack, but with rechargeable batteries (or lithium batteries), you only need to pack and carry the charger, which can save weight and storage space.

2. Brightness: (at least 50 lumens)
1 Lumen is a standard measurement unit, equivalent to the amount of light emitted by a candle in one second. The higher the lumens, the more light the headlamp emits. A 50 lumens headlamp is enough. For example, most indoor lighting ranges between 200-300 lumens.

Most headlamps provide a wide range of brightness output settings, so you can adjust the brightness to suit your specific lighting needs. However, bright headlamps with high lumens have an Achilles' heel-their battery consumption is surprisingly fast. Some ultralight backpackers will hike with a 10-lumen keychain flashlight clipped to their hat. But now, lighting technology has advanced so much that you rarely see headlamps below 100 lumens in the market.

3. Beam distance: (at least 10M)
The beam distance refers to the illuminating distance of the light. The beam distance of the headlamp can range from as low as 10 meters to as high as 200 meters. However, today's standard maximum beam distance provided by rechargeable and disposable battery headlamps is between 50 and 100 meters. It all depends on your needs. For example, how many night hikes do you plan to do. If you are hiking at night, intense beams can indeed help you cross dense fog, Identify talc in streams, or assess the slope of a trail.

outdoor headlamp

4. Lighting mode setting: (spotlight, floodlight, warning light)
Another essential feature of the headlamp is its adjustable beam settings. There are many options to meet all your night lighting needs.
The following are the most common settings:

The spotlight set provides a high-intensity and sharp beam, just like a spotlight for a theater performance. This setting provides the farthest and most direct beam for the light, which is very suitable for long-distance use.

The floodlight setting is to illuminate the area around you. It provides low intensity and broad light, just like a light bulb. Compared with spotlights, it has lower overall brightness and is most suitable for close-up activities, such as activities in tents or around camps.

Signal light:
The signal light setting (aka "strobe") will emit a red flashing light. This beam setting is only used in emergencies because the flashing red light can see from a distance and is generally considered a distress signal.

5. Waterproof: (at least 4+ IPX grade)
Find the number from 0 to 8 after "IPX" in the product description:
IPX0 means not waterproof at all
IPX4 means it can handle splashing water
IPX8 means it can completely immerse in water.
When buying headlamps, look for products with a grade between IPX4 and IPX8.

6. Battery life: (recommendation: more than 2 hours in high-brightness mode, and more than 40 hours in low-brightness mode)
Some high-power headlamps will quickly drain the battery. If you plan to backpack for a few days, you must consider this. In low-intensity and power-saving mode, the headlamp should always be able to last at least 20 hours, which is enough to ensure you go out for a few hours at night, plus some emergencies.

outdoor headlamp

Petzl IKO headlamp:

Price: $90

Weight: 2.8 ounces

Lumens: 500

Maximum beam distance: 100 m

Waterproof: IPX4*

Running time: low brightness = 100 hours

Average = 9 hours

High brightness = 2.5 hours

Petzl IKO headlamps are versatile and lightweight, making them the best choice for all kinds of outdoor adventures. Petzl IKO does not look like other headlamps. After wearing it, you will find that its weight is neatly distributed around the head. It is very comfortable to wear for several hours at a time. Not only is its excellent design, but its performance is also actual. This headlamp provides 350 lumens and can be worn around the neck and wrapped around branches or poles.

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