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PETZL-do you know its brand founder?

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France’s PETZL is always in the leading position globally with its exquisite craftsmanship, excellent performance, and excellent design. PETZL is currently the most well-known brand of lamps and lanterns in China. It is durable and well-balanced in overall performance. On the whole, its quality is quite good. The S AXO series and the DUO series are very distinctive. They can be called classics, especially the supreme status of the DUO series on certain occasions has not been shaken to date. PETZL climbing equipment is a unique one among the climbing equipment. At night in the wilderness, deep in the dark cave, what would happen if your headlamp had a problem?

Petzl headlamp

Petzl headlamp

Believe that you are not just afraid, but no lights may also mean that you are life-threatening. As the inventor of the world's first headlamp, Petzl is well aware of the importance of headlamp quality. The workers in their headlamp workshop all employ patient, careful, and severe female workers, and each headlamp has to go through several inspections. The warranty period of each Petzl headlamp is three years. What is more worthy of Petzl's pride is that only one person in Petzl company is responsible for the after-sales service of headlamps worldwide, and he is part-time. The defective rate of Petzl headlamps is less than one in ten thousand,purchasing Petzl ,at the same time is to buy Petzl companies for most users' care and your insurance.

Founder of PETZL: Fernand petzl loves adventure. He is the son of immigrants who came to France at the beginning of the last century. He developed a strong interest in cave sports when he was young. He is a tireless explorer ,and recognized as a pioneer in the underground world. He has devoted his entire life to the improvement and improvement of cave sports, constantly seeking simple, flexible, and ingenious solutions to the problems encountered by himself or us in the practice of cave sports.

Petzl headlamp

The constantly challenging limit was an accurate portrayal of Fernand Petzl, who has used his free time to explore the DENT DE COLLES located in southeastern France since he was 17 years old. In 1936, he was caving 17 kilometers for the first time. In 1952, he spent another 30 hours traversing the entire cave. During this period, he continuously designed and invented equipment suitable for caverns in the workshop and then went to DENT DE COLLES to test. In 1972, Fernand Petzl invented the world's first actual headlamp. In 1975, he founded the Petzl company. The PAUL PETZL company is located in a small corner of France, surrounded by the Alps and extensive caves. It was initially a manual enterprise. Fernand Petzl and his sons manufacture various handles and brakes, ascenders, protectors, headlamps, etc. The workshop provides service and life protection for professional athletes and amateurs engaged in mountaineering, cave exploration, and hiking worldwide. Today, although Fernand Petzl has left us, his inventions have blessed many outdoor sports enthusiasts worldwide, giving them the confidence and courage to challenge new limits.

Headlamps have constantly innovated in the past 30 years, leaving a deep impression on climbers and hikers. The safety and comfort of seat belts continue to improve, and people even think that coming down can almost be regarded as usual in modern climbing sports. The rope ascending and descending device created the third dimension of vertical movement and even profoundly impacted safe operations at high altitudes.

For users, ZOOM, TIKKA, COEUR, CROLL, SHUNT, REVERSO, TIBLOC, NAVAHO, ECRIN, QUARK, SPIRIT, and other product names have become synonymous with these products. Facing the future, we will continue to love climbing, mountaineering, and caving more than ever before, constantly looking for and discovering the fun of them and sharing them with fans of vertical sports.

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