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Recommend an easy-to-use outdoor headlamp.

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Outdoor sports cannot lack lighting products. Those who have run overnight or climbed at night will understand that large-area floodlighting products are more conducive to walking on unfamiliar roads while concentrating long-distance lighting products are suitable for exploration. The road is indispensable in outdoor sports.


I have always liked outdoor sports, climbing, camping, climbing high and looking far away, very tired and hard, but standing on the top of the mountain and watching the sunset is beautiful.


And I often need to bring a headlamp and a long-range flashlight to meet the lighting needs, which will increase the travel burden. In outdoor travel equipment calculated in grams, this is really not the best choice.


Are there any zoom flashlights or headlamps that take into account both long-range and floodlight functions? In fact, there has always been this kind of product on the market, but I really cannot agree with its quality. I have used several of them after testing the water many times. Is there a natural defect in this structure that makes it impossible to use it for a long time? Until the appearance of "Nextorch star R AA focusing headlamp," my understanding of zoom lighting products was completely changed.


Zoomable waterproof rechargeable headlamp

Nextorch star R AA focus headlamp weighs about 168g; the highest grade is 600 lumens; this is fully considered the comfort of wearing. Judging by the volume of most current headlamps, if the brightness reaches 1000 lumens without downshifting, the scalp may be burnt after turning on the headlamps. The suitable gear for outdoor activities is 400-500 lumens. The brightness is sufficient, and the battery life is taken into account. The design of the Nextorch star R AA focusing headlamp is exactly what I like.


Although the headlamps were born for the liberation of hands, friends who often outdoors know that for the safety of night lighting, most of the headlamps are designed for floodlighting so that it is convenient to illuminate the feet, but the distance is completely dark. Safety and convenience must bring a long-range flashlight to explore the way, which undoubtedly increases the burden of outdoor travel. But the Nextorch star R AA focusing headlamp perfectly solves this problem, which can be used for long-range shooting or close-range wide-range illumination by zooming.


When it comes to zoom, you have to mention the lens; the"Nextorch myStar R AA focus headlamp"uses Fresnel lens technology.


Fresnel lenses are mostly made of polyolefin materials; because of their stronger plasticity, polyolefin materials have higher transparency and corrosion resistance than ordinary plastics; compared with glass, polyolefin materials are more resistant to impact. Strong, and it is lighter than glass.


To switch between floodlight and spotlight, just twist the front part of the light. Whether it is clockwise or counterclockwise, it can be rotated 60° to adjust the focus. According to the current popular saying, the user experience is very good.

Zoomable waterproof rechargeable headlamp

The edge of the light emitted by the Fresnel lens is softer. By adjusting the distance between the LED light-emitting element and the lens, the perfect transition from long-light focusing to close-light flooding is realized.


When the lamp holder is closest to the Fresnel lens, it is in a flooded state.


In the actual measurement, when the headlamp is adjusted to the maximum flooding state, it can illuminate a large area in front of you, and the light spot is very smooth.


Conversely, when the distance between the lamp holder and the Fresnel lens is the farthest, the structure of the lens changes the direction of the light emitted by the LED, and then the light can be gathered and projected out.


In the spotlight mode, the Nextorch myStar R AA focusing headlamp's spot effect. The light spot transition effect is very good. It will not be like inferior zoom flashlights. After adjusting to the spotlight mode, the light spot is as sharp as a knife.


Design style, the Nextorch star R AA focusing headlamp continues the classic "eight ribs" reinforcement design on the periphery of the barrel. In the lower part of the lamp cap, a support that can be adjusted up and down by 180° is provided, which was used in most headlamps in the past.


At the top end of the barrel is the lamp switch off the Nextorch star R AA focusing headlamp. The button is made of silicone and has a good touch. This switch is mainly responsible for opening/closing and gear adjustment.


The fixed plate made of engineering plastic material is used in the position directly in contact with the head, and it is ergonomically designed to fit the curve of the head very well. The back of the fixed plate is also designed with a horizontal stripe road, which increases the friction between the headlamp belt and avoids the headlamp swinging and falling off during a large amount of exercise.


The Nextorch star R AA focusing headlamp uses a softer webbing. The webbing uses a pique weave, which makes it more breathable and easier to wick away sweat. It is comfortable to wear on the head.


Because the headband has good elasticity, a tooth-like limit is designed in the buckle position to adjust the light belt's size, which will not easily cause the light belt to loosen due to the adjustment position during the movement.


The headlamp belt adopts a partial pressure design as a whole, and webbing is added to the middle and back of the headlamp belt, which can completely wrap the back of the head, which can disperse the pressure of the webbing on the head to a greater extent, and is helpful for long-term wearing.


Zoomable waterproof rechargeable headlamp


The Nextorch star R AA focusing headlamp battery is powered by a built-in 3000 mAh high-capacity lithium polymer battery, which is lighter in weight and higher in capacity. The battery is fixed in the battery box at the tail of the headlamp.


There is a switch button on the top of the battery box. This is the main power switch of the headlamp. After long pressing to start this switch, the first feedback I get is that the red slow flashing warning lights on both sides of the top of the battery box are activated. Why is this the main power switch? The power switch, because if you don't turn on this switch, you can just turn on the headlamp switch. The headlamp will not light up. There is a power indicator next to this switch. At times, it can also be used as a charging indicator.


The warning light behind the battery box is designed very well. Whether traveling alone or as a team, it is always safe to let others notice you at night.


The USB charging port is set on the side of the battery box, and the charging port is added with a silicone waterproof and dustproof plug.


USB direct charging has gradually become a standard in the modern electronics industry, and more and more outdoor electronic devices have also applied this charging mode. The ubiquitous USB charging cable and mobile power supply make it particularly convenient to charge the headlamps. And "Nextorch star R AA Focusing headlamp" supports charging and use. When the built-in battery pack is dead, it can be used by plugging in the mobile power supply. Every day when you go out, there will be a mobile power supply. This design allows the battery life to be greatly increased, which is very practical.


If you are working outdoors for a long time, a solar panel can replenish it at any time.


The back of the battery box also uses an arc design that fits more closely to the head.


Zoomable waterproof rechargeable headlamp

Nextorch star R AA focusing headlamp is very user-friendly in use.


Long press the switch on the battery box, after the tail flashes slowly red, press the switch on the top of the headlamp to turn on the headlamp, and then press the switch on the top of the headlamp, in turn, to highlight (550LM)-medium Bright (200LM)-low light (20LM)-turn off the loop adjustment in the headlamp.


Why is it humanized? When you turn on the switch, immediately adjust the brightness; you can jump in the corresponding gear; if you turn on the headlamp for 5 seconds, then click the switch to turn off the headlamp, which is very consistent with daily use habits.


Floodlight and spotlight conversion, stepless adjustment can be performed by twisting the top of the lamp head. In order to better reflect the long-beam capability and floodlight area of ​​the Nextorch star R AA focusing headlamp, a comparison experiment was carried out in the field.


Long shots-we can see that the Nextorch star R AA focusing headlamp from the cliffside can directly shine into the valley on the opposite side in the spotlight mode. the details of the illuminated area are very good. At first, I was worried about the Nextorch star R AA's ability to focus headlamp with a maximum brightness of only 600LM in long-range shooting. After the actual test, this worry was also let go.


Floodlight-the same is standing on the cliff; the illumination angle; when the headlamp is adjusted to the maximum floodlight, the area around the valley immediately appears; looking down from the cliff, it is illuminated. It has an area of ​​nearly 100 square meters.


The Nextorch star R AA focusing headlamp can almost complete all my outdoor lighting tasks with large-area flooding and long-distance illumination capabilities.


For example, running at night, the floodlight of the Nextorch star R AA focused headlamp is enough to illuminate the geographical environment in front of you.


Or during camping operations, the floodlight will not cause visual fatigue caused by long-term use because the light is too concentrated.


The long-range ability plays a vital role in long-distance pathfinding.


Waterproof performance is particularly important for outdoor products, as the weather is unpredictable, and it is common to encounter rain in the wild. The Nextorch star R AA focusing headlamp is officially marked as IPX4 waterproof, and there is no problem with this level of a rainstorm.

Zoomable waterproof rechargeable headlamp

Nextorch star R AA focusing headlamp, its most outstanding place is the 360° steps focusing system and the ergonomic design concept.


But what surprised me the most was that he changed my lighting habits. Previously, I used lighting products that focused on the intensity of the floodlight. The brightness of the center spot at the high-end was still a bit dazzling, but the Nextorch star R AA focused The large floodlight of the headlamp, soft spot, uniform brightness, even if the highest brightness gear is used at close range, it will not have the dazzling feeling of condensing flashlights and headlamps, which is very practical.

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