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Teach you how to choose the right outdoor headlamps

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In an era when everyone has a mobile phone, some people think that a mobile phone flashlight is enough and despise the light source. When the power of the mobile phone is exhausted at night, or even sudden wind and rain, a light source with guaranteed performance is very important for travelers to leave safely in the dark. The price of headlamps can range from tens to thousands, the more expensive, the better? How to measure which headlamp is suitable for which itinerary?

In the mountains or wastelands at night, the light source is always an essential part. Without lights, how can I find supplies in my backpack? How to cook in the wild? How to drive in the dark? Without a light source, it is impossible to judge external things. To avoid danger, it is very likely that you can only wait until dawn.

Hiking headlights

Why are headlamps preferred instead of flashlights for hiking at night? The reason is simple: freeing both hands to use tools, or supporting the body with both hands, climbing and groping in an emergency. Headlamps can allow you to keep maneuvering on the mountain, but when many choose headlamps, they will immediately pay attention to the lumen (lumen/lm) marked on the headlamps. The higher the lumens, the greater the brightness power of the headlamps and the higher the visibility. Therefore, considering the price, it is best to choose the style with the highest lumen.

The light transmittance of headlamps is by no means the only measure of good or bad. Brightness undoubtedly has its advantages, but the weight of the headlamp, the battery's durability, the structure of the headband, the weight distribution, the waterproof and dustproof performance, etc., also have different selection criteria in different environments and uses.

Hiking headlights

If the user chooses a headlamp of more than 200 lumens for camp activities, but it can only last 2 hours, what about the long night? And if you run in the middle of the night, choose a headlamp that can last for more than 24 hours, but only about 50 lumens. The light path is not enough to judge an emergency. It can be seen that when choosing headlamps, you can only consider the location that suits you based on factors such as your itinerary and purpose. However, we can still refer to some numbers to determine which location is most suitable.

Let me talk about the difference in lumens first. In simple terms, we can divide it into 100 lumens or less, 100 to 250 lumens and 250 lumens or more. For headlamps below 100 lumens, the bakery can usually be used for a long time due to low energy consumption. The battery can usually be used for a long time due to its low energy consumption. Nevertheless, the lighting range is not enough; only the soles of the feet can be illuminated. This brightness is sufficient to meet the needs of group camping or mountaineering and emergency equipment.

100 to 250 lumens, the luminosity is still limited, but if you walk the night mountain alone, walk slowly, and have time to judge what is in front of you slowly is still enough.

From 100 to 250 lumens, the price is that the weight and volume have the opportunity to increase, and the luminosity increases but is still limited. As a camping lamp, it may be a bit dazzling, but if you need more complex activities such as cooking in the camp, it doesn't matter whether it is bright or not. At this time, pay more attention to the battery consumption time and whether it can meet travel needs.

Finally, the headlamp is more than 250 lumens. The larger the headlamp, the greater the power consumption and the more expensive the price. If used for mountain running, mountain biking, etc., it needs to be fast and fully grasps the surrounding environment. Headlamps of 250 lumens or higher are required. It is related to issues such as sports performance and safety. High-power headlamps consume more power, so you need to prepare a lower lumen but more durable headlamp for emergency use.

Sports headlamp

The difference between car lights and car lights is just that everyone's requirements are different.

After understanding the value of equipment, it is the link between structure and design. For example, the headband structure, if it is a simple design tied to the forehead, of course, it has little effect on camping and other life. When used for big movements such as trail running, if the quality of the headband is not good, it will swing from side to side if it is too loose, and it will cause headaches if it is too tight. Therefore, choosing a headband configuration that covers the top of the head and forehead may be a good solution. If the distance is far, the head-heavy rear of the car will be too heavy for a long time; you can also choose the headlamp and battery design to balance the weight of the front.

The performance, price and design purpose of the following headlamps are completely different. However, it does not mean that cheap and low lumens are inferior, and high lumens and high prices are invincible. The difference between good and bad lies in each person's personal requirements.

XPE LED Headlamp

Working headlamp

Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):


Lighting Period (h):


200 lumens for COB. 100 LM for led



Camping headlight

Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):


Lighting Period (h):





Outdoor headlight

Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):


Lighting Period (h):





Outdoor Lighting
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