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The daily knowledge you need to know about trail running headlamps.

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During cross-country races, various dangers caused by headlamp lighting problems are often seen in the middle of the track. The headlamps are too dim during the race, or the headlamps are not on. The battery life written on the product is sufficient. Why are the headlamps not bright when running halfway? Here I think it is necessary to popularize the performance of headlamp products from the perspective of a user, hoping to help more runners in need.

Brand selection:
headlamps are mandatory equipment for many cross-country races. It is evident that their importance in the race is self-evident, and how to choose a reliable brand is very important. There are many products in the headlamp market. When choosing products, we should try our best to choose a reputable brand to avoid danger to ourselves in the dark due to headlamp failure.
headlamp illuminance:
When choosing a headlamp, one of the most important parameters we pay attention to is the maximum brightness of the headlamp in lumens. Is the higher the lumen value, the better? The lumen value is a critical reference index. The higher the lumen value, the better the load capacity and adaptability, and the better the irradiation distance in emergency search and rescue or harsh environments.
Battery life:
The battery life of headlamps is a critical consideration and performance index when we choose headlamps. Most headlamp users understand endurance time as the duration of the headlamp under a specific constant illuminance. Many products claim tens of hours of high-brightness battery life, which is downshifted after the brightness. Therefore, everyone should pay more attention to the brightness curve of the headlamp when buying headlamps.
The brightness curve of most headlamps on the market is similar to the following.
Cold and warm light source:
At present, most of the LED lamp beads used in headlamps are white cold light sources of around 7000K, and some products use medium white light warm light sources of around 3000K. When we select and use headlamps, we need to consider comprehensively according to different use environments. The white cold light source has higher luminous efficiency, while the medium white light warm light source has a slightly lower efficiency than the white cold light source. Still, it has higher penetration and better color rendering under conditions such as haze and rain. The competition received unanimous praise from users.
Headlamp battery:
The weight of headlamps is often contradictory to brightness and battery life. If we want higher brightness and longer battery life, we can only increase the battery capacity. Larger capacity means that the overall weight of the headlamp also increases. In actual use, we need to adjust the brightness of the headlamps in time according to the environment. Only flexible adjustments can achieve a longer battery life while meeting the brightness.
If there is a significant decrease in brightness in using the headlamp, the battery should be replaced in time. At the same time, users should also choose their products according to the competitive environment; mainly when used in low-temperature environments, they should prioritize headlamps that can use low-temperature-resistant batteries. When choosing products, consider headlamps that can use rechargeable batteries to reduce the cost of daily training.
Protection level:
Due to the complexity of the outdoor environment of trail running, it is recommended to prioritize products with a protection level of IP67 or higher for the headlamps to avoid the risk of malfunctions caused by-product water ingress during the race. At the same time, it is also recommended to choose integrated headlamps as much as possible to minimize hidden dangers caused by front and rear cables and ports.

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