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The whole process of making LED headlamps

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The LED lamp does not contain harmful substances, which is conducive to recycling, healthy and environmentally friendly. Because there is no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum of LED energy-saving lamps, the spectrum is pure, so LED energy-saving lamps to have no radiation and do not generate heat. Unlike fluorescent lamps, the light emitted by light sources contains ultraviolet and infrared, high temperature, high power consumption, and easy damage.

LED is also called crystalline light-emitting diode, a diode made of a compound of gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), and phosphorus (P). Currently, energy-saving lamps, street lamps, offices, electronic products, etc., are made with LEDs and corresponding drive circuits. Widely used LED energy-saving lamps to use high-brightness straw hat white-light-emitting LEDs as the luminous body, which has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, and green environmental protection. It is an ideal cold light source for lighting in the future and home lighting in the future—the first choice for light sources.

Compared with commonly used incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps have great advantages. The luminous efficiency of LED energy-saving lamps is more than 90%, ordinary incandescent lamps are only about 20%, and ordinary fluorescent lamps are only about 40%, so LED energy-saving lamps It has the advantages of significant-high efficiency and energy saving; LED energy-saving lamp LED flows through direct current, the brightness of the light is constant, and there is no light flicker phenomenon, which is beneficial to protect the eyesight of the user and has the function of eye protection.
Headlamps using LEDs have the advantages of high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, and a long life span. They are used in outdoor camping, running, and hiking. For DIY headlamps, first, understand the characteristics of white LEDs.

Here is an introduction to the production of an LED headlamp. Let's first get a general understanding of the characteristics of white LEDs. The rated voltage of each LED is 3.0~3.2V, the brightness is 1400~1600mcd, and the rated working current is 20mA. When the working current is smaller, the luminous efficiency is higher, the temperature rise is lower, and the effective light source life can be 2 More than ten thousand hours. (Because as the use time increases, the brightness of the LED will gradually decrease due to light decay. The effective light source life refers to the cumulative working time that the LED can emit effective and useful light when it is working. Bright, but the brightness is too low, thus losing practical value.) And the service life of ordinary energy-saving lamps is only about 5000 hours, and the life of ordinary incandescent bulbs is only about 1000 hours. From the perspective of the cost of replacing the bulb and the saved electricity bill, Using LED headlamps is still very cost-effective.

Brightest LED headlamp

The measured power consumption of the finished LED lamp is about 3.3W as shown in the figure. After lighting, it is roughly equivalent to the brightness of a 40W incandescent lamp, which is equivalent to the brightness of a 7-9W energy-saving lamp. When it is continuously lit for 5 hours, the power consumption is less than 0.08 degrees, which has a significant energy-saving effect. While ensuring a high light transmittance, it will not dazzle the eyes when looking directly at the LED. This LED light is suitable for lighting in places where the area is not too large, such as running, reading, and working.

Circuit principle 220V mains voltage is stepped down through C1 and R2 resistors and capacitors, where R2 is a bleeder resistor, and C1 is a step-down capacitor. After its withstand voltage is 400V, it outputs DC power through the W1 rectifier bridge and then limits the current through R4. 60 LEDs connected in series. Because the load of the resistance-capacitance step-down connection of the LED is not a pure resistance but is similar to the characteristics of a voltage regulator tube, according to the schematic diagram of the parameter selection component, the current flowing through the LED is about 13mA. C2 is the filter capacitor, Can prevent the impact of the large current on the LED at the moment of turning on the light. R1 is an NTC thermistor. When an unexpected condition in the circuit causes the current to increase, its resistance becomes larger, which causes the current to decrease, thereby playing a protective role.

There are 60+2 LEDs in total, 2 of which are spare parts. The component surface of the circular printed board for welding LEDs is coated with white paint, which can increase the reflective effect. In order to facilitate the user's production, the 220V lead inside the threaded port has been crimped with a special tool when the kit leaves the factory, which can prevent the lead from falling off and causing accidents.
Now start to assemble; you can weld and install the LED light board first. The long lead of the LED is positive, and the short lead is negative. The shaded end of the LED symbol on the circular printed board is the negative pole. Because LEDs are highly sensitive electronic components with low voltage and low current, white light LEDs are very sensitive to static electricity. If they are damaged by static electricity, they will show some undesirable characteristics, such as increased leakage current, no light during testing, or abnormal light emission, so when welding, Anti-static protection must be done, and the operator should wear an anti-static wristband to prevent static electricity from damaging the LED. To use a non-leakage 30W pointed electric soldering iron for soldering, you can first solder one pin of the LED to observe the position of the LED. If it is not correct, you can melt the solder and straighten it. After confirming the correct position, solder the other pin. The soldering should be sturdy and decisive, and the soldering time should not be too long and should be controlled within 2 seconds. Otherwise, the LED may be damaged by the soldering. Compare the symbols to solder the LEDs on the circular printed board one by one. Next, solder the drive board, and compare the component numbers in the schematic diagram, and solder the components on the drive board one by one. The LED arrangement should be neat and beautiful, especially the polarity of the LED pins should not be installed incorrectly. The identification of the LED pin can be judged according to the length of the LED pin, and the method is "long positive and short negative." One of the easiest ways is to install the LED in the direction of the notch, then use a suitable electric soldering iron to solder, and finally use diagonal pliers to cut off the excess component pins.

Then connect the screw port, driver board, and LED light board with wires, connect the middle point lead of the screw port to C1 of the driver board, and connect the lead of the threaded part to R1. Weld the AC power lead (marked with AC) and the LED power lead (marked with + and-marks). The output "+" and "-" of the driver board are respectively connected with the "+" and "-" of the LED light board. Note: The output lead of the driver board must pass through the fixing frame first and then connect with the LED light board.

Put the driver board into the lamp body, and fix the four corners of the driver board with the lamp body with a hot melt glue gun. Users who do not have a hot melt glue gun can cut the rubber block in the kit into four small pieces with a knife and use an electric soldering iron to heat the rubber block to fix the drive board. Then install the fixing frame into the lamp body, and rotate the fixing frame along the groove in the lamp body, so that the four wings of the fixing frame just enter the groove.Use the screw to pass through the middle hole of the LED light board and fasten it with the fixing frame, and finally buckle the frosted lampshade to complete the LED headlamp.

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