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Top 10 Popularity Ranking of headlampss for Mountaineering

News Trade News2021-10-04 20:29:41

It is not an exaggeration to say that headlamps are the most advanced products in climbing equipment in recent years. Outdoor brands such as Black Diamond, Petzl, Luxsit, OLIGHT, etc., have launched many popular headlamp products that are worth recommending, except for functions and features. In addition to the differences, the price difference is also very large, coupled with many specifications such as lighting mode, battery type, etc., it is even more difficult to select.


Next, I will introduce 10 headlampss that climbers are familiar with. Some can be bought at a low price, and some have super bright lights comparable to car lights. Please choose according to your needs and budget. !

10.Hot-selling high CP headlamps

Mountaineering headlamp


This headlamp can change the focal length of the light by a retractable lamp holder, and the lamp holder can also adjust the illumination angle within 90 degrees up and down, and the distance or the ground is within its defense range. There are three lighting modes: strong light, low light, and strobe, which can be switched freely according to the situation. In addition, this product can be used to recharge the power. It is more intimate to include a charger with the product. If you are worried about power shortage, you can also install 2 lithium batteries to extend the use time.

On the whole, the functions are quite complete, but the safety concerns of the lithium battery and the quality considerations of the ultra-low price are somewhat prohibitive, and the weight is 280 grams, and the volume is relatively large, which is somewhat disadvantageous for those who pursue lightweight.

9.Sensor LED headlamp

Mountaineering headlamp

This headlamp uses touch to control the switch and adjust the light. In particular, it uses steps brightness adjustment. As long as you change the length of Time the finger touches the sensing area, the brightness can be increased or decreased, and the white light and red light can also be separately Adjust to continuous light or blinking mode. Similar to a smartphone, it uses a variety of "gestures" with different swipe directions and times to open and switch various modes, but this is also a two-sided edge. If you wear gloves, it cannot be sensed, and the user must first remember to use them. After the gesture, you can switch as you like.

8.XM-L T6Portable waterproof USB rechargeable headlamp

Mountaineering headlamp

The four-color light source, able to cope with various environmental needs

The biggest feature of this LED headlamp is that it can switch between four colors of light, such as white, green, blue, and red. Among them, the white light is general lighting, the brightness will decrease with the battery power, and the focus can be adjusted, which is convenient for large-area lighting or long-distance search. The green light is suitable for reading maps at night, the blue light can be used to identify blood and other liquids, and the red light can enter the SOS mode to send out a distress signal in addition to auxiliary lighting. Coupled with the maximum brightness of 140 lumens, it is more than enough to cope with the dark environment of mountaineering.

7.D25 rechargeable headlamp

Mountaineering headlamp

The flashlight and headlamp are in one, suitable for a variety of outdoor activities.

The brightness of this product can be said to be one of the best in headlampss, with a maximum of 1000 lumens. It is conceivable that the brightness of the light is just a piece of cake for it. The beautiful metal texture lamp tube can be hand-held independently and can also be installed on the headband as a headlamp. The power supply mode of the lithium battery can withstand the harsh temperature attack even in a low-temperature environment, and it is not easy to affect the power.

The unique honeycomb mirror surface of the lamp holder provides uniform lighting within the illumination range. Unlike cheap flashlights or headlampss, there will be a particularly bright spot in the center, so it is visually comfortable. However, uniform astigmatism also relatively limits its far-reaching range and cannot illuminate too far. There may be a better choice for the same budget.

6.Sofirn 4 modes outdoor headlampflashlight

Mountaineering headlamp

This is also a flashlight that uses lithium batteries. The headlamp can also be used as a flashlight after being detached independently. The head has a magnet that can absorb the main body firmly, making it quickly transformed into a delicate headlamp, with a maximum brightness of 2300 lumens, which can be said to far exceed the brightness of ordinary headlampss. It supports USB charging, but this flashlight needs to be charged with a special 3000mAh 18650 battery. Perhaps for safety reasons, it is a pity and inconvenience that it cannot be used with other device chargers.

5.EverBrite rechargeable headlamp

Mountaineering headlamp

This headlamp is also tailor-made for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing. The specifications and prices are higher than the entry-level models. The overall endurance and brightness are indeed satisfactory. When the maximum brightness is 350 lumens, it can be continuously illuminated for 40 hours, and when the minimum brightness is 4 lumens, even 250 hours of continuous exposure is no problem. The attached battery heater can extend battery life.

In addition, this headlamp has one of the biggest highlights: a three-stage power reserve query function. The headlamp will inform the remaining power in three colors of red, green and yellow. The flashing color will automatically switch with the remaining power so that the user has enough Time can be ready to replace the battery to avoid the dilemma of a sudden loss of power.

4.Lightweight headlamp for classic entry

Mountaineering headlamp

If you are a novice with a little budget and just getting started, you can consider this classic entry headlamp. The maximum brightness is 200 lumens, and it can illuminate three different distances: near, middle and far. There are only two lighting modes: white light and red light. The white light can adjust the distance and brightness, and the longest endurance can reach 250 hours; the red light has general low-brightness lighting and flashing distress signal mode.

There is also an IPX4 waterproof rating and a thoughtful light storage reminder design. The headlampss are equipped with luminous materials, which will emit dim light in the dark. It is very convenient if you need to get up in the middle of the night to find something. On the whole, although there are not many fancy functions, it is quite enough for beginners in mountaineering.

3.Super bright LED headlamp USB charging headlamp

Mountaineering headlamp

Generally, headlampss can only use one type of battery. In the mainstream market with AA batteries and 18650 lithium batteries, this headlamp is compatible with CR123A lithium batteries and AA batteries at the same Time. It is hard not to notice it—the presence.

The default is to use CR123A lithium batteries that can withstand minus 40 degrees, but the adapter can be changed to use AA batteries, which greatly increases the battery's circulation. With a maximum of 365 lumens and a very lightweight, you will not feel unstable when you wear it on your head. The large button switch design also takes into account the situation of wearing gloves. It can be used in mountaineering or general life—multi-purpose headlamp.

2.Amazon's best-selling sensor-type LED headlampss

Mountaineering headlamp

Without manually adjusting the brightness, can the headlamp be able to change the brightness of the light by itself? This is not an ideal that will be realized by future technology. It has two modes of constant lighting and induction lighting. In the induction lighting mode, it automatically detects the environment and adjusts the light focus (flooding/spotlight) and brightness to meet the needs of users. , It will be optimized to extend battery life when idle.

The maximum brightness can reach 220 lumens, which is a good helper for dynamic activities or changing ambient light. The high-quality parts also ensure the light quality; the light is soft, there is no spot in the center, and the brightness is uniform and comfortable, which is obviously different from the cheap lighting brand.

1.Powerful red hunting headlamp

Mountaineering headlamp

The new model adds a memory function, which can record the brightness used when the light was turned on last Time. It is not necessary to switch to a darker light from the beginning every time it is turned on. It is particularly easy to use in order not to interfere with other travel friends. In addition, the maximum lumens have been increased to 300, and the waterproof level has been upgraded to IPX8. With the switch between the main light and the small light on the headlamp, I believe that any situation can provide the most stable and continuous lighting.

Today we introduced many kinds of headlampss. I wonder if you have found a suitable outdoor headlamp? headlampss are designed for different situations and have different levels. Therefore, the ranking is for reference only. The most important thing is to choose the product that suits your needs.


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