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Headlamps, eyes in the dark, hope in despair.

Trade News2021-12-13 19:48:15

For runners who have no experience in outdoor night running, they may not realize the importance of headlamps at all or underestimate the necessity of preparing headlamps. Here I will use reality to tell you what the headlamps mean? Of course, I will also tell you some common sense about headlamps and tips on choosing headlamps. After reading this article carefully, I hope everyone knows that headlamps are essential.

I often see in the background messages that when participating in endurance races that take dozens of hours at every turn, when climbing snow-capped high-altitude mountains with a half-month climbing cycle, when in a week-long hiking camping, the most crucial essential equipment are What?

During the day, people see everything clearly with their eyes. If there are no lights at night, headlamps are the eyes in the dark. They are the essential item of equipment in outdoor sports. Why is it the most important? Because at critical moments, headlamps can save lives.


"Remember to wear headlamps when you go out."

The experience of outdoor veterans is that as long as you reload for a long distance, even if you don't need to use headlamps during the process, headlamps are a necessity.

I once asked the mountaineering teacher, "Our trip today is to camp at 3 pm; why do we still wear headlamps?" The teacher always showed expressive eyes until the following things. On that day, the guide got lost. Only arrived at the camp at 9 pm. The mountaineering teacher told me that the role of headlamps is just in case, and what is "just in case" is something outside of your plan. Can you guarantee that everything is within the program?

It is hard to imagine how dangerous it would be to walk in the dark in the mountains at an altitude of 4,000 meters without headlamps that day. Since then, I have developed the habit of having headlamps when I go out. Until now, whether it's a trip or a small run, I still maintain this habit.


Three different life-saving headlamps

There are many kinds of headlamps used in outdoor mountaineering, the headlamps used by workers and the headlamps used in trail running are entirely different. Regarding weight, headlamps for industrial use> mountaineering headlamps> trail running headlamps. In lumens, industrial headlamps> mountaineering headlamps ≥ trail running headlamps.

Industrial headlamps do not need vital portability, so you only need to focus on performance. You will understand this point below. Mountaineering headlamps, like industrial headlamps, are often externally hung on the helmet's buckle. Although climbing is much longer than the moving distance of workers, the traveling speed is slower and not as violent as running.

The headlamps for trail running move with the body, so we strive to be lightweight, portable and design outstanding trail running headlamps. For example, in Petzl's trail running headlamp series, the headlamp belt will be made into a sweat-absorbing belt, and some high-end types also have program control functions, which are optimized for the details of running design.

For alpine climbing and trail running, the nature of these two sports are relatively similar, so in many cases, trail running headlamps and mountaineering headlamps can use in tandem with each other. How to balance the choice of headlamps between weight and brightness (lumens)?

My suggestion is that if you are short-distance outdoors, it doesn't matter if you are heavy, as long as the brightness is sufficient and durable. For example, for leisure activities such as walking downstairs and fishing by the pool, there is no need to sacrifice brightness for a bit of lightweight. But if it is a long-distance outdoor, weight, intelligence, and battery life are very important. Because a bright and durable headlamp can save lives between life and death. The following is a good case.


69 days underground with 33 miners

On August 5, 2010, following a loud bang, a large-scale mine disaster occurred at the San Jose copper mine near Cobiabo, Chile. 33 Chilean miners were trapped 622 meters underground.

Imagine that you are digging in the sweltering underground, and you are suddenly submerged deep in the heart of the earth by tons of boulders. You and your family on the ground are separated by a few hundred meters of thick rocky soil. The silt and copper mines under your head and feet are no more vast wealth but maybe your last metal coffin. In addition to the gradual fear of the soul that can eat away at you, there is also the endless darkness in your eyes. Fear, despair, darkness, any of them will crush your fragile soul. However, in the following 69 days, 33 miners defeated these three seemingly terrifying demons one by one with strength, optimism, and light. "The earth wants to bury us here, and we must prove the meaning of our persistence!" The first weapon of Chilean miners is a strong will. They do not compromise with death.

They play poker underground, draw pictures, sing songs, and use all means to resolve despair to keep themselves as optimistic as possible. So, what about the darkness? Each miner is equipped with a helmet and a headlamp as standard. Under the reasonable arrangement of the old miner Gomes, 33 miners regularly use a battery to charge everyone's headlamp. Because experienced underground workers understand that darkness will bring despair, and the end of pain is death, so the light must not be extinguished. To maximize the effectiveness of the headlamps, the old miner Gomez stipulated that the headlamps should turn on and off regularly to distinguish between day and night. In this way, the headlamps went out 68 times, and when they lighted the headlamps for the 69th time, 33 strong men saw the sun again.

The headlamp's role in Chile's San Jose mine disaster is not just a simple lighting tool; it is the only light in the dark. Since ancient times, human civilization has continued because of the bright fire. The headlamps in the mine disaster are even more a spiritual symbol. It is hard to imagine how 33 miners survived the 69 days in the dark after losing this symbol of vitality.

The story of 33 miners, 69 days, 662 meters underground, was put on the big screen "The 33", friends who have watched the movie may wish to pay attention to the headlamps in the film. Can this group of solid miners stick to the end if there is no headlamp? To some extent, the humble little headlamp also saved the lives of 33 miners.

When you are hesitant to spend money on headlamps,  just think about it can save your life; maybe you won't have any hesitation. Because the headlamp is like a bit of a star in the night, even if it is incredibly faint, it also symbolizes hope.

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