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Trail running equipment guide: how to prepare a cross-country headlamp that suits you!

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In the mandatory equipment for off-road competitions, I believe you are no stranger to headlamps. As a compulsory trail running equipment, its importance is self-evident, but there are many headlamps on the market with different functions. Some are used for camping, rock climbing or mountain biking. The needs of various sports will be different.

For trail running, the brightness of the headlamps must be higher than that of hiking and camping so that the road under your feet can be seen during running to ensure safety. At the same time, it must be light and stable, can be worn on the head for a long time, and do not shake when running. Such a super bright, waterproof, lightweight, compact, powerful, long-lasting and non-shaking headlamp, I believe you will be heart-warming,this headlamp introduced to you today is such an existence!

 Trail running headlamp

It is no exaggeration to say that it is enough to bring it to go out for competition or training! The quality and stability are super reliable! Choosing headlamps for trail running is a big problem,function, price, weight, size, versatility and even appearance will affect your final decision, Everyone has their own different needs for headlamps. Reference performance indicators for a good off-road headlamp: water resistance, brightness, light and handy, battery life, comfort and no shaking. And with such a headlamp that is most suitable for trail running, I have already selected it for you, and that is this: Klarus HR1 trail running headlamp!

 Trail running headlamp

1. Brightness up to 600 lumens
Friends familiar with headlamps may know the word "lumen," which represents the brightness of this headlamp. Based on years of trail running experience, it should be noted that at least a headlamp with a high brightness of 150 lumens can meet the requirements of trail running at night. We usually use most of them between 150-300 lumens. With the technology update, more and more headlamps are beginning to develop in the direction of higher lumens,You can see 400/600/800 or even 1000 lumens headlamps. But the experience is not that the higher the brightness, the better, but because the brightness is too high, the faster the battery power consumption. At the same time, you will not be able to see the details of the road conditions, which will increase visual fatigue. The most suitable lumen is between 400-600.

 Trail running headlamp

In terms of brightness, this headlamp of HR1 meets the requirements of cross-country racing. In addition, when facing complex road conditions, the headlamp also supports light source modes such as spotlight, floodlight, and red light. In addition, it also supports SOS, and The beacon mode greatly enriches the operability of the headlamp.

2. Long battery life
If the headlamp only has brightness and no battery life, it will not work. Off-road headlamps with long battery life are one of our essential choices. The Klarus HR1 headlamp is very powerful and can meet our needs for battery life.

 Trail running headlamp

3. Ultra-thin body, no shaking when running
When it comes to weight, I believe many trail runners will feel the same way. In the later stages of the game, I can't wait to reduce the weight of my body, especially the headlamps I wear on my head. No one wants to wear them for a long time as heavy and tight. At this time, an ultra-light headlamp is essential.

 Trail running headlamp

4. The Klarus headlamp is reasonable; they have tested it personally!
The night gave us black eyes. Klarus HR1 headlamps guide runners to overcome difficulties and fears in the night, enabling runners to run and challenge more confidently.

 Trail running headlamp

Participate in trail running, be sure to bring headlamps. To be safe, you must also carry a set of spare batteries with you.

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