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What are the benefits of taking children to camp? What needs to be paid attention to?

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With the continuous development of the current society, many children are born in big cities, and they are accompanied by only electronic products every day. Even if they are playing in the gardens of the city, they have never seen these animals, so they can still let their children live. In the process of camping, you can have better contact with nature, and then children can learn about nature and feel nature, which can also stimulate children’s curiosity and feel the joy of exploring nature, which has a very good impact on children’s growth. So what are the benefits of taking children to camp? What should parents pay attention to? I hope the following article can help you.

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Benefits of camping

1. Camping is the best way for children to have zero contact with nature

Most of the children nowadays are born in cities, and they have not been in close contact with nature and have not taken a serious look at butterflies, geckos and fireflies. These animals can be seen everywhere in our childhood.
Bring your child to the outdoors, let him feel life and understand nature while breathing fresh air! Children watch, listen, and touch as much as they want in their contact with nature, which fully satisfies their curiosity and the joy of active exploration.

2. Camping allows children to truly understand the world

Children nowadays can see the big world outside through a small computer, but there is still a thin screen in between. Can children who grow up in this environment really understand the world? To know the composition of this world, in addition to the city, there is nature; in addition to classrooms, there are fields; in addition to toys, there are trees; in addition to cartoons, there are little squirrels; in addition to the amusement city, there are unknown wild mountains.
And how can we let children know this real world? Only to go out and go to real nature, there is an experience similar to live in the natural environment. In this way, you can open your eyes, open your heart, and understand what the real world is like.

3. Camping can create more parent-child time

Camping requires the whole family to prepare together. All activities belong to the whole family, from buying equipment, setting up tents to cooking in the wild. In the process, the cooperation and communication skills between the child and the family are exercised, and the feelings between the family members will be more intimate as a result. When camping, sit on the grass with your children and lie in the tent when you are tired. For a period of time dedicated to you, have an in-depth conversation with your children, allowing you to enter the children's inner world and eliminate the barriers between them.

4. children can improve their hands-on ability during camping.

We often in order to cultivate children's intelligence, but neglect to cultivate the ability of hands. After all, mom and dad can't be with their children forever, so it is more important for them to improve their hands-on ability and learn to take care of themselves. Asking a few children to figure out how to set up a tent together actually exercises the children's hands and brain skills. Let the children try to prepare a picnic and feel the joy of cooking. No matter how the taste is made, because I bought it with sweat, I will definitely find it delicious!

5. Camping can cultivate children's ability to communicate with others

Today's children are mostly only children, and they usually have fewer opportunities to socialize with other small partners. Although there will be many companions, they are all people they are familiar with. Therefore, parents can use their children's time in outdoor activities to encourage them to interact with other friends actively.

6. camping can make children play happily.

It is the nature of every child to love to play. Simply let him have fun in the forest. While he is playing happily, your body and mind will be more comfortable. Camping children are often so active, brave, atmospheric, and knowledgeable. All of this makes people feel that the kid at that moment is what he really is.

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Do we need to care about something?

1. Plan ahead.

Campsites, especially those in national parks and forest parks, will be full quickly during holidays, so it is best to book in advance. In addition, when you think of something you might need to use, write it down so as not to forget it.

2. Try it in advance.

If the child is camping for the first time, it is recommended to bring the child to try to sleep in the tent for one night. Even if the tent can only be carried in the room or on the balcony, this will also make the child mentally prepared in advance so as to avoid the actual camping. They are crying because of nervousness or fear.

3. Don't bring too many things.

When going camping, most people bring a lot of clothes. In fact, we can leave the "just in case" things at home and only bring some things that you will use repeatedly or repeatedly. Bringing too many things is not only inconvenient to carry but also troublesome when packing things or finding things.

4. Check the weather forecast.

Prepare equipment according to possible weather. Sometimes, even if it is hot during the day, it may be cold at night, so you can wear an extra warm jacket or pants at night. Attention, don't forget to bring rain gear!

5. Set up a tent before dark.

In this process, children can be involved in doing some housework, such as collecting firewood. But the premise is that the tent must be set up first.

6. Try to maintain the rhythm of daily life.

Especially for children, following the same bedtime habits and mealtime can help children have a better sleep at night.

7. Avoid impatience.

In the camping process, some unpredictable problems will inevitably occur. If parents become irritable, it will definitely affect the children's mood. If you shout loudly or severely criticize your child for something, it will also increase your child's insecurities.

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If the campsite allows bonfires

The interest in this camping will be greatly increased. If you can make a fire, you can:

1. Bring some newspapers to light the fire, prepare matches, lighters, etc. (in case one of them cannot be burnt)
2. Pile four large pieces of dry wood into a square, and then put a pile of crumpled newspapers in the middle.
3. On the top and around the newspaper tinder, use smaller wood chips (the size of 2 pencils) to make a tent shape.
4. First, ignite the shredded paper, and then use the shredded paper to ignite the newspaper under the small wood chip (you can make a fire from two or three sides of the bonfire at the same time).
5. Keep adding firewood as needed to maintain the fire.
6. In order to increase the fun of the bonfire, you can bake some things on the fire, such as bread slices or marshmallows, which will be very popular with children!
7. Remember, you must put out the fire before going to bed.

Before camping, you can search for some ultimate camping packing lists to learn about all the items you need when you go camping with the kids and other small things you will use in your life. For example:

1. Scissors. Compared to small knives used outdoors, scissors may not be so professional, but they not only make it easier for us to open food packaging but also cut some rope or other things.

2. Some medicines can be prepared: cold medicine, anti-fever medicine, anti-inflammatory medicine, antibiotics, gastrointestinal medicine, first aid medicine, such as dampness and pain relief ointment, bandage, gauze, cotton wool, analgesic spray, etc. -Repellent and anti-snake medicine, such as wind oil essence, cooling oil, snake medicine, etc.

3. Emergency food: compressed biscuits, chocolate, beef jerky, raisins, etc.

4. Long rope. It is convenient for us to dry some damp things.

5. Garbage bags. After the trip, be sure to take the generated garbage away from the camp and teach the children to protect nature. In addition, you can also use garbage bags to pack some items that need to be cleaned, such as muddy shoes.

6. Lighting lamp. I don't think it's okay if you bring your phone. Be sure to bring a flashlight and other lighting tools! I would recommend you bring your headlamps. These Tyrannosaurus rex children's LED headlamps allow children to wear them at night without fear, and there are realistic roars-press the chin of DinoBryte to turn on the lights and make three roars of dinosaurs Voice. There are also multi-function LED headlamps that can adjust the red light mode to drive away bugs.

Outdoor camping headlight
Camping is beneficial to children and their families because it can help strengthen the connection between family members, siblings, parents and children. I was feeling stronger after returning home.

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