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What are the excellent outdoor headlamps?

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Choosing an outdoor headlamp is simply a technical job. What kind of battery, brightness, light color, etc., all need to be considered. Annoying! Annoying! Annoying! Why bother you so much, we only need to be clear about our purpose and understand the basic performance of the headlamps, and then we can choose the right headlamps for ourselves.

Before choosing headlamps, let's first understand the basic performance of headlamps.


1. Brightness

Almost every manufacturer uses lumens to label the headlamp brightness. Lumens refer to the sum of light sent from a point light source in all directions. But lumens can only tell us the degree of total light output, but they cannot reflect the quality of a headlamp. The two headlamps with almost the same lumens can have completely different lighting effects because of the different widths of the beams and the different optical quality of the lens system. Therefore, when we choose headlamps, we cannot blindly pursue brightness and lumens.

2. Battery life

When comparing headlamps, battery life is a very important consideration and performance indicator. The longer the battery life, the higher the price of the headlamp. The problem is that many manufacturers in the market use their own invented "lifetime" time definition to mark the headlamp lifetime. only the data tested in strict accordance with the American ANSI flashlight standard is scientific and accurate, so this reminds us when we buy headlamps Choose some well-known brands with no false labels.

3. Waterproof

It is inevitable to encounter rain in outdoor camping, hiking, or other night activities, so the headlamps must be waterproof. Otherwise, rain or water will cause the circuit to short-circuit and cause the circuit to go out or turn on and off, which will bring great safety in the dark. Hidden dangers. When buying headlamps, businesses will mark the product packaging with a waterproof level, and the ones that must be above IXP3 can have basic waterproof performance.

4. Fall resistance

A headlamp with good performance must-have drop resistance (impact resistance), and the common drop resistance heights are 1 meter, 1.5 meters, and 2 meters. It is best to choose a headlamp with better anti-drop performance. There will inevitably be bumps during outdoor activities. It may be a terrible thing in the dark if the headlamps cannot be lit because of a slight bump. Matter.


Choose the headlamp according to the purpose.


1. Recreational activities such as camping and hiking

For recreational activities such as camping and hiking, high-power headlamps are not needed. Generally, the brightness is about 150 lumens. The characteristics of this type of headlamps are that they typically use AAA or AA batteries, which are small in size and light in weight, affordable, and easy to use. , It is the best choice for junior outdoor travel buddies.

2. Special outdoor sports such as mountaineering and caving

For challenging sports such as mountain climbing and caverns, high-power, high-brightness headlamps are generally required, and higher requirements are put forward for the waterproofness and reliability of the headlamps. The balance between power saving and long-range range is a priority.


Introduction to common headlamps


1. ABS high-power COB waterproof headlamp

best outdoor headlamps

This is a lightweight, multi-mode, high-brightness headlamp designed for mid-to-short-distance lightings such as hiking, mountaineering, camping, and fishing. This headlamp is powered by three AAA batteries and weighs only over 80 grams with batteries, so it is not burdensome to wear. If your needs are hiking, camping, patrolling campsites, searching items in tents, etc., it is your best choice.


2. Fenix HL55 LED headlamp

best outdoor headlamps

This headlamp has a light source of three colors; the maximum brightness is 630 lumens. It is expensive because one of the most prominent features of this headlamp is intelligent technology, which can be controlled by wireless remote control. The weatherproof design allows it to work in extremely cold environments, or when used in heavy rain, there is a low battery warning. There are quality requirements that can be considered.


3. Nite Ize Radiant rechargeable headlamp

best outdoor headlamps

The Nite Ize Radiant 170 lumens rechargeable headlamp provides many features, including rechargeability, four modes, and the ability to remove the light for ease of use. It has a white floodlight with 170 lumens, which can be switched to a red flash or red floodlight in an emergency to maintain night vision. It has a button that is easy to use with one hand and can be tilted up to 180 degrees to achieve a customizable view when installed.


4. Deliwear 2-layer sports cap anti-cold headlamp

best outdoor headlamps

A "three-proof" multi-function portable headlamp that is cold-proof, dust-proof, and drop-proof. The headlamp has a net weight of 57 grams and 365 lumens in extremely bright mode. The biggest highlight is that it is integrated with the hat, which is convenient and warm.


5. Ultra-bright lumens, five modes, and waterproof headlamps

best outdoor headlamps

The headlamp adopts a super LED chip, the high-quality bulb can be used for 100,000 hours, the light intensity is up to 90,000 lumens, and the illuminating light can reach 800 meters. It is equipped with an upgraded large-capacity 3*18650 rechargeable lithium battery so that high-brightness can run for 10 hours, low-brightness It can run for more than 45 hours. The specially designed 90° adjustable angle, each degree, is very solid, allowing you to see a full range of vision from front to back. The headlamps have five light modes: high, medium, low, strobe, SOS, and tactical zoom. , You can switch modes according to your different environments to achieve the complete outdoor effect you want. IPX7 is waterproof, tested to have strong waterproof and anti-drop performance, can withstand harsh environments such as lightning strikes, heavy rain, snow, and high temperature, and is very suitable for outdoor night walking, running, cycling, hiking, camping, mountaineering, diving, fishing, etc. Outdoor sports let you experience the charm of nature! Designed for USB charging and circuit protection, it allows you to charge at any USB port outdoors, and it is very light. The adjustable strap on the headlamp allows you to adjust the size to your satisfaction. The headlamp can be firmly fixed on your The head is detachable and washable, making it an ideal headlamp accessory for runners and outdoor adventurers.

You can choose an outdoor headlamp suitable for you according to the above description. If you are interested, you can also check out more excellent headlamps here:

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