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What are the types of headlamps? What does the model number represent?

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Headlamps can free your hands and are ideal lighting tools in outdoor activities. So what types of headlamps do you know? What does the model number represent?

LED lamp holder classification: The installation method is divided into bayonet, screw and other methods, and the material is divided into bakelite, plastic, metal, ceramic and other materials.

metal materials

The commonly used lamp holders such as E27 are the most common energy-saving lamp screw mouth lamp holder, And the lamp holder that matches the daylight lamp is usually called T8 or T5 lamp holders, etc. According to the use environment, some lamp holders have a protection level of up to IP68. Please make corresponding IP protection level lamp holders (waterproof, etc.) according to your needs when purchasing. Usually used The lamp holder will use IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission Standard) safety certification.

Lamp holder classification:
E14, E27, E12, E26, etc. E usually starts with a screw lamp holder
The beginning of GU, such as GU10, refers to the bayonet type we use every day. GU: G indicates that the lamp holder is plug-in type, U indicates that the lamp holder part is U-shaped, and the number behind indicates the center distance of the lamp foot hole(unit is millimeter "MM").
MR16 and MR11 start with MR are small in-line spotlights for local lighting. This kind of lamp holder is commonly used. Usually, small spotlights have two pins for easy installation.
MR16 and GU10 are different lamp holders, and PAR30 and 38 have different diameters. They are all unified standards and names in the world; They are both lamp cups and spotlights. They are suitable for different ceiling light holders.
MR16 refers to a luminaire with a multi-faceted reflector with a maximum outer diameter of 2 inches in the lighting industry. MP11 is a smaller luminaire than MR16.
MRMR: Multi-faceted reflection (lamp cup), the number behind indicates the diameter of the lamp cup (unit is 1/8 inch), the diameter of MR16=16×1/8=2 inches≈50mm

T6: T represents the diameter of the tube. Each "T" is 1/8 inch. One inch is equal to 25.4 mm, so the diameter of the T8 tube is 254 mm. T8=8*1/8 inch=254mm. Similar specifications are T5, T10.
PAR lights generally include PAR30, PAR36, PAR46, PAR56.The volume has long and short, also called downlights, illuminating beams, They are used to illuminate the stage and dynamic change colors. It is a common lamp on the stage。 Because it consumes a lot of electricity and feels like roasting, it is gradually replaced by LED PAR lights.
AR111/AR70 are aluminum cold reflective halogen spotlights
E27 and E14 refer to the size of ordinary screw lamp caps. E27 is the lamp cap of the incandescent lamp we usually use. E14 is one size smaller than it, and E40 is bigger than E27.
G12 is a single-ended tubular metal halide bulb.

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