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What do I need to know to buy headlamps for outdoor mountaineering?

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headlamps can be described as essential equipment for outdoor sports. Whether it is necessary for mountaineering, hiking, mountain camping, and other activities, it is also a signal source for rescue and rescue. headlamps are the eyes of outdoor people at night. headlamps can free your hands and make it much more convenient no matter what you do. Therefore, I will discuss with you how to choose your own outdoor headlamps.

Key points for purchasing headlamps for mountaineering


One, brightness above 50 lumens is basic.

Since it is used for lighting, brightness is, of course, the primary consideration. Lamps with a brightness of fewer than 50 lumens can be said to have little help. Therefore, it is recommended to choose products above this value when purchasing. At present, most of the headlamps sold on the market use LED as the light source. The previous output power (W) can no longer be used as the standard of brightness, so be sure to confirm the brightness of the headlamp in lumens. In addition, many products can adjust the brightness. It is recommended to choose a style with a maximum brightness of 200 lumens or more so that you can ensure a clear line of sight even in the dark.


Two, confirm whether the lighting range can be adjusted.

If you want to improve convenience and practicality, you can choose a style that can adjust the focus (lighting range) or switch between the long-range and close-range modes. Although the long-distance cluster light irradiates a small area and consumes a lot of power, it can see what objects are even at a long distance, which can be quite helpful in confirming the walking path. As for the close-range mode can illuminate a large area, which is very suitable for use in a dark tent or when cooking. Since both types have irreplaceable advantages, the dual-function style can be the most ideal.


Three,According to the choice of power supply mode, charging or installing batteries

The power supply methods of mountaineering headlamps are roughly divided into lithium batteries and dry batteries. Dry batteries are easy to obtain and easy to replace. In any case, they are quite practical; but if you often challenge mountains, it is recommended to choose cold-resistant lithium batteries. Goods are safer. In addition, some headlamps with built-in lithium batteries can be directly charged by USB and can be used normally even when charging. At present, there are also models that lithium batteries and dry batteries can power at the same time. If you consider the flexibility of use, it is recommended to choose this type.

According to the battery installation method, it can be subdivided into two types. One is the "integrated headlamp" with a built-in battery in the headlamp, and the other is the "split headlamp" with an external battery box. The advantages of one-piece headlamps are light and easy to carry, but battery life has its limitations; split headlamps can additionally fix the battery in other places and have better stability when worn and easy to use. You can choose according to Personal needs to purchase suitable types.

Outdoor headlamp

Fourth, the waterproof level is the best above IPX6.

The weather on the mountain is unpredictable, so choosing a headlamp with a waterproof function can cope with various emergencies. Generally speaking, the waterproof grade is marked with "IPX○. " The larger the number, the better the waterproof. If you want to use the headlamp normally on rainy days, you can choose an IPX4 style with a water-repellent grade; but if you want to be strict, If the headlamp can normally work in a harsh environment; IPX6 or above is the safer choice.


Five,The width of the headband is relatively stable

If the headband of the headlamp has a certain width and can adjust the tightness, it can be firmly fixed to the head, and it is not easy to loosen even if it shakes violently. Generally speaking, the thinner the headband is, the weaker the supporting force is, and the lighting range may be affected due to shaking when moving. In addition, the style with three straps has good stability, but it cannot be put on and taken off quickly. Since each type of style has its advantages and disadvantages, it is recommended to choose according to personal needs.


Six, confirm the drop resistance.

Since the headlamp may slip off due to various reasons such as wearing too loose during outdoor activities, which may cause the shell to crack, the battery to fall off, or the internal circuit failure, which brings safety hazards, the anti-fall property of the headlamp also needs to be taken into consideration. , Many outdoor lamps will use meters to mark the height of the drop resistance.

Generally speaking, a good headlamp usually has a drop height of 1 meter. If the drop height is 2 meters, it is very durable (the drop parameter does not allow decimal places, even 1.9 meters can only be nominally 1 meter).


Seven, confirm low-temperature resistance.

Suppose it is to be used in cold seasons or high-altitude areas. In that case, the wire skin of inferior headlamps may become hard and brittle, causing internal cores to break, and may even cause accidents, so the low-temperature resistance of the headlamps is also Needed to be considered.

Outdoor headlamp

Eight, confirm the size of the button and the sensitivity of the sensor.

After all, the headlamps are only used in the dark or under insufficient lighting conditions, and the convenience of operation is even more important. If the headlamp has a large button, even if you wear gloves, you can easily adjust the brightness and switch, and you can respond immediately in an emergency. However, if you rely on more complex mechanical devices such as knobs, you may not be able to adjust the value immediately because you cannot see the value in the dark. This requires special attention.

Suppose you want to make the operation more relaxed. In that case, it is recommended to choose a headlamp with automatic sensing or use gestures and touch to operate so that you can focus on the road without special adjustments and change various It can also save a lot of time in the mode.


Nine, confirm red light, flashing mode and other additional functions

The light in the red light mode is enough to illuminate the surrounding environment, and it is not easy to interfere with other people. Even at night, it will not stimulate the pupils. It can quickly restore night vision after being closed, so it is suitable for use in mountain houses and tents. In addition to the main lighting function, the blinking mode can be used to call for help or attract attention in emergencies. It can be said to be a very practical function. It is recommended to confirm these additional items when selecting and selecting the most suitable products for the needs.


Ten, intelligent automatic sensor headlamp

The high-quality parts make the light effect very good; not only it looks soft, but there is no light spot in the light range, and the brightness is uniform and comfortable. In addition to direct charging, you can also purchase an external battery box for the power supply. In addition, it also has two modes of constant lighting and induction lighting. The induction lighting mode automatically detects the environment and adjusts the light focus (flooding/spotlight). The brightness meets the needs of users, and it will reduce the brightness when idle, extending the life of the battery. It is very suitable for users who are often in a complex environment and cannot have both hands to adjust the brightness.



headlamps are indispensable equipment for mountaineering. They are designed for different situations and have different levels. Therefore, the most important thing is to choose products that suit your needs. In addition, since it is related to mountain climbing safety, you should not be negligent when you buy it. It is better to spend a little more money and buy a headlamp that combines quality and practicality to be more secure.

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