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What do I need to prepare for beach camping by the sea?

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The most romantic thing is to spend a beautiful evening at the beach with your favorite person, or have a barbecue with your friends, listen to the waves, chat all night, etc. To spend the night safely by the sea, what we need to prepare before departure. The following is my recommendation; I hope to help you.

1.Let me talk about howto choose a campsite first-there are two types of beach campsites to choose from:


(1) Regularly operated beach campgrounds: have restaurants, water, electricity, showers, toilets, and security measures. Generally speaking, this camping site will be safer and suitable for families with little camping experience.


(2) Wild camps: camping on natural beaches that are not managed and operated. If you are an experienced camping person, you can try this kind of camping.


2.Equipment prepared for beach camping:


(1) A sturdy tent: like on the beach, is mainly for sun and wind protection, so generally, the quality is slightly better, and there is no need to be too particular about it. If you feel that bringing a tent is too much trouble, you can rent a tent by the sea, slightly more expensive.


(2) Sleeping bag: You can choose a light summer sleeping bag made of synthetic fiber to dry it in a humid environment.


(3) Mats: There are three basic types of outdoor moisture-proof mats: automatic inflatable mats (with a sponge layer), air beds (rely on air support and often require air pumps to inflate), closed-cell foam (EVA mats, similar to yoga mats). It should be noted that there will be sharp gravel or shells on the beach, which may pierce the surface fabric of the moisture-proof mat and cause air leakage so that you can put an extra tarp under the moisture-proof mat.


(4) Swimming clothes: Of course, you have to go to the beach to swim. Otherwise, you will feel a bit of a pity. Bring your swimsuit, swimming trunks and a change of clothes. At night, the sea breeze can be very cold, so be sure to bring thicker clothes. Otherwise, the night at the beach is very cold.


(5) Camera: Romantic things need to be recorded, so bring your camera and prepare a few more batteries. The best time to take pictures is in the evening, because the sun is not very strong, and those who like photography will take this short ten minutes. , And the requirements for the camera do not need to be very high to take good photos. At night, it is estimated that you can only hear the sound of waves.


(6) Camp lights or headlamps: This should be selected according to the specific conditions of the sea, but if you think the camp light is a bit small, you can bring a headlamp or a clip-on headlamp. It is not recommended to use a mobile phone for lighting, because it is easy to burn the flash when it is turned on for a long time.


(7) Sunscreen and skincare products: In fact, as a man, this thing is optional, but for girls who love beauty, it is an indispensable thing. Because the sea breeze and the sun are very poisonous during the day, and it is very cold at night.


(8) Barbecue food: Barbecuing and chatting on the beach is a happy thing. We can rent a barbecue place on the beach and bring our materials, which are safe, clean, and not too expensive. If conditions permit, just start a fire and have a barbecue and bring all the tools. I don't need to talk about water and bread; I want to bring them! In addition, you can also bring snacks such as chewing gum. Just a reminder, don't eat everything overnight; save some snacks for breakfast tomorrow.


(9) Entertaining things: You can't just stare at the sea at night, so bringing beach volleyball or beach football is a good choice. In addition to being easy to carry, there are many games to play, and you can also play Truth or Dare together.


(10) Anti-mosquitoes: There are many mosquitoes on the beach. If you don't want to be bitten, take mosquito repellent or mosquito repellent.


(11) Commonly used drugs: When going out, accidents can happen at any time. Bringing first aid medicine is a good strategy and may not be used, but putting it in the bag is also guaranteed.


(12) Garbage bags: It is a good habit to use garbage bags to take the garbage you produce from the beach.

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3.Topography selection for seaside camping

(1) 3 meters away from the highest point of the historical tide level, in areas where the waves and tides cannot reach.

(2) Flat terrain, the surrounding landscape should be lower than the area where the tent is set up, and the rain cannot flood the area.

(3) No grass, no tree, 1 meter 5 away from the grass and trees is the best place where harmful animals and pests are hard to invade.

(4) Stay away from high platforms to prevent the danger of getting out of the tent at night.

(5) Choose a place with no stones or other dangers that cannot be dropped and hurt, and it is best to have flat ground all around.


4.Precautions for seaside camping

(1) Weather

The first thing to consider when camping on the beach is the weather because the beach is most easily affected by the weather. You must check the local weather before setting off and avoid choosing rainy days or changing seasons.


(2) Location of the tent

When camping by the sea, it is essential to choose the location of the tent. It is recommended to set up a tent 3 meters away from the highest point of the historical tide level, and set up tents in areas where the waves and tides cannot reach, to prevent high tides at night. For the sake of safety, try to choose a crowded place to camp. To prevent accidents, you can find a friend who asks for help.


(3) Prepare supplies

Because it is field camping, it is not like everything at home. Before camping, you must anticipate the unknown, make sufficient material preparations, and be sure to bring medicines and commonly used drugs for hemostasis and treatment of bruises. Accidents have been prepared. It is always available for use.


(4) Anti-mosquito

There are more mosquitoes on the beach than in other places, especially jumping lice on the beach. If it bites a person, it is very painful. Therefore, you must be prepared for insect repellent and mosquito repellent. Take medicine on your body to prevent the need.


(5) Waterproof

Because the beach feels a bit damp, especially after the rain, the sand will become very hard because of the dampness. Therefore, when camping on the beach, it is recommended to buy a thicker tent that can be waterproof and moisture-proof.

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5.What season is best for camping?

(1) Spring camping: Spring is a particularly suitable season for camping. Take the whole family or a few friends to the outskirts to feel the birds in the clear sky, listen to the sound of the stream, and look up at the twinkling stars. The joy of being integrated into nature makes you forget the pressure and worries.


(2) Autumn camping: From mid-September, autumn is the most suitable autumn for camping when the heat gradually recedes. The maple leaves that slowly turn red in the mountains are very beautiful. Still, after October, the sunshine time is shortened, and the temperature gradually decreases, so you must pay more attention. Keep warm, don't forget to bring a softshell or fleece jacket before you travel.


(3) Summer camping: Summer is most suitable for camping at the seaside, riverside, deep mountains, plateaus, and other places. It is also an excellent opportunity to use summer vacation for long-term camping. However, the most crowded camping parks and tourist spots are also. During this period, if you want to live a leisurely camping life, you need to organize and prepare in advance and don't forget to bring long-sleeved leather that is UV-resistant and mosquito-resistant.


The above is my suggestion for beach camping; I hope it can be helpful to you.

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