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What do you need to prepare and pay attention to when you are camping alone in the wild?

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If you want to taste the taste of going camping alone, I would like to remind you that you must make sufficient preparations before you can do it with ease. To enjoy the wild, be sure to pay attention to some things before departure.

Things to think about before going camping alone:

Learn to enjoy the solitary fun of going camping alone so that others can enjoy themselves without hindering others. In this era, almost everyone needs to learn together.


Different from the excitement of general camping in the form of a group, one person goes to the camp to enjoy the other extreme. In the peaceful space of the individual, they are slowly emptying out, quietly reflecting and accumulating the details of life. In addition, under the epidemic, the general public is encouraged to maintain social distance and learn to enjoy being alone. Having fun without hindering others, in this era, almost everyone needs to learn together.


However, camping alone is unique, and everything can only be done by yourself, and you cannot expect assistance from someone around you. You must be more careful about what you need to prepare and consider before setting out. You must make sufficient preparations before you travel, and you must first collect relevant area and route information and understand your route and station location. Before departure, you should also pay attention to the weather forecast and notify your relatives and friends in advance. At least someone should know your itinerary, just in case.


Many people will share it on social platforms on the road or in the camp. When one person goes, this behavior adds practical significance. This is the same as the principle of notifying relatives and friends before departure. Share pictures on social platforms, or share with others in different ways, leaving more of your whereabouts. In the unlikely event of an accident, it can also add more clues for search and rescue. When feasible, it is better to make good use of information technology and share your GPS location from time to time, but this will increase the power consumption of the mobile phone. Therefore, preparing a backup power supply with guaranteed performance and good allocation of power usage is also one of the things to consider.


You can't share and share equipment with others. Camping equipment that one person goes to needs to be more targeted than ordinary camping.


In addition, because the equipment can no longer share some shared equipment with friends, the camping equipment that one person goes to needs to be more targeted than ordinary camping. Regardless of tents, cooking tools, etc., try to choose one person as a unit of lightweight equipment. In the normal state of camping equipment, which is usually lighter and more expensive, the consumption of equipment by one person will never be economical for multiple people.


If one person is missing, the carrying capacity will be at least doubled, and you can only rely on yourself. Therefore, when packing up, it is best to list the equipment and choose the lightest necessary items within the scope of the ability to avoid accidental care.  People in the wild may not be allowed to replenish them in time. In an emergency, you can only rely on yourself. Swiss army knives, first aid supplies, headlamps, and other items are indispensable. How to choose is a question that needs careful consideration. List it and think clearly.


Camping headlamp


Things to pay attention to when going camping alone:


  1. Tents—Tents are, of course, the first choice for camping. You can choose a few accounts according to the number of people you usually camp, and then consider your own needs for purchase, height, front hall size, ventilation gauze, and so on. (It is strongly recommended to rent for the first camping)


  1. Sleeping bags—In terms of appearance, they are divided into envelope, mummy, and hybrid sleeping bags. The filling materials are divided into fiber cotton, fleece, ordinary chemical fiber cotton, ordinary cotton, and other types. The general seven-hole cotton mummified sleeping bag can meet the demand. According to the self-travel environment, choose the sleeping bag with the corresponding temperature scale. It is recommended to buy a low down and a cotton sleeping bag above 0 degrees;


  1. Moisture—proof pad-to make sleep more quality, the material is divided into foam moisture-proof pad, inflatable moisture-proof pad, tin foil moisture-proof pad, self-inflating moisture-proof pad, each has its advantages and disadvantages, you should choose according to your needs;


  1. Floor mats—protect the bottom of the tent from damage or soiling and prevent water vapor on the ground from rising;


  1. Clothes—bring enough clothes to sweat a lot during camping, it is best to choose good sweat-wicking clothes. If you want to go camping outdoors in some mountainous and snowy mountains, it is best to bring more warm and windproof clothing. Don't forget the raincoat. The outdoor weather is changeable, and the weather forecast is not completely accurate.


  1. Shoes & socks—prepare professional trekking shoes and trekking socks. Professional trekking shoes and socks (of course, you have to choose the right size) will fit firmly to the foot, which greatly reduces the friction between the foot and the shoe and reduces the foaming of the foot. Possible. Shoes and socks will always accompany you during an outdoor camping. Choose the best you can.


  1. Backpack—Backpack is very important. The adjustment of each bag is different, and each person will have different preferences for different backpacks according to their habits. But if the number of days to camp is a little longer, it is recommended to choose a larger capacity. After all, there are a lot of things that a person needs to bring when camping.


  1. Lightingheadlamps are very important for outdoor camping lighting equipment. headlamps are more convenient than flashlights, which can free your hands and serve as a night warning (refer to XML T6 camping fishing headlamps); camping lights are used in camps or Used in tents, the effect is very good; the use of windproof lighters is not small, and it is good for lighting in emergencies; waterproof matches are also used for emergencies.


  1. Cooking utensils—the stove allows you to eat hot things in the wild, one of the petty-bourgeois supplies; the gas tank is used with the stove, pay attention to carrying it safely; set the large, medium, and small three pots together, with a small bowl, Spoon, teacup, etc.; the multi-function knife can be equipped with a multi-function knife similar to the Swiss army knife, which has many uses.


  1. Food—calorie meat; sugars; fats; salt; bring some prepared foods that can fill your stomach on rainy days or when you don't want to open the fire for cooking, such as compressed biscuits; chocolate; beef jerky; dried fruits.


  1. Waterway—The water cup mainly includes a camping cup that the stove head can heat and large-capacity heat preservation or ordinary water cup. The latter two can be selected for leisure camping; the water bag can be used to replenish a small amount of water in time and can also be used as a hanging shower device if necessary; Outdoor water purifiers are more professional and can be equipped for long-term campers who require high quality of life; water purification tablets are convenient to carry, and the water purification effect is average, but they can meet the requirements.


  1. First aid kit—Some accidents often happen during camping. Remember to put some emergency medicines in the first aid kit: antidote, cold medicine, Yunnan Baiyao, analgesics, gauze, tape, bandages; hydrogen peroxide, wind repellent, antibiotic tablets, anti-fever medicine, antidiarrheal, mosquito repellent, anti-allergic, etc.


  1. Others—shovels, trekking poles, waterproof bags, backpack rain covers, sun hats, headscarves, gloves, small external hangers, mobile phones, GPS, compasses, survival whistle, spare batteries, small binoculars, paper towels, scrubbing, and other daily necessities.


Need to pay attention to camping alone:


First, the choice of camping in the wild is on flat land closer to the water or closer to the stream. Ensure that there are no gravel slopes around the site and that the drainage conditions are good, and there will be no water accumulation problems.


Second, the camp's location should also be in a bright and dry place with sufficient sunlight. Don't choose a dark and humid place. This can help to dry the clothes, and it won't be cold at night in places exposed to the sun for a long time.


Third, when setting up a tent, try to set up a tent on flat, hard ground. Sand, grass, or cuttings with good drainage are ideal campsites. The entrance should be leeward and as far away as possible from the hillside with rolling stones. Don't camp on river banks and dry river beds. The four corners of the tent should be held down with heavy objects such as big rocks. Keep air circulation in the tent.


Fourth, when choosing the camp's location to build a tent, the tent's exit must be at a downwind position. Then, at each corner of the tent, find some larger stones and other heavy objects to hold it down, and then inlay four iron pins on the ground in four directions and use ropes and iron inlays on the four corners of the tent. The sticks are fastened to ensure the wind resistance of the tent.


Fifth, pay attention to safety at night when camping in the wild. You can set up a fire near the tent and then sweep the wood ashes around the tent. This can play a role in repelling insects and mosquitoes. The firelight can scare away snakes, mice, and The beast will be safe at night and night like this.


Sixth, when camping in the wild, we must pay attention to protecting the natural environment. We must not destroy the environment. Dispose of the garbage. It can be burned when the fire can be regenerated. The fire should be extinguished when preparing to leave. Make sure that the fire is completely extinguished before leaving to avoid fire.

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Camping alone, it is more necessary to draw up plans for evacuation or emergencies in emergencies.

After arriving at the camping site, a person should pay attention to when going camping are not much different from those of ordinary camping, and the skills and knowledge required are similar. When choosing a camp, pay attention to the terrain to see if the grass slopes are flat, the soil is soft, the location can be drained, etc., to avoid precautions to put yourself in danger. In any emergency at night, such as sudden changes in weather, violent storms, or sudden temperature drops, everything can only be handled by individuals alone, and it is reasonable to minimize the troubles that may be encountered. Therefore, Shantou himself should also draw up plans for evacuation or emergency response in an emergency. If you are a less experienced camper, you should choose a preliminary site that allows emergency evacuation when camping alone. Only when you are familiar with the operation should you consider increasing the difficulty.

Finally, the mountains and wilds are natural, and everyone has a part. No matter how free you feel in nature, you should always remind yourself of the self-discipline of taking care of the environment. Respect other campers, keep the countryside clean, take away your trash, etc. These basic mountain qualities are common to any setting.

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