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What do you need to prepare for outdoor trail running?

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We all pay attention to “the lighter the burden when running, the better,” to protect our safety, trail running still has some equipment to prepare. Use this as a reference and decide which equipment you need to wear according to changes in routes and seasons. Researching on the light and easy-to-use equipment that suits you is also fun in itself. So what do you need to prepare for outdoor trail running?
rail running sports equipment

1.Trail running shoes: For trails that are not too difficult, you can wear trail running shoes, but we to run safely and efficiently, trail running shoes are highly recommended.

2.Socks: The feet need to be in the shoes for a long time, so thick socks are not recommended. Choose socks with moderate cushioning, support, good ventilation, antibacterial and deodorant functions.

3.Backpack: When choosing a backpack, make sure that the backpack fits the body and seldom shakes.

4.Raincoat: It is best to prepare a raincoat even if it is a low mountain and cannot quickly return when the weather changes. We recommend raincoats of outdoor brands with high water resistance and breathability and can be folded and stored.

5.Lighting equipment: For trail running that may encounter sprains, knee pain, etc., at any time, it is best to bring a headlight or a small flashlight. Don't forget to bring spare batteries.

6.Map and compass: A map and compass should also be prepared to prevent getting lost and encountering accidents after entering the mountain.

7.Timing equipment: usually a watch dedicated to running is sufficient.

8.Mobile phones: Although it is dangerous to rely on mobile phones in the mountains, in fact, even in the mountains, there are sometimes signals on the tops or ridges of the mountains. You should bring it with you to contact and use it in emergencies such as injury, accident, etc. Because it is easy to be soaked by sweat when put in a backpack, it is necessary to use plastic bag cling film to do an excellent waterproofing job.

9.Food and water: Foods such as energy gel do not occupy a place and are high in calories. You can also bring some nutrients (such as effervescent tablets, etc.).

10.First aid equipment: Trail running may cause various injuries. As a minimum first-aid preparation, put on a roll of non-stretchable bandage. In abrasions, cuts, etc., wash the wound with water and go down the mountain for treatment. If you experience heavy bleeding, you can also use a bandage to stop the bleeding.

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