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What equipment do I need to prepare for ultra-long-distance trail running?

News Trade News2021-10-27 19:58:20

For many trail running events in China, how long-distance can trail running consider as super-long distance? At present, the trail running distance often seen in China can roughly divide into 20-30 kilometers, 50-70 kilometers, 100-120 kilometers, 160-170 kilometers. For the 330 and 400 projects, if it is not for the perseverance and strength of Superman, runners are not recommended to participate in projects of this scale. The ultra-long distances that often occur at present are 50-70 kilometers and 100-170 kilometers.

What equipment need for ultra-long-distance trail running?

Usually, long-distance trail running requires a lot of equipment. Can be roughly divided into supply category (energy gel, salt pills, acid discharge pills, etc.); clothing category (coats, pants, backpacks, footwear, etc.); accessories category (headlamps, insulation blankets, sunglasses, sun hats, environmental protection cups, GPS, trekking poles, etc.). It is essential to equip each piece of gear reasonably. Each piece of equipment may determine whether you can finish the race or even ensure your safety. So before you choose equipment, you need to do two things: you have to know your own body very well, and the other is that you need to know the gear you want to bring.

ultra-long-distance trail running

Each ultra-long-distance trail running event has a complicated geographical, weather, and natural environment, with different equipment requirements. Take the 70-kilometer group in a trail running race as the scene definition. At least the equipment you should carry: quick-drying T-shirts, ultra-light peak clothing, running pants, trail running shoes, and sports socks. In August, the weather is dry and hot, and quick-drying T-shirts can choose short sleeves. Personally, Not recommended wearing compression pants for mid-and long-distance trail running. Most of the quick-drying T-shirts currently on the market can satisfy.

Long-distance trail running events have long distances and long durations, which means that the weather changes significantly. In mountainous areas, you may experience alternating sunny and rainy weather many times a day, so rushing clothing has become a piece of compulsory and necessary equipment for middle and long-distance trail running. I am used to wearing five-inch shorts for trail running. They are very light and comfortable,Mainly on the premise of not rubbing the crotch and being breathable. But if you go through the bushes or accidentally wrestle and sit on the ground, wearing shorts can easily scratch your skin. Still have to choose trousers or shorts according to the type of competition, except for the high altitude, I wear shorts. As long as it does not affect running up and down the mountain, walking movements, There will be no abrasion on the roots of the thighs and private parts; it is ok.

Trail running shoes have their uniqueness. They have exceptionally high requirements for functionality and technical content. It needs to integrate three forms of running, mountaineering, and hiking. It is also one piece of equipment that many runners worry about before participating in a trail running competition. If you choose the wrong pair of trail running shoes to participate in a middle and long-distance trail running competition, it will make you very unforgettable. Trail running shoes need grip support, comfortable and breathable, cushioning and stability, appearance design, and other functions.

ultra-long-distance trail running

Finally, let's talk about the choice of backpacks in mid-and long-distance trail running. I think that weight, capacity, and stability are the primary considerations. If the backpack's weight is significant, we have to pack a complete set of clothes, water, food, headlamps, mobile phones, first aid kits, and other essential items. It will affect and consume your physical strength. So try to choose a backpack with a lightweight and practical design. In terms of capacity, for medium and long-distance trail running, about 7 liters is the range you want to choose. It should not be too large or too small. It's best just to fit the necessary items. Too large will cause poor stability. Running for a long time will cause shoulder damage and top wear, which will affect the running rhythm. Stability is also the most prominent feature that distinguishes trail running backpacks from ordinary sports backpacks. Whether it is the clothing items carried in the bag or the bag body itself, it can be stably attached to the body to best.

So far, an ultra-long-distance trail run, the introduction of clothing required is roughly that. Of course, according to different factors such as altitude, region, weather, line, etc., it is still necessary to adjust measures to local conditions. Some events require thermal underwear, down jackets, and other clothing, so I won't introduce them in detail here. I hope everyone can choose the equipment that suits them, enjoy the mountains and the wild, and experience the fun of trail running.

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