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What equipment should be prepared for a day’s hike?

News Trade News2021-09-06 18:33:33

Everyone should know that hiking is a very tiring thing. You have to walk a long, long way. At this time, everything in your backpack is essential. Let’s take a look at what to bring for a day of hiking.

Outdoor headlight

Can you afford to walk with heavy loads for a long time? The equipment is as simple as possible. The following is my summary of the necessary equipment.

1. Backpack:

There are many things to bring, but the most important thing is the backpack. A well-structured backpack will save effort and be strong. If the shoulder strap breaks in the middle, it will affect the travel. It must be waterproof to prevent the items in the backpack from drying out.

2. Hiking shoes:

Yaobang must sell hiking shoes. Because it is hiking, the road is often unstable. Gaobang's hiking shoes can protect your ankles. In addition, some grasses have sharp edges, and there may be snakes in the grass, so high-top hiking shoes are safer.

3. Jacket:

You must wear a breathable and waterproof jacket. Don't wear jeans when hiking. Inconvenient to move or waterproof. Once wet, jeans are very uncomfortable and have few pockets. Many things are not convenient to carry. There are many pockets in the jacket. Pack a lot of small things.

4. Tent:

Whether to bring a tent depends on the route. If you need to camp in the wild, you must bring a rainproof and waterproof tent. It is estimated that no one was awakened by the rain in the middle of the night. Three-layer tents are much more comfortable than single-layer tents.

5. Sleeping bag:

The sleeping bag and the tent match. If you can, it's best to buy a moisture-proof mat. In the wild, there is a big temperature difference between day and night. The tent may leak air. It would help if you bought a sleeping bag. A good night's sleep can better continue the journey.

6. Food and water:

Food and water must be brought. It is best to equip with all light food that does not take up space. Dried meat compressed biscuits are a good choice. Also, bring some sports drinks.

Hiking headlights

No one can fully control his itinerary; it is best to bring lighting equipment, he will not let you fumble in the dark or wait for the dawn; I currently think the most suitable lighting equipment for hiking is the headlamp, which can illuminate the road ahead, Can also let you free your hands.Cob LED high-power headlamp is a very good choice.High-power rechargeable LED headlamps, waterproof, lighting time up to 12 hours, beam range: more than 300m.

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