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What equipment should be prepared for night running, and what should be paid attention to?

News Trade News2021-09-08 19:36:00

People who like to run and exercise mostly insist on running in the morning, but running at night has become a new fitness choice for some office workers who can’t get up in the morning. So what equipment do you need for a night run? The following suggestions hope to help you.

Night running headlamp

1. Sportswear + good shoes

The most important thing for night running is to have loose clothes, and a good pair of shoes is also very important. It is recommended to choose sports shoes, the kind with cushioning, which has the energy to run and no burden on the long road . You can't run far in leather shoes at night.

2. Mineral water

You don't need to bring too much for a night run, but you can bring some water, preferably mineral water or soda water. You need to pay attention to replenish some energy after running, and do not violently pour mineral water after exercise. This is very bad for your body.

3. Waist bag/arm bag

Try not to carry valuables when running, and bring the necessary EDC: mobile phone, keys, change. Both arm packs and waist packs can solve the placement problem.

Safety is very important; you need to pay attention to the following points when running at night.

1. You must pay attention to planning a good route for night running

After all, it is not safe at night. Night runners, especially female night runners, are best to choose a route they are familiar with. First, they have a better understanding of road conditions, and second, they are safer.

2. Pay attention to dressing at night

It is recommended to choose some brighter colors, such as big red, which others can notice when running at night. Some people wear darker colors, which are not easy to find when the vehicle is driving. Bad luck can lead to traffic accidents.

3. Headphones

Try not to wear headphones when running. At night, the line of sight is worse than during the day. Wearing headphones will be distracting on the one hand, but on the other hand, you will not be able to hear the hum of the car . Not only is it prone to traffic accidents, but it also provides opportunities for criminals looking for pickpockets.

4. Girls carry anti-wolf tools with them

Female runners can bring some small and self-defense tools, such as pepper spray, alarm, anti-wolf stab, etc., are not afraid of 10,000, not afraid of anything. These gadgets can give you peace of mind, and you can give yourself one if necessary. Guarantee.

5. Bring some portable lighting tools

The biggest impact of night running is that the light is not good, and it is easy to fall and get injured. At this time, you can carry some small lighting tools, but if you are carrying a hand-held flashlight, it is very inconvenient to shake your arms when running, so I prefer headlamp that can free my hands. Have fun swinging! I would recommend this: motion sensor LED headlamp with my years of night running and outdoor activities experience. The weight is only 0.076kg, and the lighting time can reach 8 hours!

Night running headlamp

After running at night, the body also needs to relax correctly, effectively consume the accumulated lactic acid, gradually relax the tense muscles, gradually slow down the Overspeed pulse, and return to normal-stretching, kneading, and relaxing the calf.

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