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What essential equipment do you need for a day of hiking and mountaineering when you are new to the outdoors?

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With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people participate in outdoor mountaineering and trekking activities. Hiking mountaineering is different from simple tourism, so professional equipment is needed to ensure safety during activities. So, what essential equipment does Xiaobai need to prepare for his first mountain hike? Let’s take a look!

hiking and mountaineering

Hiking and Mountaineering shoes: Professional hiking shoes 、mountaineering shoes have stronger slip resistance than usual shoes. Wearing them on mountain trails will increase the safety factor.

Trekking poles: The use of trekking poles during walking can play a supporting role. On the one hand, it can improve stability, save effort and make walking more accessible, and on the other hand, it can disperse the force of the knee and protect the knee. In addition, you need to prepare two trekking poles, one for each hand.

Knee pads: Use externally worn Velcro knee pads when going downhill or downhill because the spring on the side of the knee pad can play a buffering role, which can reduce the force of the knee to a certain extent and protect your knee. In addition, tightening the knee pad can prevent knee sprain.

Mountaineering bag: professional mountaineering bag has the function of carrying, and the upper body is more labor-saving than ordinary backpacks. When you first enter the outdoors, you generally need to prepare a backpack with a capacity of 25L-30L for a day's hike.

Raincoat: The outdoor weather is changeable, so it is essential to bring a raincoat when traveling.

Headlamps:  often night walks outdoors. Even if you plan to go out of the mountain for a day before dark, you should bring your headlamps if you need them. Therefore, it is essential to have a headlamp in the mountaineering bag.

hiking and mountaineering

Finally, it would help if you prepared: quick-drying clothes, quick-drying pants, outdoor quick-drying wicking socks, jackets, softshell pants, fleece pants, down jackets, hats, gloves, magic towels, Swiss Army Knife, etc. Of course, you also need to prepare enough water, road meals and lunch.

You need to prepare crampons and snow cover in snowy weather. The grip on the crampon overshoes is non-slip, and the snow cover on the calf can effectively prevent snow from entering the shoes. Wear sunscreen or take it with you when you travel.

Protecting the environment during outdoor activities is very important, so you must carry garbage bags. The garbage generated in the mountains must be packed and taken out of the mountains and then thrown back to the city's trash cans for centralized disposal. It is the criterion for every outdoor person to leave no traces on the mountains.


Safety is the priority for outdoor sports, and you must plan well before you travel and be familiar with the route. Prepare your compass, download the outdoor locus, and be prepared.

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