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What is a good headlamp under $10?

News Trade News2021-09-12 20:09:28

Outdoor lamps mainly include flashlights and headlamp. In the city, we have become accustomed to colorful nights, and the invisible night seems to be distant for city people. However, in the outdoor environment, this night is just like commonplace. Behind the night are many hidden dangers of insecurity, perhaps unknown journeys, or unknown dangers because of this, flashlights and headlamp. It has become a personal item that everyone who participates in outdoor activities must equip.

So today, I recommend a few good outdoor headlamp to everyone.

1、Waterproof COB + XPE LED headlamp


This headlamp is suitable for: hiking, emergency camping, rock climbing, running, work lighting; price: 6.12$.

2、ABS 350Lm Waterproof LED Headlamp



This headlamp is suitable for camping, running, hiking, weight: 44g, price: 1.27$.

New product adjustable rechargeable headlamp3、Nine modes waterproof 5 LED headlamp


This headlamp is suitable for: fishing, camping, hiking, mountaineering, weight: 40g, price: 8.90$.

4、New product adjustable rechargeable headlamp


This product is suitable for: hiking, running, reading, hunting, price: 5.99$.

5、LED head with headlamp 210 wide-angle flood light


This product is suitable for: work, reading, running, hiking, price: 4.50$

There are more high-quality and inexpensive headlamps; you can choose here:


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