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What is a miner? What do they need to do?

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Miners can refer to two kinds of people. A kind of miner can help us package transactions. The other refers to workers working in mines, including workers in various mines.

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1. Refers to a type of miner who can help us package transactions

The income of bitcoin miners is composed of two parts, one part is the bitcoin reward given by the system after successful accounting, and the other part is the handling fee of the package transaction. The reward part of the system is relatively fixed, and the handling fee is a variable income, so miners prioritize packing those transactions with high handling fees. In short, the more fees you pay, the faster your transaction will be completed.
Bitcoin miners can be understood as a kind of mining block, and at the same time get a certain amount of Bitcoin rewards and the calculation of transaction accounting miner fees. So why is it called mining? Generally speaking, its working principle is very similar to mining minerals. Satoshi Nakamoto compares the production of Bitcoin by consuming the power and time of the CPU to a gold mine consuming resources to inject gold into the economy.
The Bitcoin network is booked by nodes. Participating in bookkeeping requires computing resources. There is an incentive mechanism in the Bitcoin network to provide Bitcoin rewards to nodes that have the right to bookkeeping, thereby incentivizing more people to participate in bookkeeping.
We can think of each node as a miner, and each Bitcoin node will collect all unconfirmed transactions and group them into a data block. Bitcoin uses cryptography and introduces a hash algorithm into the algorithm. The algorithm will give a very difficult calculation problem to the computers of the entire network for calculation. At the same time, the hash algorithm will adjust the difficulty of calculation so that every calculation is correct. The hash rate takes about ten minutes. Therefore, Bitcoin generates a block every ten minutes.
Miners are competing for the accounting rights of the blockchain. Once they win the package accounting rights, the miners will be rewarded with bitcoins sent by the system.

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What do Bitcoin miners need to do?

Simply put, it is the person who mines. The blockchain is a hyperledger. Miners = bookkeepers. The main job of miners is to record every transaction and transaction time data in a block and obtain bitcoins for network rewards through mining.
Suppose the square dance club, in order to encourage everyone to dance more, stipulates that every time they come to dance, 2 points are added, 3 points are not deducted for no reason, and the change of the points of 1 point for the lead dancer is recorded by the club's Aunt Wang. Points can be redeemed for prizes at the end of the year.
In fact, in real life, the responsibilities of the bank are the same as those of Aunt Wang-both are bookkeeping (except that Aunt Wang keeps points and the bank keeps money). When the salary is paid, the bank adds 2,000 yuan to your account; buys a bottle of shampoo, reduces 20 yuan; deposits one year plus 100 yuan in interest; transfer is to deduct 1,000 from your account and add 1,000 to the other's account.
But the biggest difference between the bank and Aunt Wang is that Aunt Wang serves everyone for free, but the bank has to ask us to collect money, card fees, annual fees, transfer fees. Look at how many high-rise buildings the bank has and how many employees are employed. Employees know how much money the bank has charged us.
If one day we don't want the bank or Aunt Wang to keep accounts, can it be done?
Of course, Bitcoin is like that.
We can think of people using Bitcoin as members of a square dance club. The points for this club are stipulated as follows:
1. The amount of initial points (that is, Bitcoin) for each person is 0;
2. People in the community jointly maintain a ledger. Regardless of whether there is a change or not, the ledger is updated every 10 minutes, and the community owner should be notified after the update;
3. Anyone in the community has the right to keep accounts. As long as they keep accounts, they can get a reward of 50 Bitcoins (halved every four years, now 12.5 Bitcoins);
4. All people who want to keep accounts must calculate the same math problem, and the first person who calculates the right one is qualified to keep accounts;
5. The upper limit of Bitcoin is 21 million.
We call the process of grabbing the right to keep accounts and obtaining Bitcoin rewards mining.
At first, Bitcoin was worthless; only his inventor Satoshi Nakamoto was willing to mine. After Satoshi Nakamoto silently mined more than 1 million bitcoins, people finally began to join the mining team. Later, some physical stores, websites, etc., began to accept Bitcoin as payment. People's demand for Bitcoin is increasing, and Bitcoin is becoming more and more valuable.

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2. In the real world, it refers to workers working in mines, including workers of various types of mines.

Mineworkers are not necessarily all underground operators, but they include technical and manual workers engaged in underground work tasks. The quality of contemporary miners has been greatly improved in all aspects. The work of miners is dangerous and may encounter unexpected accidents, such as blowout accidents in natural gas mines, water penetration in coal mines, gas explosion accidents, etc.
what are they doing
(1) Miners use heavy machinery and equipment to excavate, extract and transport ores, coal, rocks and other minerals from mines in remote areas of Western Australia. They drill holes and blasts in the rocks to build tunnels deep underground, or in the case of open-pit mines, remove topsoil and cut into the soil with bulldozers, drills, and explosives. They ensure the safety of the mine by installing reinforcement, lighting, wiring, pumps and appropriate vents.
(2) Working environment
Miners work in many parts of the state, from ore mines in Banbury and the southwest, Curry's coal mines, Boddington and gold mines, to iron ore mining in the Pilbara and Gascoyne regions. They must be prepared to live on-site away from home or fly in and out to work. This includes working on site for a period of time and then going home to rest. Miners often work long hours under potentially dangerous conditions. Their working environment may be cramped, noisy, dirty and dark, but they may work in air-conditioned vehicles such as bulldozers. As more and more mining processes become automated, miners are increasingly working in control rooms, where they control and monitor mining machinery, which usually leads to a safer and more comfortable environment.
(3) Tools and technology
Miners use large earthmoving equipment, drilling machinery, dredges (excavators), explosives and specialized rock cutting equipment to dig and extract minerals and rocks. Sometimes these machines are used manually, while other machines are highly automated and controlled by computers operated by miners. These workers also use large trucks to transport materials out of the mine. As the environment can be dangerous, all miners must wear bright, reflective protective clothing that covers most of the skin. They also wear and use other personal protective equipment (PPE), including steel boots, hard hats, goggles, gloves, masks, earmuffs, and portable flashlights. Or I would recommend bringing this Tank007 explosion-proof helmet headlamp, which can be worn on the head or helmet, which is very helpful to the miners in their work.

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