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What is a reliable outdoor headlamp?

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headlamps have always played an important role in outdoor activities, and their excellent performance is related to the safety and quality of night activities. Choosing a high-quality headlamp is one of the indispensable personal equipment for outdoor activity enthusiasts. This equipment provides users with sufficient lighting during night activities and is lightweight and can be worn on the head. Most people judge their headlamps by their brightness. Although lighting is the most important function of headlamps, it is more important to provide sufficient brightness and maintain long-term use (power saving).

Outdoor headlamp

The conditions for a good headlamp

1. The shell material must be sturdy, durable, low temperature resistant, and waterproof. At present, plastic steel is the mainstream in the manufacture of headlamp shells.

2. The headlamp beam angle can be easily adjusted, and it should be very stable and will not sag due to physical activity.

3. The design of the strap is best in three styles, and the focus is on the elasticity and durability of the strap.

4. The lens of the front lamp holder must have good light transmittance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance. High-end headlamps generally use high-quality optical resin as the lens material.

5. In addition to the bulb, the most important part that affects the brightness of the headlamp is the reflector in the lamp housing. A good reflector will be precision coated.

6. The conductive sheet inside the battery chamber advocates not only simple design but also requires high conductivity in the material. A bad conductive sheet naturally consumes more power.


Headlamp switch

Generally, there are several forms, one is the design of crimping, which fingers can turn, and the advantage is that it is not easy to cut off the power. The other is a traditional dial switch design. Most of the headlamps of this type are not waterproof, and it is easy to turn off the lights accidentally. Even better is the waterproof push-button type. More sophisticated design can avoid accidental touch. Many new headlamps have multi-segment brightness or bulbs, which the same touch button can also switch.

If the lamp holder is designed with adjustable focal length, most lamps will produce shadows in the middle part of the illumination range.


Types of bulbs

At present, the bulbs for manufacturing headlamps can be divided into the following types:

1. Krypton bulb Krypton lamp:

It is a kind of structure similar to an incandescent lamp but filled with inert gas (krypton gas), this method can increase the filament stability, and the brightness is 70% higher than that of ordinary incandescent lamps. Common ones on the market The civilian krypton flashlight is easy to use and has high brightness. -Moderate brightness and power-saving; most headlamps are happy to use.


2. Halogen bulbs

referred to as halogen bulbs or halogen bulbs for short, are also called tungsten-halogen bulbs, quartz bulbs and are a variant of incandescent bulbs. -Brightness is much stronger than that of krypton bulbs, and the penetrating power of the beam is stronger, but it consumes more power. Therefore, halogen bulbs last longer than incandescent bulbs

The principle is to inject halogen gas such as iodine or bromine into the bulb. Under high temperature, the sublimated tungsten wire reacts with the halogen, and the cooled tungsten will re-solidify on the tungsten wire, forming a balanced cycle to avoid premature breakage of the tungsten wire.


3. Xenon bulb

Xenon lamp (High-intensity Discharge Lamp) refers to a high-pressure gas discharge lamp that is filled with a mixture of inert gases including xenon and does not have the filament of a halogen lamp, referred to as HID xenon lamp, which can be called Metal halide lamps or xenon lamps are divided into xenon lamps for automobiles and xenon lamps for outdoor lighting.

Xenon lamps are also called HID gas discharge headlamps in the field of automotive lamps. It replaces traditional tungsten filaments with high-pressure xenon gas wrapped in a quartz tube to provide higher color temperature and more concentrated lighting. Because the xenon lamp uses a high-voltage current to activate the xenon gas to form an arc, it can continue to discharge and emit light between the two electrodes. The power of the ordinary car tungsten bulb reaches 55 watts, while the xenon lamp only needs 35 watts, which is reduced by nearly one and a half. Xenon lamps can significantly reduce the burden on the vehicle's electrical system. The color temperature of car xenon lamps is between 4000K and 6000K, which is much higher than that of ordinary car headlamp bulbs. It has high brightness. The light color of the 4300K ​​xenon lamp is white and yellowish. Due to the lower color temperature, the visual effect is yellowish, and the light penetration is stronger than that of the high color temperature lamp, which can improve driving safety at night and in heavy fog.

It was first used in air transportation. There are two types of xenon lamps that are widely used in the market, one is automotive lighting, and the other is motorcycle lighting. But it has been used in large quantities in automobiles for more than ten years, and it was developed by HELLA in the early 1990s. Xenon lamps are more expensive than ordinary halogen lamps and incandescent lamps due to their high technical content. -Super brightness and good penetrating power, mostly used to make searchlights for searching.


4. The LED bulb 

The abbreviation of the English word Light Emitting Diode. A light-emitting diode is a solid-state semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into visible light. -LED's light beam is not obvious, and it illuminates in a diffuse pattern, so it is not suitable for long-distance illumination. However, its advantage is that the lamp holder does not generate heat, can directly convert electrical energy into the light without energy loss, and is very power-saving.

LED is currently a widely used headlamp light source. Its characteristics are long life and power saving. Power saving is extremely important in long-term field activities. The more power you save, the less battery you can bring, which means you can reduce the weight load. The light quality of the LED is relatively cold, the color temperature is high, and it is light blue. It is illuminated in a diffuse manner. For short-distance lighting such as tents, its effect is better than traditional light bulbs.

However, most LEDs have a disadvantage. Although LEDs are very power-saving, their characteristic is that the brightness is very strong at the beginning of the new battery. After about 10 hours of use, the brightness is significantly reduced, and this weak brightness can be maintained very low. Long, very impractical. In order to overcome this shortcoming, better-LED headlamps use a pulse frequency modulation chip (Pulse-Frequency-Modulation, PFM) to keep the battery's power stable and high-efficiency output so that the LED continues to shine brightly without leaving any residue. Battery power. In addition, the efficiency of the battery at low temperatures is low, and LED headlamps without PFM are not bright enough even with new batteries. The biggest difference with the LED-equipped with PFM is that the brightness of the general bulb is reduced with the consumption of battery power, and finally, only a red light spot in the center of the bulb is left, and it is finally extinguished. And this kind of LED headlamp keeps the same brightness all the time; when the battery's energy is about to run out, the brightness of the LED will quickly weaken and go out.


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