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What is the difference between trail running and road running for runners?

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Speaking of trail running, most runners in China first participate in road runs, marathons, etc., and then learn about trail running. Although both belong to running events, trail running and road running have very different requirements for runners. It can almost say that these are two kinds of sports.

While running a marathon or long-distance running, our thoughts are often "flying," but we need to be more focused in the process of trail running. Because the road under your feet, the surrounding environment, etc., are changing all the time. Even for the same distance, we usually feel that trail running is more tiring. In addition to physical exertion such as uphill and downhill and road conditions requiring movement adjustments, maintaining focus is also one of the reasons.

trail running

First, trail running emphasizes comprehensive ability.
Roadrunners face relatively fixed road conditions, not many ups and downs. The experience gained from training anywhere can apply to the competition, and the known information accounts for the majority. The most significant variables in road running are the weather, arena service, and the interaction between players. In contrast, the situation of trail running is much more complicated.

First of all, trail running has accumulated climbs and descents, and the muscle groups used by runners are different. For example: going uphill will use more gluteus maximus and quadriceps muscles, and going downhill has a significant increase in the flexibility of thigh strength and footsteps. Coupled with the changeable trail road conditions, trail runners need more strength reserves than road running and more overall flexibility. Trail masters go downhill like flying, flexible footsteps, body control, and confidence in landing from accumulated experience.

trail running

The road conditions of trail running are changeable, hardened roads, dirt roads, gravel roads, grass, stone roads, steps, river beaches, desert Gobi, forests, etc. If you encounter rain, snow, and frost, It will also add a considerable degree of difficulty to these changeable road conditions. Trail running requires players to have good "multi-road conditions experience." These experiences can almost only obtain in actual venues. For every trail runner, adapting to multiple road surfaces is a problem that must solve if they want to finish the race safely on different platforms.

Trail running requires the athletes to be more adaptable under complicated and changeable conditions such as weather, altitude, day, and night. Most Trail races hold in the mountains, and the weather changes are more complex than in cities,is possible that the temperature difference between the shade side and sunny side of the hill can be as high as three to five degrees, or it may change suddenly within a few hours. High altitude will significantly reduce everyone's athletic ability. The desolation and loneliness in the Gobi will destroy the will. In the ultra-long distance races that span day and night, the requirements of the athletes are not only physical but also mental.

Compared with road running, the complexity of trail running is several steps higher. The situation faced by the contestants is like the difference between flowers in a greenhouse and flowers outdoors. The uncontrollable factors increase, and more adequate preparations and considerations are needed. Of course, there are also many short-distance trail races for everyone to get started and experience. It is still amicable to choose a trail race within 10-15 kilometers as the first experience. Trail races over 20 km are not recommended for novices to try. After all, rescue in the mountains is a very tiring task. As contestants, we have to do what we can to avoid unnecessary trouble for others.

Second, The equipment for trail running is more complicated.
The essential equipment for road running is running shoes, and the influence of other clothing types is not significant, but the equipment for trail running is critical and complicated. The relative frequency of replenishment in road races is very high. Long-distance trail races and replenishment stations are far away. Runners need to carry water bags and carry more supplies on the road. Because there are many climbs and drops, some competitions also suggest that players take trekking poles. The use of trekking poles is also a skill and requires training.

trail running

Trail running shoes and road running shoes are entirely two types. Trail running clothing has higher requirements in terms of functionality, perspiration, warmth, windproof, scratch-resistant, compression, and reflective are all corresponding to different usage scenarios. Overnight trail races also require headlamps and spare batteries. Places with significant temperature differences require warm layers of clothing. For extreme weather, more safety measures need. Insulation blankets, communication equipment, extra batteries, first aid kits, etc., are all safety guarantees. A trail race is like a long trip; you need to carry more than running on the road.

Trail running is not as straightforward as road running. Whether it is competition or training, it is often alone. Many people run the wrong route in the wild environment. At this time, the importance of the map is self-evident. You can use Garmin equipment to import trail running routes in advance, and you can use offline maps even when there is no network.

Third, the training of trail running needs to target.
Training venues for road running are easier to find. Playgrounds, parks, highways, communities, and treadmills can all become suitable training venues,the same venue can use for training in different subjects. In trail running workout, you have to go into the mountains anyway, and those who requirements for grades will even go to the actual line of the race to run; this is to get familiar with the road line conditions. In this way, you can make a plan for the allocation of physical fitness in advance.

trail running

At the same time, trail runners should also strengthen their thighs, calves, buttocks, and core strength in a targeted manner. Just look at the stature of trail runners and roadrunners, and you know. Trail runners will be stronger overall, and their upper limbs will be more potent than road runners. The physical abilities used in the wild for different road conditions, weather, and environments are very rich.

Fourth, there are many unstable factors in trail running competitions.
For road runs or marathons, the results of training and matches are often linearly related. If the activity is in place, the competition will not deviate too much. The trail race is different, the proportion of on-the-spot performance has increased, and there are many unknowns. For example, the 100-kilometer master may retire from the race at 90-kilometer in high temperatures or miss the ranking due to gastrointestinal discomfort. The accidental of a trail race is much greater than that of a road race.

trail running

Trail running places excellent emphasis on replenishment. A good stomach is significant for trail runners. It is a considerable advantage to eat and drink well while sleeping and sleeping. Very few trail runners have a small appetite. For trail runners, experience is significant, what kind of road conditions can run at what speed. How long to rest to recover their physical strength, how many kilometers can be supported by how much supplies they eat, How to compete with others on the advantage road section and disadvantages road section, etc. As trail running runners increase their experience and the number of competitions, their reliability will increase.

Because trail running in nature is conducted, the risk factor is much higher than urban road running. It also requires runners to have more awareness of self-protection and mutual assistance. In addition, etiquette such as trekking poles, headlamps, and congested roads all need us to master.

In short, road running and trail running are two different sports. Although they are both running, the environment that trails running faces is changeable, the road conditions are complicated, the weather is unpredictable, and the ability requirements for everyone are soaring. For friends who like trail running, we emphasize that we must prioritize the safety of the race and try our best to participate in the races held by reliable and experienced race parties and venues, whether newcomers or masters.

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