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What kind of headlamp do you need for outdoor hiking?

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There are many types of outdoor sports, from single-day hiking, camping, long-distance hiking, trail running to high-altitude mountaineering. Different activities require different types of headlamps.

Why do you need an outdoor headlamp?

Daytime is not all outdoor activities. Many outdoor activities are carried out at night: for example, walking at night and outdoor cooking require lighting. Compared with common flashlights and miner's lamps, a lightweight and the portable outdoor headlamp has irreplaceable advantages.

The flashlight is inconvenient-the common flashlight in daily life needs to be held in one hand, and mountain friends often need to hold trekking poles in both hands when hiking. Using a flashlight outdoors will bring a lot of inconvenience to the movement.

The miner's lamp is too bulky—the miner's lamp is a kind of headlamp, which frees the user's hands, but the miner's lamp is too bulky and heavy, and it is also not suitable for outdoor use.
Flashlights and miner's lamps have flaws that are not suitable for outdoor use, so outdoor headlamps came into being.

Outdoor headlamps are lightweight and portable-outdoor headlamps are specially designed for outdoor activities, which frees the user's hands and has a lighter weight and smaller size than miner's lamps.

Different outdoor environments give birth to a variety of outdoor activities: single-day hiking, long-distance hiking, camping, trail running, high-altitude mountaineering. This way, headlamps that meet different outdoor needs will appear.

Headlamps for single-day hiking

Even a one-day hike is inseparable from a lightweight headlamp, which can provide you with lighting after dark, and if you are injured on the mountain waiting for help, it can also send out a strobe signal for help.

A single-day hike also needs headlamps-a single-day hike may be the most accessible outdoor activity. Go up the mountain in the morning and stay in the mountain for most of the day. If you go down the mountain early, you can get corrupted. But if you don't go down the mountain before dark or get lost in the mountains, you need headlamps to work.
The characteristics of single-day hiking headlamps-the headlamps used for single-day hiking need to have the functions of lighting, distress and lightweight:

It can provide lighting when it is dark. A headlamp with the right brightness allows you to cope with unexpected night travel.

Can send distress signals to the outside world. When you are lost or injured in the mountains waiting for rescue, the headlamps with strobe function can let others discover your presence in time.

Light enough and easy to pack. headlamps used for single-day hikes should be very light and small in size and do not pose a burden to hiking during the day. It usually uses a thinner webbing and a smaller battery box design to reduce your burden.

headlamps for single-day trekking should be lightweight and have a help function. What kind of headlamp should you choose if you are tired of the single-day line and want to stay in the mountains for one or two nights?

headlamps for camping

The headlamps used in camping should have a multi-level dimming function to help you work in the camp. The red light function helps you find things at night, and at the same time, can prevent accidental touch and avoid power consumption.

Camping is inseparable from the headlamps-headlamps can be used in camping at night, such as driving and working. At night, you need to make the lighting lights not dazzling.

Features of headlamps suitable for camping-the headlamps needed for camping must have the functions of adjusting the light intensity, preventing accidental touches, and emitting red light:

Able to adjust the light intensity. The headlamps with adjustable light levels can meet the needs of different activities during camping. Whether it's hiking, cooking, or sitting and chatting with friends, you can easily cope with it.

It can prevent accidental touch and avoid unnecessary consumption of electricity. headlamps with anti-mis-touch design often set relatively large resistance to the switch or have related locking designs to avoid mis-touching the headlamps to the maximum extent.

It can emit red light for lighting-headlamps suitable for camping should preferably have red light gears. Using red light to find things in the tent can protect people's night vision ability. The advantage of red light is that it is not easy to irritate our eyes. After turning off the red light, the eyes will not feel uncomfortable, and we will be able to sleep soundly after a while.

The red light of the camping headlamp, adjusting the light intensity, and preventing accidental touch can be better than any two-night camping activity. If you take a long line, you need the headlamps to have more functions.

Outdoor headlamp

headlamps for long-distance walking

For long walks, a waterproof and fall-resistant headlamp can guarantee you many days of use. Long battery life, compatible with a variety of power supply methods, allows the headlamps to continue to work for you.

Long-distance trekking requires reliable headlamps-camping, and driving on long-distance trekking requires multiple days of high-frequency use of headlamps. Bumps, rain and snow will test the reliability of headlamps, and it is difficult to obtain a stable supply of headlamp batteries in remote areas.

The characteristics of long-distance walking headlamps-long-distance walking headlamps should have the characteristics of long battery life, multiple power supply methods, and high reliability.

Long battery life. The longer the use time of the headlamp under a certain brightness, the stronger the endurance.

Support multiple power supply methods. In remote areas, AA batteries are easier to obtain than rechargeable batteries. Some headlamps can use both AA batteries and rechargeable batteries, which maximizes the protection of the long-term headlamp power supply.

High reliability. It manifests in two points, one drops resistance, and the other is waterproof. Fall-resistant means that the headlamp is resistant to bumps and will not break after a single drop. The waterproof performance of various headlamps is uneven. In order to choose an outdoor headlamp suitable for the long term, you have to understand the IPX waterproof index.

IPX Waterproof Index-IPX is an index for measuring the waterproofness of electronic equipment, including headlamps. The higher the IPX level of the headlamp, the better the waterproof performance.

Generally, the waterproof level of long-distance hiking headlamps is enough to reach IPX4 level. If a line needs to cross the river and may encounter rain and snow, then its waterproof level should not be lower than the IPX7 level.

Long-distance hiking headlamps are indispensable for long battery life, reliability, and power supply diversity. So what kind of headlamps do you need for a trail running?

headlamps used in trail running.

In addition to being lightweight and waterproof, the headlamps used in trail running should also have an automatic dimming function to help you better observe the road signs.

Cross-country running, headlamps affect the success or failure in long-distance cross-country races, runners need to run all night in the mountains and forests, and the weight of the equipment will affect the final result. The climate in the mountains is changeable, and the headlamps also need to be waterproof. Running at night also needs to pay special attention to the road conditions, and the headlamps need to be automatically dimmed during the running.

The characteristics of the trail running headlamps-the trail running headlamps should have the three characteristics of waterproof, light and automatic dimming.

Waterproof headlamps allow cross-country riders not to be afraid of sudden rainstorms, and the lighter weight feature helps to achieve more ideal results. Automatic dimming can see road signs and roads clearly at night.

Automatic induction lighting technology-the, the so-called automatic headlamp dimming, is the use of automatic induction lighting technology; without manually switching gears, the headlamp can automatically adjust the brightness according to the distance of the illuminated scene, whether it is looking at road signs or illuminating the road. Convenient, this function is very practical for cross-country runners who are tired at night.

The most important thing for the headlamps suitable for trail running is to have the function of automatic induction lighting. If you want to go mountain climbing, the harsh and high-altitude environment puts higher headlamps requirements.

headlamps for high altitude mountaineering

In the process of high-altitude mountain climbing, headlamps are essential items for climbing. The headlamps used in high-altitude environments should have not only the many functions mentioned above but also require special battery boxes, easy operation with gloves, and constant lighting. Special design for high altitude.

High-altitude mountaineering, headlamps should be the cold-resistant-the low temperature of high altitude will seriously affect the normal performance of the battery, making the light of the lighting equipment gradually dim. At the same time, wearing mountaineering gloves increases the difficulty of using headlamps.

The characteristics of high-altitude headlamps- the headlamps that are suitable for high-altitude use a special battery box design, are easy to operate with gloves and constant lighting technology.

The headlamp adopts the design of the rear battery and split battery box. These two designs can use the climber's body temperature to keep the battery warm and improve battery life. The split battery box can also reduce the load on the climber's head.

A switch that is easy to operate with gloves. Products are positioned as headlamps used at high altitudes, often using knobs or larger button switches. In this way, it is effortless to switch the headlamps while wearing gloves, and it is much easier to operate the headlamps on the snow-capped mountains.

Constant lighting technology. Unlike ordinary headlamps that are accompanied by reduced brightness during use, headlamps with constant lighting technology can maintain their brightness during use until the power is almost exhausted. Provide a good view from start to finish for climbers.

In addition to the high-altitude mountaineering requirements for the design of the headlamp itself, it also has certain requirements for the battery of the headlamp.

Choose low-temperature-resistant batteries in high-altitude environments, avoid using alkaline batteries and other low-temperature batteries with severe performance shrinkage. Instead, use nickel-metal hydride batteries, low-temperature-resistant lithium batteries and other batteries with better low-temperature performance as headlamps. Powered by.

Outdoor headlamp

To choose a suitable outdoor headlamp, it must be combined with specific usage scenarios:

Outdoor headlamps are a treasure, and a flashlight miner's lamp cannot be replaced.

There are not too many requirements for camping, and the red and white light cannot be less.

Walking down the mountain early in a single day, light strobe is enough.

The long-distance hike has beautiful scenery and a wide range of reliable battery life.

Wandering in the mountains to go off-road, ultra-light dimming and waterproof.

Glove buttons must be coordinated, and constant lighting helps to climb the top.

Which headlamp is your favorite outdoors? Recommend you to choose headlamps here:

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