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What kind of headlight is more suitable for outdoor camping?

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When hiking outdoors, camping in the wild, try to avoid walking in deep mountains and old forests at night, even in the flat wilderness (such as Southern California). The headlamps are our safety guarantee when we use them and occasionally walk out of the camp. Therefore, we can choose headlamps from multiple angles: the battery, brightness, red light, light strip, angle, and waterproof.


In recent years, outdoor headlamps have shifted from traditional external batteries to built-in rechargeable batteries. The advantage of the external battery is that the battery can be replaced immediately if the light is insufficient. The possibility of charging in the mountains is minimal. It takes time to wait for the battery to be fully charged. There is also a built-in battery, which does not need to carry a spare battery, so it is more environmentally friendly. Just pay attention to the power level. Can. There are a few headlamps that can use special rechargeable batteries or AA and AA batteries at the same time. They can be charged when the headlamps are not in use and can be replaced in emergency situations when the batteries are dead, which is very convenient.


You might think that the higher the brightness of the headlamp, the better. In fact, the higher the brightness of the headlamp, the more power it consumes. Even if you walk at night, you may not need more than 300 lumens of light. In most cases, 50 lumens are bright enough. Nowadays, headlamps below 100 lumens are rare.

3.Red light

There is nothing more annoying than a dazzling white light on the face in the dark. If you use red lights in the camp at night, your eyes do not need to adapt to the light, and you can also avoid affecting others' rest, saving electricity.

4.Light strips (Straps)

There are about four types of light strips. For ultralight walking, it is the most traditional and most practical-the weight of the lamp itself does not require a second vertical strap above the head, the drawstring is too tight, or the lamp that can be hung is too small.

(Four common light strips)


IP (Ingress Protection) protection level consists of two numbers after the letter. The first number represents dust and foreign objects, and the second number represents the level of waterproof and moisture-proof. Most car headlamps only have a waterproof design, so the first number is replaced with an "X." Level 4 waterproof means that it can "prevent water splashing from all directions from entering the appliance and causing damage." This is the minimum acceptable standard for headlamps.

6.Angle (tilt)

The distance between the headlamp and the eyes can sometimes cause the light not necessarily to fall where you want to illuminate. A headlamp that can adjust the angle up and down can prevent you from bending your neck frequently and hurting the cervical spine.

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