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What preparations should women make for hiking and mountaineering?

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With the development of outdoor sports, more and more women are participating, and they have become unique and beautiful scenery in outdoor activities. At the same time, some women have become outstanding climbers, and they have even completed some climbing goals that men have not completed.

Hiking and mountain climbing can relax stress and regulate emotions. And outdoor sports are aerobic exercises, which can increase the protein in the blood, strengthen immunity, and help toxins in the body excrete in time. While promoting metabolism, it speeds up fat consumption, so mountain climbing uniquely affects women's slimming and shaping. In addition, by admiring the beautiful scenery during the mountaineering process, you can cultivate your sentiment, show your charm, improve women's self-confidence and values, and make the personality develop healthy and harmonious in a harmonious atmosphere.

women hiking and mountaineering

What preparations do women need to do when they participate in outdoor sports such as hiking and mountaineering?

Equipment configuration for female hiking and mountaineering

1. Clothing category:
It needs to be prepared according to the season, temperature, and weather characteristics of the destination. Take cold weather as an example: Generally, underwear should be made of quick-drying and quick-drying fabrics. The warm layer can be wool, fleece, and down jackets. The outermost windproof and waterproof layer should be made of GORE-TEX material. Sun hat and warm scarf, headgear, knee pads, cold and waterproof gloves, wool socks or unique high mountain warm socks. Outdoor hiking shoes made of GORE-TEX material can wear on any complex terrain.

2. Food
Food can choose food that quickly replenishes energy. Consider: beef jerky, chocolate, raisins, peanuts, dried tofu, dried fruits, etc., unpack them and put them in an easy-to-access place, and carry them according to your ability. It's best to work with several people for cooking utensils. Bring a set of cooking utensils on your back and bring a thermos cup. Water should also prepare according to personal drinking and cooking.

3. Camping
Backpacks are a must-have item for camping. There is a big difference in body shape between women and men. When choosing a backpack, you should choose a backpack specially designed for women. Due to the narrow distance of the attached shoulder straps, the back length of the carrying system is short, and the maximum volume is 50-70 liters. The waistband of the backpack should be thick, and the shoulder strap should be padded and adjustable. The brand is not very important; the important thing is to suit you. Bring the backpack rain cover.

Tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats, headlamps and batteries for lighting, outdoor watches, compasses, trekking poles, cold medicines, some necessary medicines, such as fever, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, band-aids, aspirin and anti-insect medicines. Women should carry a Swiss army knife and a survival whistle to prevent them from getting too far away to facilitate connecting with their teammates.

4. Daily necessities: towels, wet tissues, toilet paper, lotions, sunscreen, sanitary products (pads, sanitary products), garbage bags, in case of emergency.

women hiking and mountaineering

What issues should women pay attention to when hiking and mountaineering?

1. Master the marching rhythm.
Women's physical fitness is generally significantly worse than that of men, so in the climbing process, male team members should consider the speed and physical fitness of female team members, master the rhythm, and adjust the breathing and pace.

2. Safety awareness is always there.
Female team members should not go to remote places alone or leave their teammates too far to prevent accidents. At the same time, for women who love beauty, pay attention to the clothes and silk scarves they bring, and prevent the danger of hanging branches during the photo process. At the same time, try not to take pictures on some dangerous cliffs to prevent slipping.

3. Reasonably solve the problem of a menstrual period.
For women, there is also a physiological problem that affects mountaineering activities. This kind of physiological problem may vary depending on the physique of each woman. Generally speaking, as long as no pain hinders daily life or affects the mood, you can move as usual. However, to prevent the early or delay of the menstrual period caused by environmental changes, the physiological supplies must be prepared in advance and brought to the mountain in case of an emergency. In addition, women should pay special attention to environmental protection. The used sanitary products should be rolled up in garbage bags and stuffed in empty mineral water bottles to take away.

In short, women should cultivate their optimistic attitude, pay more attention to exercise their perseverance and physical stamina, and add their own peculiar careful, cautious, and thoughtful personalities. Female climbers will gain more safety and happiness in mountaineering. And will become an indispensable beautiful scenery.

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