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What should I know about setting up a camp in the wild?

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If you want to survive in the wild, building a camp is essential. Camps can reduce the damage to you from bad weather and reduce the infestation of wild animals and insects. At the same time, it is easier for air rescuers to find a camp or residence, and it is not easy to find a lone figure or a group of people. The camp must meet some requirements, the most important of which is safety.

You can't build shoals on rivers, low-lying coasts, and dry canyons, nor can you build camps at the bottom of narrow canyons and river beds. Due to continuous heavy rains, the water level can rise, and your camp will be flooded. In addition, some steep slopes will have rocks falling. Under the overhanging rocks at the mouth of the gully, there is a possibility of landslides, landslides, etc. Especially in uncertain weather or bad weather, camping in these places such as mountain passes, ridges, and mountain tops is the most dangerous.

If you are in a higher open area, you should move down: if you are in a place where the humidity is too low, you should move up. The ideal location should be a higher place protected from wind and rain and cannot be flooded by mountain floods, and falling rocks or avalanches will not threaten the place.

The density of hot air is less than that of cold air, so cold air often gathers at the bottom of the valley. When the temperature is low, it is easy to form wet fog and frost. In some areas, along the hillside, there are many platforms to receive rainwater, which is relatively humid. The other parts of the hillside are relatively dry.

The ideal location should also be close to the water source, and there are plenty of available trees nearby. Don't set up a tent too close to the water source, as it is extremely susceptible to mosquitoes, and the sound of running water will interfere with your judgment, and you may not be aware of the danger.

You should find the height that the riverbank can reach with the maximum flow of floodwater-the mountain stream will turn into a turbulent stream within a few minutes of heavy rain, and the water level can rise by five meters in an hour! In flat areas, floods can even extend beyond waterways. The heavy rain in the nearby mountains and rivers can easily turn into a tumbling flood that will pounce on you without warning. Choose a place where there are not too many stones so that you have enough space to send out a distress signal, and it is easy to be spotted by rescuers.

Look up to see if there are beehives around and dead trees that might fall in the next storm. Stay away from tall trees alone; it may become the triple standard of thunder and lightning. Being on the edge of the forest allows you to see what is happening in Zhouyong. A tent cannot be set up on a path where the beasts often run-because you don't want the beasts that are foraging to be your guests, and a group of beasts may be going to drink water instantly level the tent you have worked so hard to build. But tents can be built where there are traces of human beings.

Construction camp

Especially if there is a certain scale of wild campsites, the construction of the entire campsite is particularly important. It is divided into the following steps.

Leveling the site:

  • Clean up the selected tent area.
  • Remove stones, shrubs, and other uneven, thorny, pointed objects.
  • Fill up the uneven areas with soil or grass.

If it is a sloping land, only the slope should not be greater than 10 degrees. Generally, it can be used as a camping site.

Site Zoning: A well-equipped campsite should be divided into a tent camping area, fire area, dining area, entertainment area, water area, sanitation area, and other areas. The first one is to make sure the camping site. The fire area should be downwind, and the distance from the tent area should be more than 10~15 meters, and the tent should be burned with a fire star. The dining area should use the fire area nearby to facilitate cooking and dining. The activity and entertainment area should be downwind of the dining area to prevent dust from contaminating tableware and other things. The distance from the tent area should be 15-20 meters to reduce the impact on the companions who go to bed early. The sanitary area should be downwind of the camping area and keep a certain distance from the dining area and activity area. The water area should be two upper and lower sections on the stream and the river, the upper section is the edible and drinking water area, and the lower section is the domestic water area.

Construction of tent camping area: If there are tent camping areas composed of several tents, when arranging tents, you should pay attention to:

First, all tents should be in the same orientation; the tent doors should be open in one direction and arranged side by side.

Second, keep a distance of 1 meter between the tents, and try not to tie the wind-proof rope of the tent when it is not necessary to avoid tripping people.

Third, a cordon (ditch) should be set up when necessary. Sleeping in the mountains may encounter threats from threatening animals or bad guys. Of course, this possibility is very slight. You can draw a circle around the tent area with lime, tar, and other irritating substances outside the tent area to prevent snakes and other reptiles from intruding or use electronic alarm systems and other methods.

Building a dining area with fire: the dining area is usually located at or near the same place with fire. This area should be at a certain distance from the tent area, and the tent should be burned with a fire star. It is best to cook the place where there are ridges and stone ridges so that the stove can be dug to build the furnace, and the collected firewood should be stacked outside the area or in the upper wind. The dining area is best to have a grassy area where everyone sits around. The "dining table" can be a large flat stone or just on the ground. The "dining chair" is also best to use rocks or sit on the floor. Dry ground air is harmful to the human body, so that you can use your sleeping mat or air pillow instead. Don't be afraid of trouble, at least use a raincoat or plastic cloth. Most dining hours are already dark. You should consider the location of the lighting. Use headlamps to illuminate. The headlamps should be placed in a location that can inspire a larger area, such as hanging the headlamps from a tree, putting them on a stone platform, or Each wearing a low-lumen headlamp, which can illuminate each other without stinging each other's eyes.

Construction of water intake area: water and water intake are generally located at the source of water. Washing water and edible water should be separated. If it is running water, the palatable water should be upstream, and the domestic water for washing should be downstream. In the case of lake water, the same place must be separated, and the distance between the two water sources should be more than 10 meters. This division is the need for sanitation. In addition, there are many rocks, shrubs, and other objects on the river beach where water is taken, and there are no trails to find. Therefore, you should pay attention to cleaning up during the day. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient to take water at night.

Build a sanitary area: A sanitary area is convenient for the team members to relieve their hands. If you just stay for one night, you don't need to dig and build a pit; you can designate a convenient place for men and women. If the number of team members is large or the number of stays is more than two days, pits should be dug, and temporary toilets should be built in densely-treed areas, so there is no need to draw curtains. It should also be noted that it cannot be made in a place where pedestrians often pass by. If there are many streams nearby, you can build the toilet on the stream and tower two significant kinds of wood on the stream. It is necessary to build a stable and safe feeling. Everyone can urinate on it and discharge it directly into the stream. Don't worry about polluting the river; a small number of feces will be decomposed by the organisms in the river or purified naturally. If a sanitary area has been built, everyone should urinate and defecate in the constructed sanitary area instead of being filled with excretion in the mountains.

Construction of entertainment area: the entertainment area can be in the dining area and cleaned up after the meal. If the venue is large, it can also be a separate plot, as long as it is flat and some things stumble and meet (short trees) in the venue. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out general cleaning. When playing some games, a protective rope should be pulled in a delimited circle to avoid accidents.

Places that are not easy to set up camps:

1. Windy top of the mountain (move down the mountain, looking for a place leeward).

2. The bottom of the valley and the unfathomable caves are quite humid. If the weather is clear during the day, frost may occur at night.

3. Mountainside flat ground, easy to gather moisture

4. The mountain mouth leading to the water source is often the only way for wild animals to drink water.

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