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What should I prepare for outdoor camping? This super complete equipment list is suitable for beginner overnight players.

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Unlike staying in a hotel or homestay, camping is an outdoor activity that requires advanced planning and thorough preparation. But when everyone mentions camping, they find it troublesome and don’t know what equipment to prepare. Today we have compiled a super complete list of camping equipment for everyone, and it’s okay for junior campers to sort it out!

1. A tent

The tent is almost the most important of all camping equipment. It is the camper's outdoor home. Therefore, you should find a product with multiple functions: windproof and waterproof, simple to use, comfortable and light.

2. Moisture-proof pad

Most camping options are on the grass or near the water source. The moisture is very heavy at night and early in the morning, so moisture-proof mats are essential. A good moisture-proof mat can make you sleep well and replenish your energy after a day of trekking. If you are camping on foot, it means you need your shoulders to carry the equipment, so when choosing a moisture-proof mat, remember to choose an ultra-light product and high insulation.

3. Sleeping bag

There is a significant temperature difference between day and night outdoors. Sleeping bags are necessary equipment for a comfortable sleep and are easy to carry. If you don't camp overnight, the canopy is more suitable than a tent. It can shade and keep out the rain and is also suitable for taking pictures.

4. Backpack

A 15-35 liter backpack can meet the requirements of one-day or short-term trekking and camping;

35-50 L backpack can meet 2-4 days of hiking and camping;

Backpacks of 70 L and above can meet the needs of long-term hiking and camping.

5. Cooking utensils and various foods

It is best to choose multifunctional kitchenware, which can save space and is easy to organize, and you can also cook delicious dishes outdoors. Various foods: prepare as many foods as possible that are easy to store and carry.

6. Camp lights, flashlights

You can choose a rechargeable type, which has a longer battery life and can be reused. It is an essential piece of equipment for camping overnight, and you can also choose a headlamp.

7. Outdoor power supply

All electronic devices are inseparable from the power supply, so the outdoor power supply is the endurance equipment of the electronic device.

8. Drinking water

If you don't want to drink the water at the campsite, you can bring your pure water to avoid the embarrassment of lack of water.

9. Clothing

Convenient toiletries: prepare sunscreen spray, sunglasses, sunscreen clothing, hats and other items to prevent tanned. Mosquito and insect repellent supplies: There are more mosquitoes outdoors.

10. Some necessary accessories

Multifunctional knives, headlights, camp lights, shovels, trekking poles, compasses, so on. and other safety and life-saving tools.

11. Emergency Medicine Pack

At least you can take care of it first in an accident, and don't let the damage increase.

Alright, the above is the must-have list! Before camping, you can check according to this checklist.

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